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  • —By : Shri V.  S. Pandurangam.
    Consciousness is not apparent in stone life. A rudimentary mind expresses itself in Plant life. Glimpses of mind are seen in animals. In man, the presence of mind is tangible.
    With the aid of consciousness, mind, intellect and senses, man becomes conscious of himself and of the world around him. Thought and desires arise and multiply to which he clings; an agi-centre results. The self-centred ego, which cognizes and thinks with the consciousness of that Absolute Power Consciousness, imagines that the reflected Consciousness belongs to itself. Man thus weaves a web of ignorance and attaches himself more and more to the objective world, while the Divine potentialities latent and embryonic recede into the background.
    The man who thinks he may live as he chooses and yet admit of no eventual reckoning, deceives none except himself. " In the course of natural righteousness (Rita) each man by his thoughts and actions becomes the moulder and sculptor of his destiny. What¬ever universal energies he himself wisely or unwisely has set in motion, must return to him as their starting out like a circle inexorably completing itself. The world looks a mathematical equation, which turn it how you will, balances itself. Every secret is told, every crime is punished, every-virtue rewarded, every wrong redressed in silence and certainty " (Emerson " Compensation. ")
    The arrogance of the Intellect and the self conceit of the scien¬tists, regard God in certain moments, as a hallucination of human fancy and Providential justice a myth and dope; even as some rustics in remote villages do not yet believe the landing of man on the moon. What is it, that obscures the Reality ?
    It is the Pseudo-sovereign Ego in man Avidya.
    " Sweet are the uses of adversity which like the venomous cobra wears yet a precious jewel on its forehead. " Those that live in the midst of tears will readily realize the truth which life silently voices forth.
    That the Consciousness is not an abstraction and that it is separate, though connected with mind intellect senses and that the evolutionary changes seen in the universe are not arbitrary or chance-play, but are guided consciously by that Absolute Power. They are the sublime truths that have been handed down to posterity by the Vedic Rishis, cryptically expressed as Maha Vakyas; so small in Compass, yet so vast and rich in content.
    When a Vedic seer pronounces ' I am Brahman ' he means he has discovered and realized that the ' I' of his has oneness with the Transcendent Brahman, latent and all pervading. Similarly ' Thou Art That' implies that every individual is intimately united with that Absolute Power all-pervading and immanent in the Individuals and in the irreducible particle of matter.
    A significant characterastic of self-conscious beings is their subjectivity. Th?re is but only one Consciousness and that is God-Consciousness. From that Consciousness that is sleeping in the grain of sand which the wind tosses to and fro in the air as too light to resist; to the dynamic Consciousness in man and the super¬human Consciousness in the Devas, it is the same Brahman un¬folding His hidden powers in matter envelopments in which, He wills to be latent and hidden from the senses of man. Let us here-reflect a little over the dialogue between Maitreyi and Yagnavalkya in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. When Maitreyi was confused at the statement-' where there is Consciousness of the Self, individua¬lity is no more'—Yagnawalkya explains-" Ah ! Maitreyi, my beloved; the Intelligence which reveals all by that shall it be re¬vealed ? By whom shall the knower be known. The Self is des¬cribed as ' Not this' ' Not that.'
    There is thus no Consciousness save His Consciousness that guides the vast Solar systems and that pervades the irreducible particle of matter and everywhere. Therefore the question often raised by a few ' Is their a God ' and the question at times secretly asked within ourselves-why did Brahman create this universe ? loses all meaning for the simple reason, that It is not ' He and a universe ' but' He as a universe '.—OM Tat Sat.
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