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Author Topic: SHANTI NIWAS (New Residential Building at Shirdi for Sai Devotees)  (Read 9805 times)

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The flow of Sai   devotees at Shirdi is perennial.   Sai devo¬tees are   flocking at Shirdi   from all   the countries   of the world throughout the year.    On special festival days like Gudhi Padwa, Ram Navami, Guru Pournima, Vijaya Dashami, etc. the Samadhi Mandir of   Shri   Sai   Baba is kept open   throughout the day and night and the staff at Shirdi gets completely exhausted in making the   arrangements for   the   devotees   pouring   in   Shirdi   in large numbers; but the peculiarity of Sbn Sai's grace is this that there is no   shortage of   accommodation   at   any time.    Whenever   the buildings are all full, pendals are   erected for accommodating the remaining devotees;   but it is a   matter of pleasure   to note that one   more building   (Bhakta Niwas No. 2)   is under construction for the use of the   devotees and   it   will   be inaugurated   on the ensuing Hindu New Year day.    (12th April 1975)

This new building consists of ground and three upper floors. The Bhoomi Pujan at the time of starting the construction of the building, was performed by Shri Ramnath G. Wagh B. A., LL. B. Chairman of the Ahmednagar Zilla Parishad, on 17th October 1972, while the Foundation Stone thereof was laid on the 24th of March 1973 by Paramhansa Muktananda Swami of Ganeshpuri. According to his wish this Bhakta Niwas No 2 has been named as "SHANTI NIWAS".

The plinth area of this specious building is 225 feet by 53 feet, its height being 55 feet. On the ground floor of this building there is a big hall, about 7000 sq. feet in area About 1000 sq feet of the space is proposed to be utilized for storage, while the Library and the Waiting Hall for visitors is expected to be about 2000 sq. feet each, in area. It is proposed to equip this Library with all the books written on Shri Sai Baba in all the Indian as well as foreign languages. Philosophical/books and magazines in the various Indian and foreign languages will also be made available to the readers in this library in due course of time. The walls of the building have been so designed that 32 cupboards, with adequate compartments in each cupboard, have r been located therein for accommodating the books of the library.

The upper three stories of the building consist of residential blocks. There are thirty blocks on each floor, the area of each block being 250 sq feet. Each block is divided into two rooms, s|one of which is a living room and the other is to be used as a kitchen. Tv.elve water closets have been provided on each floor, with flushing tanks, for common use. In addition to the attached bathroom, provided in each block, there is also one wash basin therein. One fan, one cot, bed, pillows, two chairs, one table, one bucket and one pot of drinking water will be supplied to each block.

Two storage tanks of twelve thousand five hundred gallons capacity have been provided on the terrace of the building and water will be pumped therein by means of electric pumps. The water from these tanks could be used both for drinking and for washing or bathing.

The plan of the building was drawn by architect Shri S. H. Godbole and he himself executed the entire work of construe-tion of the building or behalf of Navajiwan Construction Company, from Bombay. The electric fittings have been made by Shahade and Co. from Bombay.

The tolal cost of the building will be round about rupees twenty lacks. This building is located near Bhakta Niwas No. 1 and commands a good view of the Samadhi Mandir, the Shirdi Village and the area surrounding it. This building is a good addition to the property of the Shirdi Sansthan and because of the provision of ail the modern amenities therein, it is hoped that it will be the most popular resort of ail the devotees visiting Shirdi.
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