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    By:- Shri S.  N.  Huddar
    (Continued from March  1976 issue )

    Rajkumar and Mantrikumar Devotees of Shri Shiva
    Parashar further said, “The monkey has taken birth as your son and the cook has become the Mantri Kumar.  Due to the training of the previous birth both are Dnyanis and devotees of Shiva.   Hearing this the king asked, “you have narrated the account of the previous births of these kumars, but what is their future?”

    Parashar:  “You ask about the future of your son, but you will be grieved to know the same.”
    The King: “Kindly tell me the truth.  If it gives me grief, kindly suggest the means to get rid of it.”
    Parashar : “Your son will live for twelve years.  He will die on the eighth day from today. For this you worship Umakant (Shri Shiva), the Guru of the universe, with Rudrasukta. The significance of this Rudrasukta is very very great. This will save the life of your son.

    ”The four Vedas came out of the four mouths of Brahma-deo.  Yajurveda contains this Rudrasukta. Brahmadev told this Rudra to Maricha, Atri, etc.  These Rishis taught this to their disciples.  Thus it has come on this earth from generation to generation.  By reciting Rudra all the sins are wiped off.  You invite a hundred learned brahmins and have ten thousand Rudra-Abhisheks on Shri Shiva Shankar.  This will enable your son to live a long life.”

    The king invited brahmins as instructed and Rudrabhishek was started ceremoniously.  On the eighth day at mid-day the Rajkumar all of a sudden fell on the ground senseless. Abhishek teerth was sprinkled on his body and the brahmins also threw enchanted ‘akshat’ (rice) of Rudra on the same.  Due -to this, Yamadoot did not dare to come near the Rajkumar who soon awoke from the swoon.  His death was thus averted.

    The king and the people were very much delighted.  The king spent much in charity.  In the meantime, Naradmuni came there and said, “Oh king, while Yamadoots were taking away your son, Shivadoots attacked them and freed your son.  The Yamadoots fled away to Yama and complained.  Yama went to Shri Shankar and asked, “why did your doots attack my doots?”  Shri Shankar said, “when Rajkumar was granted long life why did your doots go to snatch him without consulting Chitragupta (record-keeper of lives of all beings) ? They ought not to to have gone.” When record of Chitragupta was checked, it was found that though the kumar’s life was twelve years at first, he was granted ten thousand years life later on.  Seeing this Yama repen¬ted and went away. “Your son got long life by virtue of Rudra-Jap.  His death is averted. Such is the great power of Rudrasukta.”
    सबका मालिक एक - Sabka Malik Ek

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