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Author Topic: SWAMI SAISHARANANANDA’S THEORY  (Read 2912 times)

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  • Swami Saisharanananda tells the story of Sai Baba’s guru which is reproduced herein in his own words in extenso.

    “I was only eight years old when I left my parents and came to the Ganges ( Baba always named the Godavari as the Ganges. ) Then I came to Shirdi.  This was what Baba said (unasked to the writer).   He continued, “I found my master in the chawdi here.  His calm, peaceful, cheerful and meditative face attracted me, charmed me, almost bewitched me so much so, that my eyes were ever riveted on his face and that even a moment’s separation from him made me uneasy.  In his company I used to forget all my hunger and thirst.  I served him with all my heart for years together for more than twelve years.  The duties I had imposed on myself for him were very arduous.  He never left his seat for any purpose, not even to answer calls of nature.  Merged in meditation for ever, he entirely forgot that he had a body, mind etc.  He ate, passed urine and stool etc on his seat.  I fed him, changed his clothes, swept and kept his seat always clean.  As a reward of this he awarded me his blessings.saying, “Wherever you are, here or even beyond the seven seas, I will be ever with you to guard and protect you.   Right at the start He had asked me to pay His fees; and on my asking what His fees were, He coolly said His fees were only two pice;... Nishta absolute faith and Saboori…patience.   I readily gave him these two and although I was very eager to obtain from his holy mouth some holy spell or formula which I could go on chanting and repeating, He uttered nothing into my ears.  He simply said, “I shall ever be with you, protecting you by mere loving glance in the manner of a tortoise protecting his young ones by mere glanc.  The entire credit of all this glory of mine goes to this guru. It is the outcome of his blessings.”

    On another occasion He  said to this writer, “My guru’s name is Roshan Sha Mian”.   When Baba uttered these words, I took them as advising me to take to the sun worship, as I am by caste a Brahmin and Brahmins are by their scriptures required to worship the sun, three times a day at suniise, at noon and the sunset and repeat the sun’s  Gayatri formula for at least 324 times a  day.   Subsequently Baba made me repeat this Gayatri several thousand times for expiation of certain sins committed by me in the past and also asked me to offer a few rice oblations in the fire and set apart certain portions for gods, guests, cows, dogs, etc. performing the Vaishwadeva ceremony before taking dinner.  All this confirmed me in my belief that Baba’s intention in telling me the name of His guru was to impress on me the necessity of per¬forming the six duties enjoined on Brahmins by scriptures.  Subse¬quently one marked that Baba was from time to time also using the word Roshan.   He used it particularly when He   told some parables.  Then He used that word in the sense of ‘light’  meaning knowledge as opposed  to ignorance.  Applying the same sense to Roshan in Koshan Shah the name Roshan Shah would mean the Lord of knowledge, the Universal Soul .....

    We do not however mean to suggest by the above interpre¬tations that person of the name Roshan Shah Mian did not materially exist.  On the contrary we, by these interpretations desire to draw the attention to the peculiar characteristic of the life events of such a superman as Shri Sai Baba.  This peculiarity is that all the events of supermen’s life can always be interpreted mataphysically as well as literally.
    Accordingly one should not be astonished if we say that Roshan Shah spoken of by Baba did exist in flesh and blood and Baba strenuously served him for over twelve years.  It seems Roshan Shah thereafter cast off his mortal-coil his body and Baba entombed him under or near the neem tree at present found in Shirdi near Navalkarwada.  When the previous owner of this Wada R. B Sathe wanted to put up a storey and terrace at the time of putting a staircase he unearthed a tomb with an under¬ground cellar or a cave under the tree.  Baba was asked as to what should be done about the tomb and the cave.  Baba said that “that place belonged to his elders and it should neither be disturbad nor opened but it should be covered up with a stone as before”.  Persons and some boys playing a hide and seek game removed the stone and found under it several steps leading further down.  They said that the cave was dark but rather long.  Baba once told the writer pointing to a pillar near His dhuni (sacred fire) in the Dwarkamai, that there was a cave there; He always confined Himself to that cave; that once His beard had grown so, long that it reached the ground; that He never came out of the cave unless to meet some holy and religious man.  It seems this cellar or cave referred to by Baba started from under the neem tree and extended upto and even beyond the Chawdi.  This cave was in fact Baba’s place of penance. )

    ( To be continued )
    V. B. Kher
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