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Author Topic: THE GURU OF SHRI SAl BABA  (Read 16687 times)

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« on: April 04, 2007, 10:00:12 AM »
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  • [To unriddle the mystery shrouding the guru of Sai Baba, the writer paid a personal visit to Pathri, Sailu and Ahmedabad along with his wife, interviewed all who could throw light on the dark corners, and patiently gathered relevant information.  He states the two theories about Sai Baba’s guru, in this article. -Editor. ]

    Some among the devotees of Sai Baba regard him as God¬head and believe that he was not born as others are born-no woman bore him.  There can be an honest difference of opinion about Sai Baba being an incarnation or a saint depending on one’s attitude and belief but it is difficult to accept the theory of his not being born as others are, in this age of reason.  Faith may, and often does, transcend reason.  But reason, too, has its claims-albeit on a lower level where proof is possible and neces¬sary, where convincing evidence is available.  Reason should not be brushed aside simply because it is a limited instrument Within the limited jurisdiction of reason, faith has to reckon within it.  I submit that the belief in theory of his:not being born in the usual way is in conflict with trained reason. Apart from any argument, Sai Baba, Himself is once said to have spoken thus :

    “My mother was greatly rejoicing that she had got a son (i.e., me). I was for my part wondering at her conduct.  When did she beget me?  Was I begotten at all? Have I not been already in existence ? Why is she rejoicing over this? ”  What can we make of these words ? Surely, Baba’s birth was like that of any other human though all his deeds were divine and had a purpose,

    There is not much controversy about the birth-place of Sai Baba. However, about the guru of Sai Baba there are two theories-one propounded by Das Guru Maharaj and the other espou¬sed by Swami Sai Sharanananda.  The two theories will first be stated, they will then be examined and their validity tested.
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