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Author Topic: CHATURMAS-16 SHAKA-1828 ( 1906 A. D. }  (Read 2964 times)

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CHATURMAS-16 SHAKA-1828 ( 1906 A. D. }
« on: February 19, 2007, 08:03:01 AM »
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  • Badwahi
    Swamiji's residence was 4 miles from the town but people gathered here also. To avoid crowd he went in a corner of the forest. But people come there also. Swamiji said," I chose a lonely place but people came to trouble me here also. " Shri Datta said  “Where¬ver you go, people will come there so do not go to the forest but stay near town."

    Knowing the news of Chaturmas of Badwahi, persons from long distances i. e. Sakharamshastri from Indore, Hanumant Shastri of Hingoli, Nanashastri and Gopalbua of Brahmavarta, Gandabua from Gujarat came there.

    Swamiji taught Yogasana and Pranayam early in the morning. After bath and ritual he explained Vedant kesari, panchikaran, Man-dukya Upanishat etc. people worshipped Swamiji. After midday bath and rituals he would have the alms He took sattu, buttermilk and fruits only in this Chaturmas. With one hour rest he would answer questions of the inquisitors, wrote letters and read Puran. He also advised means for cure for diseases, told mantra, tantra, vrat, for various desires as issues, spirit trouble, poverty etc: After evening Sandhya,  Bhajan continued  till midnight. After distribution of Prasad people would return home.
    Once Shivajirao Holkar came, with his secretary, to see Swarai Maharaj. The secretary informed this to Swamiji, who said, "we are all mad men and I am also one of them. It is no use seeing such a man. Better go home and enjoy the life happily.

    Once a messenger came from Sou. Maharanisaheb Holkar and he told Swamiji that Maharanisaheb intended to come to see him; but she desired that no one should be here at that time. Swamiji said, " Raja and Rank ( poor) are alike here. People will be coming here I cannot prevent anyone."
    Narmada Mata gives mantra.

    While bathing, Swaraiji's one foot slipped and there was pain in his waist-during the night.    Narmada mata came in his dream and told him a mantra,  by reciting which  all the pain vanished. On Bhadrapad Pournima,  Swamiji  went out for Simollanghan with people. Next day he took alms at the house of the Tahasildar on his request.   On the bank of Narmada, four boats were  decorated with flower wreaths and  buntings, scented dhoop was burnt and lights were placed in the boats. Swamiji sat in a boat  with some persons.

    Bhajan, jaijaykar continued.   Swamiji stepped out on the other bank and reached  Sanavad.    He asked Vadi people to go by train, Sitarambua and Gandabua remained with him.

    Started for Vadi

    On the anniversary day of father, Swamiji asked Sitarambua to go to town and observe shraddha as there would be rain here. There being no signs of rain Gandabua started cooking on the ghat; but as the rituals completed, there was good rain. The rain stopped and they finished their meals.
    Swami Maharaj started through a forest.  Shri Kulkarni reque¬sted and promised to offer a Railway  Ticket;  but Swamiji did not agree A person guided him to a village and disappeared. This dista¬nce cannot be covered within a day but Swamiji took only one hour for it.
    Sitarambua started next day; but he took 5 days to meet Swamiji. They then went to Pandharpur. Swamiji took alms here and started for Vadi, 80 to 90 miles away, on Ashwin Vadya 5 and reached there on Ashwin Vadya 6 at 11 to 12 next day. Sitarambua and Gandabua had gone there by train.
    Love streams down from my eyes.
    I think back
    On all the times...............
    That the Lord, lent me,
    His glory, happiness and peace.
    Is my devotion a fair return?
    For all the help
    My shining, shimmering Lord,
    My friend gives me,
    With such unending Love.
    Or shall I be forced
    To remain in misery
    Shall I be lonely?
    With the burden of my thoughts.
    O Lord!
    How do I return to thee
    The glory Thou hast given me.
    Mrs.  Shandhya Puri

    (On Saturday the loth of August 1974, we shall be celebrating th: birthday of Lord Krishna. Henct the propriety of the following article-Editor)
    सबका मालिक एक - Sabka Malik Ek

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