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Author Topic: LORD KRISHNA'S BIRTH  (Read 4365 times)

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  • During the dawn of this world there lived at Mathura a tryant king named Kamsa, very wicked and oppressive. So intolerable had his rule become that an underground current of a foretelling went round his kingdom to assassinate anyhow this vicious dictator. How this forecast came out true is a wonderful story travelling down the ages. And this tale has never been rejected by sober historians because it is embroidered with myth and fiction.

    Devaki was the.sister of Kamsa whom he loved much. He married her to his most intimate friend Vasudeva. When the wedding was over. Kamsa drove them both in his chariot to the home of Vasu¬deva. On the way he heard a voice which said, :- "The eighth child born from this couple shall be a boy, who on attaining his twelfth year shali slay thee with his own hands."

    At these words all his love for his sister and her husband vani¬shed at once. He thought it was a serious warning. It is natural for dictators to heed the slightest warning like a weather-cock that en¬dangers their life and rule and Kamsa was afraid because he had usurped the royal power in Mathura.
    Kamsa threw Vasudeva and Devaki in a cell underneath the palace at Mathura with a view that it would go easier for him to slay each child of theirs at the very birth. Accordingly seven times he killed when a child had been born to this unlucky couple except once, A child the boy Balrama was carried away secretly out of the dung¬eon and later it was reported to him that the boy was already dead.

    Now when the turn of the eighth child came Devaki and Vasudeva waited for the prophecy. Both of them knew that tonight would be born the slayer of Kamsa, Devaki was wrapped in thoughts – thoughts about  the child and how to save him. She wept and trembled and prayed heaven for protection.


    So long they had been waiting for this auspicious day that it seemed to both of them that time was not moving- It stood still and it was still even on that day. In fact it was late evening and the unfortunate couple's memories were overlaid by the experience of six children already slain. Outside the prison it was as dark as it could be. There was nothing to be seen. The rain beat down in floods. The water of the Jamuna rose in terrible flood and gave forth a horrible sound like an alarm bell Both husband and wife were not at ease; because they thought that with the first gleam of the morning sun Kamsa would come to kill the new babe with his own hands. "O Heavens what will happen? Six children have already been killed!" So saying the mother felt sorry. Tears welled up in her eyes. She sank upon her bed. She was very weak, while the storm moaned in-cessently and in her heart the hope and love of mother burnt like a flickering taper with sadness and fear.

    To them, it appeared, that the great personality of Time is lingering a little longer than the usual. But just at the dead of night when the palace-guard beat his drum to signify the midnight hour, the eyes of Vasudeva and Devaki lighted up with joy for a short time for the Baby had come in her arms. It was a most exciting moment for them. They forgot the terrible doom that awaited at the hands of Kamsa. Her motherly love reflected a feeling which was akin to the deepest expression of gratitude and the blessings of a soul for the Almighty Lord, who is sung in many a song the world over.

    As the babe was lying in her lap, they saw his four arms. They were astounded beyond description. In the two left hands, the babe held a beautiful lotus-stem and the Shankha - the battle trumpet; and m the two right hands a discus and a mace respectively. Vasudeva and Devaki were pleased to behold the incarnation of Narayan Vishnu - Savior of the world.

    But this was the vision presented by the Lord like a lighting discharge from the sky. The babe withdrew this illusion of Mai and appeared before them in a gentle human form of a normal bal Just then they heard clearly the words coming from some remote —,corner, "Get up! take the child and leave him in the house of Nandi, chief of the cowherds in the village of Gokool across the river and bring here the girl-child who has just been born there."


    Vasudeva like an hyptonised man obeyed the orders of the un¬known and invisible voice. He got up, lifted the babe and covered him with his own garment and staff in hand, went forward to the dungeon-entrance. Lo! the iron-doors opened like a magic call. The guards and soldiers were sleeping soundly and none, none woke up nor any one; noticed him carrying the Babe-Krishna hidden under his robe into the open road.

    He came at the banks of the Jamuna. The sacred river though flooded suddenly became a ford so that Vasudeva might easily cross in knee-deep water. It is said Nature cooperated that day to facilitate the ordeal of Vasudeva. He came soon at Nanda's house and silently and softly exchanged the children as directed by the invisible voice. Then without a word he went back the way he had come to the prison of Kamsa and handed over the baby to his wife Devaki.

    Next morning great rejoicings were held in Gokool at Nanda's house. Thousands of people flocked when they learnt that Nanda's wife bore him a son The whole village was fed with sumptuous dinn¬er and lot of wealth was distributed. But at Mathura the scene was altogether different. No sooner Kamsa had heard the news that a child had been born at midnight to Devaki and Vasudeva than he ran down in prison to slay the child with his own bands — who was his destro¬yer as he had learnt it before.

    The tyrant-king was astounded, however, to learn that the child was not a boy but a girl-This unexpectedness of a girl-child dumb¬founded him that he could not move an inch further. He thought a girl at the age of twelve could hardly destroy him. But evil-minded persons are always overpowered by greed and fear and power they wield, that they hardly notice guilt in the destruction of a family or nation or a country. Such a demon was Kamsa. He visualised adverse omens. Drunk as he was with power and utterly blind to the conse¬quences about the human welfare, he lost his memory.

    Kamsa became hot within himself to see the baby. He seized the girl by the left foot and wanted to dash her to pieces against the stone-walls of the prison. As he touched her, to the astonishment of all present, the baby slipped from his hand, rose like a flaming meteor and flew away high chidingly saying, “He, who shall destroy you, O wicked ruler, is growing to manhood in the village of Gokool across the Jamuna”, and disappeared in the blue sky.

    Frequently the Divine birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated annually in our land for the protection of the good, for the destruc¬tion of the evil-doers, for the sake of establishing righteousness. He is born from age to age.

    What is even more significant is that Lord Krishna has kept his promises in the past and will try to keep in the present and future in the mighty bond of faith that has gone to unify this sacred land for centuries. His promise runs thus.

    “Whenever there is decay of righteousness, O Bharat, and there is exaltation of unrighteousness, then I myself come forth."(Gita-IV-7)

    As a matter of fact our conception of integration had a firm foundation of Faith or Dharma. And wherever is Krishna assured are there prosperity, victory and happiness, so the writer thinks and so we all of us think and those who follow Him are doubly blessed.

    By Prof. Vaman H.  Pandit
    Indore City ( M.P.)
    सबका मालिक एक - Sabka Malik Ek

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