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Author Topic: The Miracle of Sai Baba's Udi  (Read 11310 times)

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The Miracle of Sai Baba's Udi
« on: February 19, 2007, 08:00:29 AM »
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  • By:- Mahesh Chandra Srivastava

    Inscrutable are the ways of Providence   To get the blessings of choicest Heaven is the rare bliss.
    Since October, 1973, I have the privilege of enjoying Baba's blessings in various ways and find Him guiding my darkened path, everyday, specially when I am in difficulty. Whenever my thoughts go to Him, irrespective of where I am, I find His Photograph, before me, conveying His blessings.

    A day earlier,  than the fall of KOJAGIRI POORNIMA, It was Wednesday and I was bound for Shirdi the very night. At 10 .30 A. M, a thought came to my mind that while at Shirdi, I should buy a silver ring with  'Baba's Emblem' over it. At about 1.30 PM, the same day, I called on a friend of mine, who deals in Diamonds, with a mind to have lunch with him and also to inform him of my inten¬ding visit to Shirdi, since I would not be able to see him for a couple of days. After finishing the lunch, he got up and at his own accord, came out with an offer of a Platinum ring with 'Baba's Emblem' over it. The ring could be classed as one of the rarest mould of its kind.   Even  after spending a fortune,  I could not have made this precious ring. It has got a beautiful emblem of Baba in 'Gold' on it, and is made of platinum, silver and a couple of other hardening metals. The ring consists of five elements which is supposed to be 'THE MOST SACRED'. Since Baba  never wanted me to  wear a silver ring, that is why, He arranged, its presentation to fulfil my thoughts.

    My friend was just an instrument in its presentation, since this ring came to him from someone   Though this friend of mine used to meet me everyday for the past one month or so, still the thought of presenting this sacred ring came to his mind only that day, when Baba wanted my desire to be cherished. My friend made this offer of his own accord. With the ring on my finger, Baba brought me to His Lotus feet on 'KOJAGIRI POORNIMA' day which luckily was Thursday, at His shrine at Shirdi.

    But the miracle that I am going to narrate to my brother devotees, has its own significance and characteristic meaning. It has brought a great change in my life and has left a rich imprint on my mind, which no word can express. lam overwhelmed with His benign blessings which He has been gracious enough to shower upon this humble self.

    On the morning of 23rd February, 1974, I reached the holy place, named Shirdi with my few friends, all intending to stay to¬gether. Somehow, on reaching Shirdi, I decided to stay separately, and I did. After finishing the morning rituals, I went to my friend's place with a mind to go with them to 'Maha Samadhi Mandir' for ABHISHEK. Since they were not ready, I told them to meet me at Samadhi Mandir, where I would be awaiting them.

    While buying garlands for Baba, a vibration came to my mind as if Baba was instructing me in person, saying "Go to Dwarka Mai first, then to Chaudi and then to Samadhi Mandir. I am still alive.

    After prostrating on His Lotus feet and garlanding His Portraits at Dwarka Mai and Chaudi, I came to Samadhi Mandir for 'ABHISHEK' and to attend the noon arti No sooner the noon arti was finished, at Samadhi Mandir, I retired to my room with a mind to get up at 4 p. m. or 4.30 p. m. to go to Dwarka Mai for reading the religious books at His Lotus feet. But some unknown force woke me up at about 3.00 p. m , and directed me to get ready and go to Dwarka Mai. It was about 3 30 p. m, when I reached at the 'Sacred Place' where I was asked by the 'Blessed Attendant' to serve Baba by cleaning and wiping His two portraits and five Padukas, which adore the holy shrine. My joy knew no bounds, while serving Baba this way, since I never expected this service to come at that hour. The privilege to serve Baba this way, was just due to His kind mercy showered upon me.

    After rendering this service to Baba at Dwarka Mai, I bowed before Him and started reading the religious books named SAI-CHALISA - DURGA CHALISA - HANUMAN- CHALISA AND SHRI SAI SATCHARITRA.
    The Maharaj (who looks after chaudi Mandir) came unexpect¬edly from somewhere and saw me with a book named 'Incredible Sai Baba' by Mr. Arthur Osborne. On seeing this book, he sat next to me and started discussing various miracles and leelas performed by Baba, as narrated by Mr, Arthur Osborne, in his book.

    During the discussion, I heard myself saying to him 'who says Baba is dead. He is still alive. His body has only been merged with holy earth, which has to be since He was in human form. He is on the planet guiding our destiny. He is omnipotent, Incarnate, never dies. Dwarka Mai is the place where one should come first to pay his respects, since this Sacred Soil has been blessed by Him, all His life. From this place, He blessed His devotees to achieve their spiri¬tual as well as materialistic goal. This entire place is surcharged with His 'Divine Fragrance and reminds His devotees, the memories of His past leelas'. While expressing these sentiments to Maharaj, I turned my eyes towards His Padukas and saw that the entire Padukas had been smeared with Udi. I could not understand this phenomena of Nature at that time. But it did coincide with the arrival of two devotees, who whispered between themselves in Marathi, and left the shrine. Later on, Maharaj translated the same to me, which reads as follows :

    'Look,   at  Baba's   Padukas. with Udi' How beautifully   they are smeared.

    After their departure, no devotee came to this holy shrine for darshan for another ten to fifteen minutes, though usually this place is always filled with a number of devotees Probably, Baba with His Bizzari way did not permit any of the devotees to enter in Dwarka Mai, since the sacred Udi which was miraculously smeared on His Padukas was only meant for me. At 4-55 p. m., I suggested to Maharaj to go to Chaudi and sit there for a while On getting up, he drew my attention to the sacred Udi smeared so scientifically on the Padukas {looking as snowed) which a short while ago, my hands had the privilege of cleaning and washing. It appeared that the whole of that Udi will make a good quantity, but when it was collected by Maharaj, it turned out to be just a pinch. It was brownish in colour and glittering like a diamond with its divine lustre. It was Baba's Prasad for me, in appreciation of my ardent faith bestowed in His Omnipresence.

    I now wear as an armlet filled with this precious, holy of holy, and most sacred Udi which sanctifies my thoughts, kindles my day to day's darkened path and guides my destiny. It inspires me to cherish the desire of my life's goal and fills my heart with reverence. The very thought that He is associated with my destiny enriches the aura of my life with His divine fragrance.
    सबका मालिक एक - Sabka Malik Ek

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