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Author Topic: YOGIRAJ VASUDEVANANDA SARASWATI (A Biography)  (Read 3595 times)

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  •  By:- Shri S.  N.  Huddar
    From Bhelsa Swamiji went to Basoda which is on the bank of "Vetravati. Hanumant Gopal Phaike, an artist of Gwalior came here with his wife for the darshan of Swami Maharaj. His wife was affected by some spirit. Swamiji asked them to come to Manawali when Swamiji would go there and stay in the Datta Mandir. Phaike came as advised and he was given Datta Mantra below an Audumber tree and also gave a ‘Tait' for his wife. She was also given a cocoa-nut. She was cured within a month and after 9 months she gave birth to a son. Shri Phaike constructed a Datta Mandir at Gwalior and also published 'Datta Parana' written by Swami Maharaj.

    Swamiji went to Jalwan where there were many of his devotees. .Bhajan, Purana, Kirtan were arranged. Guru Pratipada (Magh Vad 1) was observed here. He then went to Brahmavarta. When Swamiji was reading Bhashya, a paramahansa came there. Swamiji : received him with respect and seated him by his side. He was with¬out clothes, he lived in sandy bed of a river, not caring for hunger, thirst, heat and cold. He was often in meditation.

    Warm Reception at Kashi

    Swami Maharaj was now asked to go to Kashi, After bath at the sangam of Prayag he reached Kashi on chaitra Suddha 8. He had bath at Manikarnika, took darshan of Kashi-vishweshwar and stayed at Tarak Math. The learned Shastris and Sanyasis of Kashi were waiting for Swamiji's arrival since long. Shri Swayamprakash Swami, who had observed 40 chaturmas and who was eighty years old at that time fell straight before Swami Maharaj. In spite of Swamiji's hesi¬tation, he gave Swamiji a warm reception. About 200 Sanyasis of Kashi bowed to Swamiji. Shastries, Pandits, and students then bowed to him.
    A well known Sanyasi was longing for Swamiji's darshan, but he was ill. 3 or 4 hours before his death he could see Swamiji and he was satisfied.

    Swamiji started for Panchakroshi and reached Rameshwar. Shri Datta asked him if he would take food of anniversary as people coming here did not perform Shraddha and offer alms. Swamiji told them to do Shraddha and give alms. Still one person gave alms wit¬hout doing Shraddha. When Swamiji took a morsel of the food, it chocked in his throat. Swamiji was afraid. He took out the morsel. In the night he was told to proceed to Vadi. Swamiji told this to the people, who insisted on him to complete at least Panchakroshi, As he proceeded he had pain in stomach. So Swanjiji decided to return to Vadi. 70-75 per«ons had surrounded him; but when and how he went away from the surrounding persons is a mystery.

    Pandyas Bathe with Swamiji

    Swami Maharaj appeared in Prayag. One chief Pandya of Pra¬yag. said, " We take something from everyone who comes here. You should also give us what we ask for ".  Swamiji said,  " I am a San¬yasi. What is with me?" " What you can give, none else can give " said the Pandya. He requested " You  bathe in the upper side of the river, and we shall bathe on the lower. "  Swamiji consented.  This bathing continued for a long time. Swami Maharaj said,   " Enough now. You return home, your guests may be waiting", "Your darshan is rare. By your blessings we are happy at home. But we will not get this opportunity of seeing your  holy self. "

    When persons' of Kashi knew this, Swayamprakash Swami, Krishnananda Saraswati came to prayag and asked, " You did not complete the Yatra". Swamiji said, "It is because of Datta's Adesh". Swamiji wished to observe chaturmas here but Vadi people had sta¬rted Bhajan day and night with the object that Swamiji should soon return to Vadi, He informed Narsinha Saraswati that he was coming to Vadi. Knowing this, Vadi people were much delighted.

    In Vaishakh, he reached Brahmavarta and stayed for 10 days. Gopalrao Rajadhyaksh requested for "mantropadesh," On the third day he gave him a Mantra. Via Jalwan he came to Sipri. Govindrao Pandit one of his chief disciples of Yoga was staying here. At midday he came to the house of a Brahmin, a girl said, " Do not stay here Stay outside."

    Swamiji realised that this was not the girl's voice and went to Govindrao, who was taking his meals. Knowing Swamiji's arrival, 'he wished to stop his meals, but Swamiji said, "You have your me¬als. I shall have alms of ' Sathu “only". People said, "Bashahar {Jestha Suddha 1 to 10 ) should be observed here ". Swamiji said, " I cannot stay in the town. " Due to pressing requests however he stayed at Baiiganga near Sipri. Dashahar was observed here cere¬moniously.

    Then Swamiji came to Sarangpur  during night and stayed at Shankarmandir. People came to see him even in the night. Mangaon Murti  was here.  Taking  its darshan, Swamiji started and entered Dewas State. Raja of Dewas had kept his men on the road, with a message that when a sanyasi passed, he should  be brought to the palace. Seeing Swami Maharaj, the servants  of the Raja  met him and told him the desire of Rajasaheb.  Swamiji said. '' The Sanyasi, whom the Raja wants to see, might be coming in Palakhi. I am not that  Sanyasi" Saying so he proceeded further.

    Rajasaheb intended to install Shri Datta Murti in the newly constructed Mandir at the holy hands of Swami Maharaj. Swamiji passed by Indore, but did not enter the city. At Bhos he met a person of Indore who wished to see Maharaj since long. Knowing Swamiji's arrival Sakharam Shastri came from Indore to see Swamiji, It was Ekadashi day. So Swamiji said, that he would have alms tomorrow. Next day Shastribua arranged cooking at 3 places under a tree and offered alms to Swamiji.

    Swamiji thence came to Onkareshwar. There was a Brahmin officer in that city. On the request of his mother Swamiji went for alms to her. The Officer took tub-bath and without doing Sandhya and Vaishwadeo, took meals. Swamiji said to his mother, "today I have taken impure food, which I will have to vomit out. Your son took bath in a tub and took meals without Sandhya and Vaishwadeo. Brahmins have given up their Karma and hence they are degenerated and dishonoured every now and then." Hearing this, the officer repented, begged pardon and assured that he would act as advised. Swamiji taught him Brahmakarma. When he observed daily rituals Swami Maharaj proceeded to Badwahi and stayed in a Dharma.shala at Khadeghat on the bank of Narmada river.
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