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    (15.04.1906 TO 14.01.1980)

    Saipadananda Radhakrishna Swamiji

    Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji was born in Poyyamani Village in Kulithalai Taluk of Trichy District of Tamil Nadu on 15th April 1906. He was the fifth child of Sri Pudukkudi D. Venkatarama Aiyer and Smt. Lakshmi Ammal. Even as a child, young Radhakrishna had developed Psychic power and divine influence. He was a nature lover and it accentuated and kindled his spiritual thirst and development. He began meeting Sadhus and Holy Persons and visited temples far and near besides reading books on religion and the great saints and seers of India.


    Search for a Guru

    The Kanchi Mutt and Kanchi Acharya had a great influence in moulding Radhakrishnan's personality. When one of his brothers was in Poona, young Radhakrishnan stayed with him and made extensive tours of religious places in and around Poona. He lived in one of the caves for 48 days and on the 46th day, Dattathreya appeared before him and asked him to remain in the world helping others.


    Radhakrishnan came to Ooty in 1921 and he was there till 1942. He had abandoned his studies. He stayed with his elder brother. The two brothers used to go on long walks and had discussions on spiritual matters for hours together. He used to spend some time daily in the Shiva temple built by the family alongwith his family members. He used to identify himself with Radha and Krisha and Andal and taking their roles he would dance in ectasy during bhajans. He loved music and he used to sing Thyagaraja and Purandhara Dasa "Kirthans". He was a lover of Astrology. He widely read books on saints like Raghavendra, Sadashiva Brahmendra, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu etc.


    He met Ramana Maharshi and Seshadri Swamigal at Thiruvannamalai. The latter gave Radhakrishnan three stones and asked him to cook and eat them. The former interpreted this that he should go beyond the realms of "Sattva", "Rajas" and "Tamas", to become a "Gunatheetha".


    In 1927, he met Narayana Maharaj of Khedgaon at Ooty. He initiated him into "Datta Mantra". In 1942, he met Sri Narasimha Swamiji and his search for the "Guru" was over. He became a spiritual heir to Sri Narasimha Swamiji.


    Marriage and Youthhood

    In 1927, he married Parvathi-a relative from his mothers side. He was against marriage but submitted to parental pressure. He led a family life which was like a drop of water on the lotus leaf. When he took Sanyas many years later the shock was severe to his wife and the family but they accepted the inevitable. His wife who led a secluded life, never met him again and passed away in 1979.


    There was a deep Psychological Crisis in his life during 1936-42. He had even contemplated suicide while travelling on a train from Trichy to Madras. As the train was crossing the Coleroon River near Chidambaram, he opened the door and was about to jump into the river when he felt somebody was pulling his back. He saw an old man with a headgear asking him not to do it as he had a mission in life. Later, he realised that it was Baba.


    Meeting the Guru

    In 1942, Radhakrishnan met Sri Narasimha Swamiji in dramatic circumstances. It is not known when exactly Radhakrishnan came to Madras after he accepted Sri Narasimha Swamiji as his Guru. It maybe in 1943 or 1944.


    At Chennai

    He was a voracious reader and his favourite haunt was the Theosophical Society at Adayar, Chennai. He used to practise meditation and a Sanskrit book "Mantra Mahodari" was his constant companion. He supervised the accounts of All India Sai Samaj and helped Sri Narasimha Swamiji in other ways in his pesonal and public work. He was a man who never pushed himself up. His surrender to Sri Narasimha Swamiji was total. "Whatever Narasimha Swamiji said was law to him".


    In 1952, Sri Narasimha Swamiji deputed Radhakrishnan to Bangalore for Sai Prachar work in Karnataka. It was in 1953 Sri Narasimha Swamiji conferred the title "Saipadananda" on him. That was the Guru's accolade to his devoted disciple. The Guru attained "Nirvan" on 19.10.1956 and on that Poornima Day transferred all his "Spiritual" powers to Radhakrishnan. Sai Baba gave Self Realisation to Sri Narasimha Swamiji on 29.8.1936. That Sai treasure was given in toto to Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji on the day Sri Narasimha Swamiji cast off his mortal coil.


    Swamiji at Bangalore

    Sri Radhakrishnan Swamiji arrived in Bangalore in 1952. By 1956 Swamiji shifted his lodging to an upstairs room in a house near the N.R. Colony bus stop. This also became the home of Sai Spiritual Centre and here Swamiji lived for about seven years until a permanent building for the centre was contructed.


    A retired official of the Mysore Government, Sri Domlur Krishna Murthy, had earmarked a plot of land of 1000 square yards in Thyagarajanagar for a building to propagate the teachings of Sai Baba. Sri V.S.Sastri, who held the site in trust, had collected some funds and had laid the foundation for the construction of the prayer hall with two rooms. Impressed by the activities of Sai Spiritual Centre under the guidance of Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji, he handed over the site to Swamiji in 1961. Funds for a building on the site came from devotees all over India. The building was formally opened on June 17, 1965. The centre was registered on May 6, 1970.


    Swamiji's Mission

    Swamiji's mission in life was based on four lofty principles and his life was a symbol and practical demonstration of what he preached. The four pillars are:

    1. Love

    2. Guru Bhakthi

    3. Devotion to God

    4. Satsangh


    Swamiji felt that "Nama Japa"-recitation of Vishnu Sahasra Namam is the pancea for everything and it should be repeated any number of times in a day so that it shows the way to all our problems. He instructed his devotees to read a chapter from Bhagavad Gita. He was a prolific writer. His only book was on the life of Sri Narasimha Swamiji. Swamiji was an apostle of love. His universality is depicted in the divine incantation which he wrote at Dwaraka, which epitomises his innermost feeling and concern. Here it is:


    May the wicked turn good;

    May the good attain peace;

    May the peaceful be freed from all bondage and

    May the liberated redeem others.

    May everybody be happy;

    May everybody be free from disease;

    May everybody have good luck;

    May none fall on evil days.

    May everybody surmount difficulties;

    May everybody have good fortune;

    May everybody realise his ambitions;

    May everybody rejoice everywhere.


    Swamiji lived a full and active life. He was constantly travelling and propagating Sri Sai Baba's Teachings. He was in tune with Sai Baba all the 24 hours and his actions were in response to its motivations. There is hardly a devotee of Sri Swamiji who has not experienced his grace either spiritually or in material benefit. The devotees continue to recieve it even after he left his body.


    Swamiji was waiting for "Uttarayana' to leave his body. January 14, 1980 was the day he had fixed for merging with Sai Baba. He had joined devotees in chanting "Sri Vishnu Sahasra Namam" and, "Om Namo Narayanaya". Swamiji was conscious till the last and the final moment came at 10.40 p.m. as he drew his last breath with a farewell benediction. He was cremated the next day with full honours amidst chanting of Vedic Hymns.


    Although he is not present in flesh and blood, his devotees have felt his spiritual presence and his guidance, in times of distress and want. Many have spoken of seeing him in their dreams, encouraging them and advising on their problems. His guiding hand and loving eyes hover over every home of his devotees reminding us of Baba's Words: "Why fear when I am here".

    Jaisairam. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
    A Person, who has controlled his mind, can achieve any success in his life. How far you are trying to control your mind?
    The mind that judges not others ever remains tension-free.


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