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« on: July 11, 2011, 12:21:04 PM »
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  • "Realization"

    'Depression' is my middle name. i remember being depressed even as a 5 year old girl.

    i used to worry about everything. i imagine the worst would happen to me and my family and friends
    and get scared. i was afraid to talk about my depression to anyone else as a child because I thought
    it was because i am a bad girl that i have fears and god is punishing me. When we grow up we all slowly
    come out of such fears, but unfortunately it did not happen with me.

    Since my childhood BABA is there in my life, but from February 1986, BABA entered into my life as
    my Guru, Mata, Pita, Sakha…..…… everything. If you are thinking after that immediately my depression
    started vanishing…….... NNNO ……….you are wrong. Actually it increased. i faced more and more problems.
    Even my mother and close family members talked ill about me and kept me out of family. Those people
    for whom i lived and breathed threw me out. Amidst this mess of life, i realized one valuable thing. i understood
    the reason for my depression i have been suffering all my life. If BABA hadn’t given me these difficult times
    I wouldn’t have realised this.

    YES, i understood that my depression is because of my attachment to people whom i love a lot ……….more than
    my life whether they are my own family members or those who entered in my life whom i believed as
     “GIFT OF BABA” and I accepted happily - felt privileged. i was constantly worried for them, prayed for them,
    worked for their well being and totally surrendered my life to them. And when they hurt me, doubt me,
    misunderstood me for my unconditional love and care for them, ………. I was broken….broken totally.
    What a FOOL, STUPID i was....

    Now ...............I wake up every morning to think, pray, work and SURRENDER MY WHOLE BEING, MY LOVE,
    MY EVERYTHING………..  for only one person - BABA. I know, HE would never let me down. HE would
    never ignore me in the worst phase of my life and won't make fun of me. HE would never doubt me
    for anything. HE would never hurt me ……..on the contrary all these years, I have been getting
    abundant blessings, love and care from my BABA, but it is me, ignorantly wasted my life after the
    worldly affairs. Now I understood and my mission is only to PRAY HIM, REMEMBER HIM, TALK TO HIM

    i pray to my BABA to give each one of us one point attachment towards HIM. BABA will take care of us
    and everyone around us. All we need is to be attached to HIM ONLY.

    May my BELOVED BABA be my purpose in life. NO ONE ELSE ………..NOTHING ELSE…….

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    Re: "Realization"
    « Reply #1 on: July 30, 2011, 11:49:12 PM »
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  • hello ishavaryaji,

    Very nice to read ur post ishvaryaji. ofcourse baba s  one and only who care for us at every stage of our life and he s d one who stands with us in evry ups and downs.

    om sai ram

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    « Reply #2 on: January 20, 2012, 10:47:59 PM »
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    I, Ishvarya was a weak lady, over sensitive with extreme emotions and tied with
    web of worldly relationships. I want to share with you all some bitter truth and
    after that I want to say “Good Bye” to this Forum. Until I do away with/(kill) the
    present Ishvarya, a new lady with determination and courage will not be born. 
    The lady would not only be complete just because of emotions, honest relations,
    motherly love but also should be full of determination and take her love to the
    higher level of compassion (set goals).

    From childhood to date, I thought that I have been getting pain and sufferings
    from my near and dear ones and others, from time to time. I believed that I got
    deeply affected by it due to my own sensitivity. While some people mocked at me
    for my motherly affection and some because of my friendly nature, others. have
    been falsely accused me  as culprit.  I shared love with all but in return I got only
    pain, sufferings, mental torture, bitter words, hatred, blames  and a life full of darkness.

    BABA is everything for me. I know and understand the total truth of his words, deeds
    and thoughts. Thus I have no hesitation to say that bad karmas of past life have to be
    paid off in this life and I have to repent for it. I was not completely aware of all these
     things and was afraid to accept the reality but due to the blessings of BABA I got the
    energy and courage to see the truth, understand it and then face everything
    with determination. 

    I have realised that while the soul continues to live on, the body and sansaric relations
    are meant to begin and end in this physical world. This truth has led me to depend
    less on material relationships. Because of this materialism we have to suffer many
    more pains and troubles. This universe is like a ship which is sailing in the big ocean
    and we are all passengers sailing with it. Whoever reaches one’s own destination
    will leave others. Nobody is born together nor is going to die together. Every soul,
    incarnate as a human, will have to leave in this universe after completing their share
    of karmic debt.  Worldly illusion and desires, affection, friendship, emotion, relation,
    all will remain only in the materialistic world. This is the ultimate truth. So instead of
     indulging in all these relationships and connections it is better to rise above these
    and dwell at the level of compassion.

    Only BABA remains with us in this world and in the other world. Then why not invest
    in a deep relation with Baba and offer all our karmas effectively as well as honestly
    to BABA. This will surely diminish our materialistic desires.  After understanding this
    ultimate truth, I realize that it is the expectations from these relations that is the
    real cause of my sufferings and pains. I have to learn to give and forget, to love and
    let go, to help and feel satisfied just by that, holding no expectations. Because giving,
    in all forms, is the true nature of the soul. Why expect from people to return, when my
    Baba gives me whatever is truly needed by me ?

    It does not mean that after knowing and understanding the truth I will not be normal.
    With the blessing of BABA, I have inherited good values and I will continue the same
    and my duty as I have been doing without getting tied up with desires and worldly
    bonds and pleasures.

    I will hopefully be successful to come out of my darkness of my life with the blessing
    of BABA and positive thinking. I don’t need any more crutches in form of acceptance
    from people around me, to depend on to live.

    Finally, as Buddha said- drop all your expectations from those around.
    Because even if people around do not acknowledge, the good deeds, gets registered
    in God's records and reduces our karmic debts. So we are actually never at loss,
    by doing good...!! 

    :) when u love all, are compassionate, it is a win win situation....!!

    My salutation and thanks to all devotees of SAI for sharing my ultimate
    thoughts. Kindly pray for me so that I can be successful in my intentions
    my beliefs determination and karmic future.


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    Re: "Realization"
    « Reply #3 on: January 21, 2012, 01:51:10 AM »
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  • Dear Friend,

    There are many (might be millions of people) around the world, Who would be passing through same phase of Life. But what is solution? Do Changing Name, Place, Environment, Relations ….. Helps? No, Not at all. You say right.  I tried and Now after some years only realize changing outside nothing will change. Wearing good clothes can make you happy but only for a few moments, again internal state would be same. The Lesson Baba has also given in Sri Sai Satcharitra. Happiness, The other name is Surrender. Some Days ago I had to attend cremation of one of my relatives. There was no sign of any sorrow on the faces of workers of cremation ground for them it is routine activity, But even there was no sorrow on the face of Son of that departed man. He said, This is all show, we are playing our roles here. He has gone, but We too have to go sooner or later. Accept the reality and thank to God for the number of breathes he has granted to us.

    The biggest reason of depression is only unstable mind. Baba has clearly advised to live in present, enjoy now. These are only thoughts of Past or future, that brings pain in life. But, Why We do so? Only as we could not hold faith in our abilities as well surrender with complete faith to God. Some days ago I was disappointed in my office as assigned a very low type of profile and decided to quit, but Baba made me remember one lesson from the life of Hanuman Ji, Just Do the work with complete dedication. Hanuman Ji did whatsoever job was assigned to him, so perfectly, He did not ask that assign me this task or other (He could do it), But he never misused that privileges and do everything happily. And when I took interest in that low profile job, It  expanded at such level, even I could not believe the results. Now think If I had quit…?

    Emotions are our weakness, but that too can be strength e.g. Mother Teresa. So, We should not run from our emotions but must learn how to live and manage those emotions.

    We meet lots of people in our lives, it is not by chance but all managed by our destiny. And in this world everyone is independent. Everyone has his or her spiritual as well worldly goals. But still everyone needs support from someone at some level. It is not bad, But there should always be a line between support and dependency. Support makes us strong whereas dependency can make us weak due to attachment and forgetting our purpose.

    In my life the most surprising thing is when people say, I quit specially Lord. But how can one quit, quit means detach completely with no more relations. The whole universe is only reflection of God and nothing else, this is only just like changing a room in the house. Body and mind are temporary, that’s why we could not remember past lives relations, even living according to destiny to settle all karmas of previous birth/s. Only one relation with God Sai is eternal that is beyond lives and continue till we attain Moksha.

    With this I Finish and sorry if I make you feel hurt or bore (in my previous company my boss always used to say in our meeting, Hey, In this room all are intelligent, so say only that is relevant……., same here People are more intelligent and wiser than me, but only due to temp state of mind they suffer and people like me get strength to share some words and same words of them only some times, Their own teaching to them, as there always a Gap exist in Knowing and accepting and further to living). Only to say Enjoy the Life, this is not difficult. When you share your problems with Sai, then there is no such problem (not desires) which cannot be solved. I am not saying to trust me or any human, But Yes, there is one, to whom you can always have trust. Blind Trust, That is only our beloved Baba Sai! :)

    Allah Malik!

    om sai ram!

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    Re: "Realization"
    « Reply #4 on: January 22, 2012, 04:20:27 AM »
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  • ॐ साईंनाथाय नमः

    मै जबसे इस फोरम से जुड़ा हूँ आपके द्वारा लिखे गये पोस्टो को सदेव पड़ता रहा हूँ और आपको एक असहनिये पीड़ा से व्यथित देखता रहा हूँ. आज आपके इस पोस्ट से मुझे आपके भीतर जीवन के प्रति एक नया उत्साह,उमंग एवंग एक सही दिष्टिकोण का सूर्योदय होते हुये दिख रहा है. आज आपके पोस्ट से आपकी दृढ़ संकल्पता का बोध होता है. जहातक मुझे ऐसा अनुभव होता है कि आपने खुद को और खुद की असहनिये पीड़ा का बारीकी से अध्धयन किया है और उसके कारणों का पता लगा लिया है और तभी आपकी बातो में एक सशक्ता और दृढ़ता  की भावना दिख रही है. सर्वप्रथम मै आपको इस नये स्वरुप के लिए हार्दिक बधाई देता हूँ और साथ में साईं से प्राथना भी करता हूँ की आपको सदा शक्ति प्रदान करते रहे जिससे आप सम्पूर्णता आपने पुराने स्वरुप को भुला सके. आपने कुछ बहुत अच्छी बाते कही है जिसको मै आपके साथ शेयर करना चाहूँगा. इस तरह के विचारो का सम्बन्ध क्योकि बाबा के विचारो और वचनों में भी झलकता है इसलिए मुझे सदेव बहुत ही ह्रदयस्पर्शक लगता है.

    आपकी कुछ बातो से पूर्ण सहमत हूँ पर कुछ से असहमत भी हूँ.. कुछ कहने के पहले अवश्य मै ये कहना चाहूँगा कि जिन विचारो को मै आपसे  बांटने जा  रहा हूँ वो मेरी किसी संवेदनशील बात की गहराई को न समझ पाने की  अज्ञानता के कारण आप एवंग अन्य साईं प्रेमी असहमत और दुखी भी हो सकते है , जिसके लिए मै पहले से ही  क्षमापार्थी हूँ .

    आपने सही दर्शाया है कि हम सभी केवल इस जगत में अपना अपना कर्म करने आये है और समय आने पर सबको छोडके चले ही जायेंगे तो क्यों सब बन्धनों में खुद को जकड़ना . पर ये कहना की क्योकि ये सम्पूर्ण भौतिक बंधन ही सब दुखो के कारन है तो इन सबको त्यागके, अपने मूल्यभूत कर्तव्यों से पलायन करके एक एकांत का जीवन जियेंगे तो मेरे अनुसार ये सर्वथा अनुचित है. बाबा के वचनों के अनुसार हमलोगोंको अपने -अपने कर्तव्यों का निर्वाह निष्फल और निस्स्वार्थ से करते रहना चाहिए इसी में ही सम्पूर्ण शांति (मोक्ष) है. सभी कर्मो को करते हुये भी उसके परिणाम या दुस्पारिणाम  की इच्छा नहीं रखते हुये अगर सम्पूर्ण रूपसे हर कर्म को बाबा पर ही अर्पण करते जाये तो दुःख और सुख में समन्वय स्थापित कर पाएंगे. मै मानता हूँ कि ये करना उतना आसान  नहीं है जितना कहना क्योकि प्रकृति (माया) की शक्ति से लड़ पाना हवा को मुट्ठी में बंध करने के सामान है. पर मन के निग्रह से काफी हदतक  इसमें सफलता मिल सकती है. मन का निग्रह केवल मन को स्थिर करने पर ही हो सकता है और स्थिरता भी केवल परम पिता परमेश्वर के श्री चरणों में सदेव ध्यान करने से ही आ सकती है. क्योकि हमलोग इस प्रकृति  (माया) में ही रहते है और हर समय इस प्रकृति की ही वस्तुयों (भौतिक वस्तुओ )से घिरे रहते है तो इनका सम्पूर्ण रूप से यहाँ रहकर त्यागना  असम्भव तो नहीं पर कठिन अवश्य है. सन्यासयोग में ही  सम्पूर्ण हर भौतिक वस्तुओ का त्याग करके एक एकाकी जीवन निर्वाह किया जा सकता है और बाबा इसकी सहमति नहीं देते थे हम जैसे ग्रेहस्त जीवन जीने वालो को.

    क्योकि हमलोग जब  हर कार्य के लिए खुद को कर्ता मान लेते है तो उसके परिणाम से दुखी या सुखी होते है. परम पिता परमेश्वर ने हमारे भाग्य का लेखा-जोखा पहले ही पूर्वकर्मो के अनुसार लिख दिया होता है और फिरभी हम अज्ञानतावस्   माया के वस में होके भौतिक इच्छाओ की प्राप्ति में ही सारा जीवन बिता देते है. जब इस मायारूपी  संसार की समस्त वस्तुये अनित्य ही है जानते हुए भी  हमलोग एक मृगमिरिचिका की भाति उसके  पीछे ही भागते रहते है.    प्रकृति त्रिगुणी अर्थात सतोगुण,रजोगुण और तमोगुण होती है. मनुष्य जब इनके संपर्क में आता है तो मन एवंग इन्द्रिया उसी तरह से व्यवहार करने लगती है. सतोगुण से मनुष्य सात्विक विचारो का हो जाता है. रजोगुण से भौतिक भोग-विलाश में ही लिप्त हो जाता है. तमोगुण से कम,क्रोध,मद,लोभ,लालच इत्यादि जैसे कुरितियो से ग्रषित हो जाता है. हमें सदा ही सतोगुण जो सर्वश्रेष्ठ आचार-विचार वाला है उसीको ग्रहण करने की कोसिस करते रहना चाहिये. इस प्रकार नित्य परम पिता परमेश्वर के ध्यान ,मनन और चिंतन  के अभ्यास और व्यवहार से मन की चंचलता को समाप्त किया जा सकता है. माया को जीत पाना असम्भव तो जरुर है पर ईश्वर पर सबकुछ अर्पण करने से इस माया से पार पाया जा सकता है. किसी कष्टों की वजह से अपने सद्गुणों ,भावनाओ ,इच्छाओ ,ममता ,बंधुत्व ,दयालुता ,सेवा इत्यादी का त्याग न करके केवल अपने कर्मो को फल की इच्छा न रखते  हुये करते रहने पर ही हम सभी इन  दुखो और असहनिये पीडाओ से मुक्त हो सकेंगे. बाबा सदेव यही  कहा करते थे है कि "तेरा तेरे साथ और उसका उसके साथ".

    मै हनुशासाईजी की बातो से सहमति रखते हुये फिर कहना चाहूँगा कि यहाँ मुझेसे भी जादा हर इंसान बुद्धिमान और समझदार है ,पर कभी कभी  मन की अस्थिरता के  कारण थोड़े समय के लिए कष्टों का सामना करना पड़ता है और इस समय मेरे जैसे केवल कुछ सत्य विचारो को कहकर केवल एक मानसिक दृढ़ता प्रदान करने का प्रयास करते है. खुद का अनुभव और ज्ञान ही अंततः उनको आतंरिक बल और शांति प्रदान करता है.. कभी कभी सब जानते हुये भी हम इस सत्यता को सहजता से स्वीकार नहीं कर पाते हैं और कही न कही बाबा एक माध्यम बनाके हमलोगों को मिलते है. जीवन बहुत ही प्यारा है केवल उसके मूल्यों को समझने की अवसकता है हमलोगों को. परम पिता परमेश्वर की अनमोल रचना में मनुष्य सबसे सर्वश्रेष्ठ रचना है. केवल देहबुद्धी या बद्धबुद्धि के कारण ही हम इस अनमोल रचना और उसके रचनाकार को नहीं समझ पाते और सुख-दुःख के भवसागर में ही गोते लगते रहते हैं. मनुष्यबुद्धि का परित्याग करके पशुबुद्धि का अनुसरण करने लगते है और अंततः पतन को पहुच जाते हैं. ईश्वर ने इसलिए ही मनुष्य को श्रेष्ट बुद्धि दी है जिससे वो सकाम कर्मो को करता हुआ मोक्ष को प्राप्त अर्थात उसी ईश्वर के धाम में जा सके. इस मायारूपी कीचड़ में कमल के सदृश्य रहने पर ही हमें इन व्याधियो से मुक्ति मिल सकेगी.

    अंततः मै आपसे  पुनः  क्षमा मांगता हूँ जो मैंने अनावासक ही आपके मन को व्यथित किया हो और आपके मूल्यवान समय के  इतना बड़ा दुरूपयोग का कारण बना. आपके इस लेखको पड़ने के बाद पता नहीं क्यों मेरी अंतरात्मा ने आपसे  इन्ही विचारो पर आदान-प्रदान करने की प्रेणना दी. बाबा से आपके मन और आत्मा की दृढ़ता प्रदान करने की प्राथना करके यही अपने विचार (अज्ञानता) को समाप्त करता हूँ.

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