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Title: Baba are you cruel
Post by: manojp on February 07, 2009, 05:32:16 AM
baba I have been a long believer in you,but what you did to me,made my life hell for me,gave me all punishments for the sins that I have not committed,you enjoy on my worst condition,you have taken my wealth,my property ,my happiness, my wife,still you are not satisfied,
I visited your shrine first time in 2006,and with in 3 months you have made my life hell,taken my money,my property ,my happiness,I had to take shelter at my relative house,even there I did not stop visiting your shrine,what you did,you made my life miserable there,even from there I had to move out,.why you doing all this to me,are you enjoying on my bad days,it seems ,-jo sai ke sharan mein aata hai wo barbad ho jata hai-
where do i go,at the age of 44 ,no job,no business success,tell how long will I survive,.
I dont know whether I believe you or not,reasons for believing are none.
what sai bhakts does here ,just doing lip service,they too should ,if they are capable ,help sai bhakts like us in overcoming this situation,they donate millions for you,but they  dont help other fellow sai bhakts,.
I need atleast 10 lakhs to get myself fully established and live a life ,can you give me this,do you have that potential.as I need it immediately with in days.Can any sai bhakt help me?
now only miracle can save me,there is a long list of my woes,which I can not tell you,as you know everything.
baba ,when i will capable ,I will definitely help other fellow sai bhakts with tan ,man and dhan.
Title: Re: Baba are you cruel
Post by: Pearl India on February 07, 2009, 06:28:07 AM
om sai ma

just as a child who seeing other children playing....
wants to go and join them,wants to play with them.....even if the mother denies he is stubborn to go out n play.....cries for th company of othr children.....th mother sends him down but keeps an eye on him...during th game th children fight..thr are lies and cheating as well..th child looks up at th mothr..but she lets him play...and when th cheating and th lies become intolerable for th child he cries out ...and wants th mothr to take him back....th mother rushes immediately.....takes the child away heals him , consoles him...

baba looks at us.......
tests us with all our problems,and we seek him all the time..but he keeps looking....
phir when we do not have th strength to bear it,when we donot have the strength to carry on.....when we just shout k bas now i cannot tolerate it i wanna be free from all this trouble and come to you.wanna embrace you.... he comes rushing...he comes rushing to our heart and calms us down...to heal us of our problems.....this is th time when he fills us up with his strength....this is th time when we realise tht we r nothing ,HE IS TH SOLE DOER ,HE IS THE SOLE ACTOR this is th time when our ego is annihilated and we surrender...tht he comes....he destroyes our ego....and his time is fixed....

(part of th discourse by brahmkumari shivani behen on astha channel) heard it yestrday.......thought it may b of some help to you..or may b it ws fr you only.....

its very difficult to b admist so many problems.......but baba has given us th strength to bear th trouble........and when we call out to him like a child..he definately rushes to take care of us......untill we find our ways n solutions,how can he help us.......and th heart knows tht....tht we still have th strength to bear it......
and you know he keeps those whom he loves in problems so tht we ever remain close to him.....and he may work out our karmas.........HE WILL DEFINATELY COME TO YOU.

and i just felt tht even u know tht he is not cruel ...... at times it happens tht a child does certain things to seek th mother's attention.

by baba's inspiration......
love you sai ma

om sai ram

Title: Re: Baba are you cruel
Post by: GaneshHariharan on April 20, 2009, 11:22:06 AM
dear manojp, i understand your situation. although i was in a similar situation. i am still neck deep in debt. but after joining this forum, i found peace of mind and kept my faith and baba is slowly pulling me out of the quicksand. in anger and frustration we say a lot of things we dont mean. please try and control your emotions. sai is after all god incarnate. ofcourse nobody will hand over 10 lakhs to you even if they had it . this i think you must have come to know by now
in your 44 years experience. but pray to baba and he will give you a way to regain your posture. not overnight , but asap. trust me what goes on here is not just lip service. it is true devotion. we all believe 100% in sai. do you think we dont have problems as serious as you do ? if yes then you are completely mistaken my friend. pray to sai , beg for his forgiveness and you will see the results. OM SAIRAM, JAI SAIRAM, JAI JAI SAIRAM.
Title: Re: Baba are you cruel
Post by: Srichn on April 21, 2009, 11:13:46 PM
My Dear Friend

               Life is full of hopes only. Baba May test you but he will never let us(You) down. All i can do for you is offering a sincere prayer for you.
Jai saiRam
Jai sai Ram


Title: Re: Baba are you cruel
Post by: manmeet on April 22, 2009, 12:36:05 AM
om sai ram,
No sai baba is not cruel. He is very kind, These are all destiny Baba is not responsible for this.  May be your karma is responsible. Have FAITH AND PATIENCE     SHRADHA AND SABURI. baba will not let you down. keep chanting his name. your intentions should be good always. He is always there to help you. we all prey for you. Have faith every thing will be allright very soon. every night has its end. baba will bless you very soon.
Title: Re: Baba are you cruel
Post by: saikripa.dimple on May 01, 2009, 10:42:22 PM
Om Sai Ram
Bad jayegi himmat teri , ghategi jab ghanghor andheri
kabhi wo gam ki parchhai se tujhe darra bhi dega!!!!

Dheeraj rakh wo rahmat ki barkha barsa bhi dega!!!

Our sai baba is very kind , so plz trust on him
he always with us
 smtym v cnt undrstnd dat bcz of our problems
but 1 day u realize dat.........
Ab jab us par sab chhod hi diya hai toh phir kahe ka darne
Now Keep Smiling & Say
JAI SAI RAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Title: Re: Baba are you cruel
Post by: naveenrb on May 06, 2009, 12:24:45 AM
There are two sayings of Baba :-

Shraddha aur Saburi

Shraddha-- Have faith
Saburi-- Have patience
What you are going through is not because of Baba but because of your bad deeds in your past life.
Please just think what so horrible things have happened in your past life & because of it you are facing the results in this year. But you should also remember one thing- even Sai Baba has gone through lots of misery more than you in his life. Do you know his life story? How can you?
The only solution to your problem is just forget everything & stop running like horse aimlessly as this is a world of MAYA. Look for the book of "Sai Satcharita" & kindly read chapters one after the other.
You will get salvation only when you read the book.
Title: Re: Baba are you cruel
Post by: saikripa.dimple on May 08, 2009, 03:03:44 AM
If God solve our Problems ,
We have faith in his ability but
Wenever he ds nt solve our problem it means
God has faith in our ability......
Title: Re: Baba are you cruel
Post by: Phanishayi on May 11, 2009, 10:49:22 AM
Sairam Manoj,

I Bhagavidgeetha, Krishna says you will consequences of the Karma you had done in your other Janmas. Believe me, you have been protected by BABA, thats the reason you are in a position as you are. You would know there are lot of people who dont have anything not even the Will power to stand up in the society. Please have patience. Baba will surely give you the strength.

Title: Re: Baba are you cruel
Post by: Well-wisher on May 18, 2009, 02:00:04 AM
He's not cruel. He's testing you. Cause you are close to Him. And I pray and we all pray that you pass this test of time. God Bless...
Title: Re: Baba are you cruel
Post by: monabhardwaj on May 18, 2009, 05:53:50 PM
dear manoj ji,,,,,,,,,,we can understand ur situation ,,,,,but I want to tell u something that wen we ask some strength or miracle from our baba for the solutions of our problem.......do u know from where baba bring this power to do a miracle for us,,,,,,,,the answer is that baba get all the power from our bhakti which becomes shakti for baba to do any impossible things which we called 100% solution or miracle for us............

those bhakta got some experience of this power of our baba surely have some power of bhakti with themselves,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

so please firstly pass over to baba ur power of bhakti then only u can expect any miracle  from our baba......
he totally depends on his bhakta....

on whatever point u have doubt in ur mind about baba's love,,,,,,,,,u himself break the chain of this power transfer from devotee's devotion to baba's blessings.
i am begging u dont blaim baba,,,,,,he is a ocean of mercy........he is my father ,mother ,every thing. i myself becomes restless sometimes but still i cant hear such harsh words for my baba........

sory if u feel anything but please have some patience,,,,,we all will pray for u,,,,,,,and surely transfer this power of devotion to our baba in order to get some miracle from him.