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Title: HELP ME BABA!!!
Post by: Saianagha on January 21, 2012, 02:18:03 AM
Dear Baba,

You have guided me and have worked miracles in my life...Thankx 4 whatever u have done to me...but Sathya's problem is coming to me again....I know I have angered him...I have hurt him...But he never understood that I loved him so much...That I had lived in that house only for him...that I tolerated everything only for him...that my love for him was true and unblemished...I loved him more than my life...but he never acknowledged it....He always had his friends as priority....He always felt I will let him down when infact he was the one who let me down  by always bringing his mother into our problems....I know u always do eveything for the best....But this time, I am not even yearning for him...I had cried for him so much the last time but this time its as if my love for him has faded away...Why Baba? Why should his mom beat me? Its okay if Sathya beat me...but i dont like his mom coming into eveything...If only Sathya had given this relationship more time, we would have survived this...Look, now this is going to divorce...I dont want to marry again...I want to excel in my professional life...atleast there u give me what I want...I never got Sathya's love and affection...Make me strong...I dont know how I am going to face this divorce....Help me BABA!!!
Title: Re: HELP ME BABA!!!
Post by: someoneawayfromhome on January 24, 2012, 05:14:32 PM
"Om hree parbrah parmaatmeni hari har bhramendraye sri sainaathaaye namah swaaha labhaayaha."
I have seen problems, not exactly like yours, albeit from a male`s perspective. These problems can drain you off completely. I pray for you, this mantra of Sri Sai has helped me a lot in my tough times. Keep it and whenever you feel bad, use it. It brings light, atleast it did for me. Always have faith.
Title: Re: HELP ME BABA!!!
Post by: PSIVARAJAKSM on January 25, 2012, 03:17:23 AM
This is sivaraja, I am devotee of sairam for the past 7 months.

I started to spread the following message on 23rd december 2012.  On the same day I received a message from my brother that my father was hospitalised, we went to hospital and he expired on very next day (24th December. its a day of Hanumath Jayanthi and Markali Ammavasai) While I rushed to my native I prayed baba. While my dad leave the breath, A car is parked in front of the hospital with baba photo and also I beleive that my father body otherthan face is look like baba on that day. I felt that baba blessed him. After I completed all ceremonies and came back to office and work for a week and went to native for 30th day of my father death and come back to office yesterday. I employer told that as there is no project, you please try somewhere we will provide salary for next two months and you take leave and we provide a leave to you.

Dear Sai Brother kindly pray for me to get a right job. As i don't have much saving, I can't manage for a long period. I hope baba will show me a right direction though i have little fear in mind. Kindly pray for me. Also please tell me is any thing wrong in my given below intention

Dear Sai Brothers/Sisters,
I would like to bring people together with the objective of building a Shirdi Saibaba Mandir or Meditation Hall anywhere in Pammal/Anagaputhur/Kundrathur areas and also to perform charitable activities to the public irrespective of caste, creed or religion. I(Hope, tomorrow I become we with saima blessings) am looking few major donor(s) contribute the land or substantial cost of the project and would like to have a significant control in the management and administration of the Trust to ensure its proper functioning.