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Title: My intentions are known to YOU
Post by: vishwanath69 on May 10, 2010, 02:06:11 PM
Dear Baba,

I have been in the midst of a storm. I do not like authoritarian attitudes. In every path of my life I have had your help.
You who are omnipresent and all pervading know what is in my soul.

I was direly seeking some help from SRI RAVI..yet he maintained his silence.

Baba I shall start a parayanam ... and then leave this forum.
Kindly remind me and others that they are dust with form and will become dust without any form.

I have to get rid of my my anger and I seek your blessings in this regard.The admin has to get rid of their dictatoria roles..for they are only tools.

Sadguru Sainathaya Namah