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Title: Prabhu koti-koti Pranam
Post by: Renu_singh on August 24, 2006, 03:10:35 AM
My dear Bhagawan Sarvshakti SAI Nath Maharaj ki sada hi Jai ho! Jai ho!,

Charan vandhana,

Thank you once again for everything YOU have done for us. LORD ! YOU are always in my heart and my soul. Not for a second i can forget YOU. YOU are just within me. I have felt your kind presence and blessings every moment and every day. Nothing is hidden from YOU. Finally i have received my papers, but photos are yet to come. LORD ! the first step we have crossed safely ONLY and ONLY because of your kind blessings and grace and love for us. Now, the second step is yet to come which will be final, and Bhagawan this will be very difficult step and here i need YOUR full support and kind blessings. Help me save me LORD. Bhagawan SAI MAHARAJ, its only YOU on this universe who can help me in clearing my second step with full confidence and success. I will not leave anything from my side, i will prepare for the interview to my fullest and leave the rest in YOUR KIND HANDS.

BABAJI, its only YOU , who can help us in crossing this ocean.

Bhicch raha me matt chod jana SAI Prabhu, Bhawsagar see par lagana Malik. Koti-koti pranam Satguru SAI NATH MAHARAJ.

YOU know everything LORD, Help us on our way to success.

Thank you ...thank you ..once again.. I just can't stop thanking you..and hope this relation remains like this for ever and ever....

Charansparsh...at kind lotus feets of my LORD SATGURU SAIBABAJI.

We all love YOU. Tere mahima apramp ar hai SAI....

Title: Re: Prabhu koti-koti Pranam
Post by: bhavaniy on August 25, 2006, 10:00:53 AM
Renu dont worry u will be fine.Baba is always with us.i'll pray for you