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Author Topic: Scent of Camphor- A miracle by Datta Swami  (Read 786 times)

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Scent of Camphor- A miracle by Datta Swami
« on: July 21, 2007, 07:10:44 AM »
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  • Scent of Camphor- A miracle by Datta Swami

    Shri M.V.K. Murthy, famous writer of novels came along with another devotee called Yogi. Swami started emitting intensive scent of camphor on seeing him for a long time. He was amazed since this scent is not found outside the room. Yogi joked ‘Swami does such magics now and then’.

    Swami joked ‘I am a professor of chemistry. I might have used some chemicals for generating this scent. You must search Me fully’. Then Phani told ‘A devotee here was believing that the statue of Lord Venkateswara is the only God. He argued with Swami on this point. Swami generated several types of scents. The devotee told that Swami being a professor of chemistry might have used some chemicals. But, the scents started surrounding the devotee for six months continuously day and night. Even though the devotee left the town and went away to far places, the scents never left him. He became very weak and his wife prayed Swami to stop the scents. Swami agreed and the scents were stopped’.

    At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

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