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Author Topic: MY EXPERIENCE ABOUT SAI BABA  (Read 3419 times)

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« on: February 15, 2007, 07:43:18 AM »
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  • By : — Shri Y. Nagarjuna Rao Hyderabad.

    For the protection of the virtuous and for the destruction of the evil, the Almighty manifests Himself in a form and a name chosen by Him.   Bhagawan Sai Baba of Shirdi is one of such manifestations of the Divine who has descended on the earth to save humanity from moral decay.   The Divine Will was evidenced right from the very inception of the Avatar i.e. the secrecy of His birth.   No body can Vouchsafe Baba's caste or the place of his birth excepting several vague theories put forward by some of his contemporaries.     He was loved and worshipped by Hindus and  Muslims alike.   People coming from all areas and from all faiths flocked to Shirdi to prostrate at His holy feet for their salvation.   He was a Hindu living in Masjid.   He was a Muslim for whom the Mosque was " Dwaraka Mayi ".   He is a servant to his devotees having no limitations of caste, creed or religion. Everyone has a right to demand anything he wants from Him. for, He is father, mother and sadguru to the entire humanity. Every minute aspect of this Avatar was so precisely moulded with meticulous care by Baba Himself, with a specific mission of esta­blishing harmony among Muslims and Hindus.   He is an incar­nation of the Supreme Power reflected in different faiths.     His teachings represent the gist of different faiths.   Any attempt to describe this Deva and His glory can only be a part of it and not  the whole.

    "If a man utters my name with love I shall fulfill all wishiss wishes increase his devotion and if he sings earnestly my life and my deeds him I shall beset in front and back and all sides " — Satcharitra.

    The above assurance of Baba is a matter of personal experience for several thousands of devotees, who look to him and who are looked after by him. In this connection I wanted to narrate my own humble experience with the blessings of Saibaba which I think will appeal to all those who admire the supremacy of any faith by scientific reasoning or logic.

    It was in the year 1970 that I happened to go to Bombay on some personal work.   As it happened to be my first visit I went for sight-seeing ro several places in   and around Bombay Suddenly I felt that I should go to Shirdi and visit the Mahasamadhi of Saibaba   more out of curiosity rather than devotion.   But the visit was to be put off because of my brother-in-law's arrival from the United States.    I was very much disappointed and silently prayed to Baba that if He were to be a God. He should bless me with an opportunity to go to Shirdi.   In the meanwhile   a very interesting thing happened.   We received a cable that my brother-in-law's scheduled arrival had to be postponed on account of his prolonged stay enroute.   Thus the seeds of faith were sowed in my heart   by an unexpected accomplishment of my desire Immediately I was in search of a person who could, help me with the details of the pilgrimage.   When I was proceeding from Andheri to Dadar by electric train   I surprisingly came across a devotee of Saibaba who guided me with minute details.   Thus  the very first visit to the Shrine proved to be a preplanned sankalpa of Baba Himself to draw    me towards him. After taking a bath I went for a darshan which made me extremely happy.   For a moment there appeared nothing but Saibaba's form   in every thing I saw in Shirdi. I prayed to Baba that He should help me with his Grace and give me solace and comfort throughout my life.   I happened to make a study of several books available at Shirdi  which makes one  to feel that He is not merely a super­human form     but the omnipotent God Himself.      Since then my faith in Baba was steadily growing.   One of my close friends was blessed with a daughter.   Unfortunately  she had an attack of paralysis  and as a result of which  she was not in a position to move her hands.   My friend 'felt very unhappy as the treatment given by doctors did not produce the desired results.   He had lost all hopes  of recovery and felt dejected. I gave him a little vibhuti which I brought from Shirdi and asked him to apply it to the affected hand with complete faith in Baba's mercy. Though he was not personally a believer in Saibaba he consented to do. it on my persistence. He told me that he would worship Baba as God if the Vibhuti helped the recovery of his child in any way With the application of vibhuti there was a tremendous improve­ment and very soon the baby recovered responding very well. to the medical treatment which was a big surprise even to the Physician as he himself was not quite confident about the outcome of his trial. The grateful father of the child has become an ardent devotee of Saibaba. Such was the kindness of the Saint who responds to the call of humanity if only the persons look to Him.

    Saibaba's life and teachings are beneficial to the entire humanity. Baba never discouraged anybody from following his own faith and customs, on the other hand, He used to allow everyone to have his own way, but correct them only when they go wrong. He is moved by true, sincere devotion, simple living and sincere effort to lead a good life. There are no restrictions for any one to join the family of Saibaba if only he surrenders his ego at His feet. Baba preached to everyone who was near and dear to him to see Him in all the human beings and thus advocated universal love. Baba's participation in Sri Rama Navami on one hand and in Ram-Zan on the other, indicates that no one should draw a clear line of distinction between one faith and another. He allowed people to perform 'arti' in a Masjid with equal affection as he allowed Muslims to perform sandal procession. The follow­ing advice of Baba, as sung by Hemadpant in his famous satcharitra would indicate Baba's stature.

    " Be wherever you like, do whatever you choose, remember this well, that all what you do is known to me. I am the inner ruler of all and seated in their hearts. I envelope all the creatures, movable and immovable world. I am the controller, the wire puller of this show of this universe. I am the mother origin of all beings ".

    The above words of Baba reveal his Omnipotent and Omni scient nature of Sri Saibaba of Shirdi.

    May His form, which destroys our ignorance and Sin, be ever fixed in our eyes. .


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