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  • Published on 1st of every month.

    Authors are themselves responsible for the opinions expressed by them in their articles.

    Literature sent for publication should be neatly written or typed on one side of the paper Those who desire to have a reply about acceptability or otherwise of their articles etc. may please enclose 20P. stamps with their articles. Issue in which an article or poem is published is sent by bookpost to the author.

    Clear mention should be made while sending the annual subscription of Rs. 6/- whether you want the English or Marathi copy, otherwise, English copy will be sent if your letter is in English.

    Generally all copies are posted by 1st after being checked as per list. It is expected that by 5th, all shall get their copies. Some complaints about non-receipt of copies through post are received but we are unable to help it. To ensure receipt of copies, if you so desire, they will be sent by registered Post if annual charges for 12 registrations are sent in advance to us. It is not possible to send a sample issue free of charge. Please send 0.85 stamps along with your request.

    Generally old issues are not in stock. Please do not request for back numbers.

    In addition to the forwarding letters, the articles and poems sent by authors should also bear their full names and addresses on the first page, at the right hand top corner. It is advisable to always keep duplicate copies of their articles or poems.

    Authors may Kindly note that the editor or his assistants will have final authority to edit, to censor, to summarize or reject the material sent for publication.

    No correspondence should be made about the magazine or subscription at SHIRDI office. All letters may please be addressed to the Bombay office only.


    It is always our tendency to be elated when there is pleasure and dejected when there are calamities. We run to God if we suffer, but when there is pleasure, we are lost in the objects of pleasure, these however who know the sacred art of maintaining their balance in pleasure or pain always remain in that eternal joy. Who is there who has not his share of suffering? How to react to suffering depends on ourselves. Saints, with their equanimity advise us in many ways how our reaction to the outward challenges should be. Humility and Joy always go together. " One who is humble to all, contains the 'Endless' within him " - says the great saint Tukaram. Really, the essence of bliss lies in humbleness. But we deprive ourselves of this joy when we are impatient, greedy, proud and puffed up, susceptible to fits of anger, narrow-minded and are concerned with the immediate selfish interests. Shri Sai Baba advised all about keeping 'patience'. SABOORI- the patience is so aptly advised by him. This patience is evident in our daily life if we are having endurance, forbearance, tolerance, forgivance, inward strength. This patience is the essence of the most important Sadhana, i.e. Viveka, or discrimination. Inner strength is a friend not only in difficulty but also in happiness and pleasure. In order to understand the nature and structure of Saboori, the patience, we must always remember our eternal nature of Joyousness. We lose the sight of this essential joyous nature of our Soul and try to find it in ephemeral objects. He who does not lose sight of this joyous-ness, is fearless, without which Joy has no place in Life. Joy is the Alpha and Omega of all virtues. In our daily life, this joy is evident as contentment. Not to allow this joy to be disturbed is real medi­tation, the real turning inwards. As God is Joy, so-we as souls are Joy-His eternal indivisible parts. There is joy everywhere. This permeating Joy is expressed by Saints in their sacred words. It is for us to realize it in ourselves as well as others.


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