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Author Topic: SRI SAI BABA'S MAHASAMADH DAY MESSAGE  (Read 5194 times)

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« on: February 15, 2007, 07:44:57 AM »
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    Man, being a rational being, should always strive to be above animality, so that divinity in him might be unfolded. Man, coming an contact with the external world, has forgotten his own nature and his natural Home of Bliss.

    The mind is always restless with a thousand and one desires and runs after the mirage of transient worldly objects for their fulfillment, in vain. The aimless desires soil the mirror of the heart, and ignorance covers up the horizon of the soul (like clouds gathering around the sun).

    Ignorance, or the idea that body is the self, is the root of our degradation. It is Vidya that teaches us that human soul is entirely a separate entity and exists even when the body is no more. She, the Divinity whom we worship as Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi during Navarathri, making the soul free from the hold of the •external world that strives to tinge it with its own colour and subjects it to endless births and deaths, moulds the soul in a way that it may enter the Land of Bliss as soon as it finally departs from the body.

    Brahma Vidya had her full play in the holy hermitages of ancient India, illumined with the heavenly lustre of the divine sages, and held before man a newer world of Bliss that sheds its reflections on the infinite external objects.

    Those golden days are things of the past now, and materialism alas! has enveloped our minds. We are going weaker day by day and are missing blessedness in our search after the seeming and elusive happiness in the external world.

    Stable and eternal happiness exists in Lord Shri Hari-Krishna— alone, who, for the fresher realisations of His own nature, mani­fested Himself in Goloka, Sri Brindavana, Mathura, Dwaraka and other such places and taught man that a human heart blazing with endless desires cools only when he can touch Him and entirely gives himself up to Him.

    The various incarnations of Lord Sri Krishna appeared on this earth in different ages for different ends, but His highest mission was fulfilled only in His Rasa Lila,  which not only held before man the unique stages of Divine Love, but made him able enough actually to taste it. The Lord of Brindavan entered the secret celf of the human heart and out of His very compassion found out the; way of man's deliverance.   He established that 'Nama Sadhada"' or constant utterance of the sacred name of Sri -Hari is the only religion and the only powerful antidote for the deadly disease of worldliness. •

    Man was asked to take always the Holy Name of the Lord; (Nama Smaran), who is He Himself.   The  tfama,  full of His spirit,  would at once   suggest the Namj (Sri Krishna)  with  all His attendants,   and a ceaseless flow of divine  sweetness  would make him deeply absorbed in it.      The external   world   could ho longer  influence   him;   rather he, as an   instrument of the Lord, .would influence it and turn it into an Abode of Peace.

    The constant utterance of the Holy Name meant for this age purifies the mirror of human soul and the restless mind becomes quiet—

    Bhakti reveals herself and the mind becomes free from baser desires and all sufferings.   We are then in a position to realise that love is the summum bonum of life, without which life is a desert.   Love, is the very life of the soul and the  vrey   light that enlightens the subtle   spiritual   stages for the full revelation of Sri Krishna.

    The mind is restless for its food, which the external world fails to give it. It finds its own food in the holy Name of Sri Hari,.and it was Sri Gouranga and other devotees who humbly went from door to door with the eternal food of the soul and gave it even to the most wretched creatures unconditionally ^freely). We are also aware of the great Bhodendra Swamigal, Sri Desi-kendra Swamigal, and others of the South also who have praised Nama Sankirtcm and who have given very great importance to Nama Sadhana

    The " Lord's Name " makes our heart free from pride and delusions and makes us humbler than a blade of grass and enduring like the tree. Our passions are divinized! (channelled towards God). We are no longer purushas and Prakritibhava takes us to our natural place for the realisation of the unique joy reigning in Sri Brindavan. The " Lord's Name " rouses in us an intense desire for the attain­ment of " Vraja Bhava " and makes us constantly remember that unparallelled Lila of Sri Krisna, and at last converts us into the followers of those uncommon cowmaids of Sri Brindavan.

    The Lord of Brindavan, the great Deliverer of sinners, was anxious for those whose hearts did not melt with the utterance of the "Lord's Name " for their serious crimes. So, 'Chaitanya Nityananda' Nama was meant for them, which would take no account of any crime and would at once fill the heart with " Krishna Prema."

    " I have been born to serve Thee, my Lord. " But I, charmed by Maya, am driven away by the currents of the ocean of the world. Kind'y maks me like the holy dust of Thy Feet and bless me that I may be Thy most obedient servant."

    Such a man never wastes a moment and profitably uses his time in studying holy books like Srimad Bhagavata, hearing and explaining the divine Lila, and taking the sweet Name of the Lord. We have been long away from our own home, and it is high time for us to follow the advice of the Lord of Brindavan, who came to the earth to deliver us from the end'ess misery and take us to the place where blessedness reigns for ever. He proved how futile was worldly happiness in comparison with the blessedness which a man enjoyed by serving the Lord with his body, mind and speech.      " Sri   Nama   Sadhana "   will gradually transport us into that state, and the mission of our life will be fulfilled.   So, f for the welfare of ourselves, our country and the world at large, j we must make the best use of the uncommon gift of the Lord and make 'Sri Nama' the part and parcel of our life.

    The SADGURU is the great giver of " Sri Nama." So, we should first come under his  control  and guidance.   The Lord still preaches His religion only through the medium of a Sadguru and, as soon as we are desirous of having His company, He appears before us.

    Fortunately for us Sai devotees, the Seer—Sri Narasimha-swamiji, as the Sadguru—has found out SRI S AIR AM, the Divine Diamond—Guru and God, both in one—to realise and attain the benefits of human life.

    It all depends upon us, in all sincerity, to realise this truth by our wholehearted and ceaseless sadhana.


    i By :—Radhakrhhna Swamiji.




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