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Author Topic: YOGIRAJ SHRI VASUDEVANANDA  (Read 3589 times)

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    ( continued ) (Biography )

    By : Shri. S. N. Huddar

    CHATURMAS 8 Shak 1820 (1898 AD) Tilak-Wada

    Swami Maharai observed his Chaturmas in the Hanuman temple of Tilakwada. 7 to 8 Maharashtrians lived here. People-were devoted and so many persons came to see Maharaj and sought his advice in matters as diseases, spirit trounle, Maharaj and sought his advice in matters as diseases, spirit trouble, barrenness of women and others. Swami Maharaj suggested remedies and by using the same with devotion, the worried persons were relieved of their grief.

    Mani Shankar, a Gujarati Brahmin showed his horoscope to Swami Maharaj and asked why he had no son. Swamiji said, " You killed a serpent in last birth and hence you are not having a son. You should observe Nagpanchami and give Nagbali and then you will have progeny."

    Swami Maharaj was giving sermon on Narmada Khand (Chapter on Narmada in Puranas). He wrote Kurma Purana in Deonagari from an Andhra Pothi. Govindrao Karanjgaonkar was a resident at Baroda. His brother and mother lived at Tilak­wada. Govindrao was unemployed. His mother requested Swami Maharaj to suggest some means for him to get employment. Swamiji asked her to call Govindrao from Baroda. When he came was young and proud of his learning. Ramchandra Shstri asked,. "Whence have you come ?" Swami Maharaj pointed out the direction. He further asked, " Which is your place ? What is your business, What Education you had ? " and so on. Swami Maharuj angrily said. " If you have lost any of your relatives, I am not that. " Ramchandra Shastri also returned home angrily.

    Leelananda Saraswati was staying at a place on the lower side. As he had  observed  more Chaturmasas, Swami Maharaj bowed to him with respect. He said " I have no Mudra, Band, Kati-sutra; hence I feel ashamed to have respect from you. " Swamiji asked him to collect thread of Janavas.  (sacred thread of Brahmins). After getting the same, Swami Maharaj prepared all the things required by a Sanyasi and gave these to him. Both held frequent discussions.   Once Swami -Maharaj said, "I came here for Ramchandra Shastri but he is not caring. Only once he came ".   Leelanand   Swami   called   Ramchandra   Shastri,   who said, " Tembe Swami may be learned, but he has a very hot temperament.   His contact will not be congenial to me. "   Ramchandra Shastri was staying with his. maternal uncle. There was an aged wise woman who loved Ramchandra very much. She wished that Ramchandra Shastri should learn something from Tembe Swami Maharaj.   So, she and his maternal uncle also pressed him. He therefore went to Swami MahRraj.     His pride was there.   He sat before  Swamiji  who  asked  him.   " What  have  you learnt ? " He replied,  " I studied Veda  Kaumudi,  Kavya.      At present, I am reading Bhagwat at one  place. "   Swami Maharaj asked. him to' exp'ain " Janmadyasya  Yatonwayat " etc.   Ramchandra Shastri said, " I cannot explain Vedant shloka.   Anyhuw, I tell the mearning "       Swami Mahaiaj said,  " If the main principle is not understood, what is the use of reading Bhagwat ?"     Hearing this Ramchandra Shastri was angry.   Swami Maharaj said calmly :"


    Hearing this, Ramchandra Shastri. recollected a dream seen one year before. He at once became quiet. His throat choked and tears trickled from his eyes. He got up and fell straight on the ground before Swami Maharaj and he realised that that was the figure he had seen in the dream. Swami Maharaj told him, " Do not do anything at home.   Come here for learning.     We shall' start Panchadashi and Bhagwat from the beginning ".

    Ramchandra Shastri began to learn at Swami Maharaj from text day. He devoted all his time with Swamiji except the time of rites and alms. While taking lessons, Swamiji gave him a Naroti {half of cocoanut shell) as "Prasad " (blessing)!

    Swami Maharaj left Shinora all of a sudden. Swamiji appeared in the dream of Ramchandra Shastri and told him not to be dejected, and further asked him to preserve what he had acquired and continue practice with devotion. Laxmi cloth of Danda and Katisutra were placed in a nitche in the room. He told him to leave them in Narmada or keep with himself. Ramchandra Shastri had consolation. He kept the cloth and the sutra with him.

    The history of Ramchandra Shastri

    Ramchandra Shastri hailed from Baroda.   He had come to his maternal uncle at Shinora for studying Veda Shastras.   When he was 18, his father died of Plague.   He felt very sorry and thought of leaving home.   In the night he saw a Sanyasi in dream, who told him " Have you thought what your mother will feel if you go away ? Kardama Rishi went in the forest but Kapil Muni did not leave his mother.   Give her advice of Philosophy.   (Adhy-atma).   Shastri asked " What is Adhyatma".   Swamiji replied " Oneness of soul with Brahma is Adhyatma ".   Shastri asked : How shall I know this ?"  Swamiji said " You are a boy yet. You will know after a year."    All this dialogue was in Sanskrit. Swamiji often appeared in his dream and advised him and if he <lid not obey he would also beat him.   Lord Datta had asked Swami Maharaj to give advice to Ramchandra Shastri and there­fore Swami Maharaj had come to Shinora.

    Swamiji went for alms to Vinayak Bhat Gautam (who had come from Panchawati and who was maternal uncle of Ram­chandra Shastri. That day there was death anniversary of Ram­chandra Shastri's father. Ramchandra Shastri said, "Today being an anniversary day, alms cannot be given." Swamiji said, " If a Sanyasi goes without alms for a good reason,  there is no harm."

    (To be continued)


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