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« on: February 24, 2007, 12:19:36 AM »
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  •             During the course of his all India tour, Babu Rajendra Prasad, President of the Indian National Congress held at Bombay in 1934, went to Ramana Maharshi and to receive his blessings. He stayed in the Ashram for a few days with his family and friends in the blissful company of the Maharshi. At the time of taking leave, Sri Rajendra Prasad requested the Maharshi for a message to Mahatma Gandhi. The Maharshi smiled and said, “What message can I give, when the same Shakti (spirit) that is working here is working there”. In this one pregnant sentence, the Maharshi has propounded a great spiritual truth of universal nature.

                 Among the numerous mandirs, numbering about five hundred, Sri Kanaka Bhavan is the most important in the city of Ayodhya. Tradition has it that Lord Rama lived with Sita Mata in a mansion constructed of gold and diamonds,gems etc on the same spot in Treta Yuga. There is a Shayan Kunj (Bed chamber) of the Lord in the second storey of the Mandir. Every night the Pujari of the mandir arranges garlands,flowers, scents,sweets,fresh water to drink etc in this chamber, for the use of the divine couple in the night, before the mandir is closed. About 25 years back it so happened that the pujari forgot to provide drinking water. At the dead of the night, Lord Rama appeared before a Saint, living in chyavani at a distance of one mile from the mandir, in a vision and told him “I am thirsty. The pujari has not kept drinking water for me.Please arrange water for us”. The saint at once rushed to the manager of the kanaka bhavan and woke him up and informed him of his vision. The manager immediately sent for the pujari and asked him if he had provided drinking water to the Lord that night. The pujari recollected for a while and said, “I forgot to place drinking water” and begged to be excused. Immediately drinking water was arranged in the Shayan Kunj.

                     Vedadri is a famous pilgrim centre on the banks of the river Krishna in Andhra Pradesh.

               The presiding diety there is Lord Narsimha. The zamindar of Muktyala is the trustee of the temple.Every day at the time of Shayan Arati, the idol (Utsa vigraham) of the lord is places in a cradle and it is swung until the arti is over. Then the pujari and other devotees retire after closing the temple. About forty years ago, the threads of the cradle were in shreda in a part and the idol was in imminent danger of falling down from the cradle. One night the Lord appeared in the dream of the Zamindar and said “You are sleeping happily in your cosy bed, while I am laying in the cradle of shreds. Please get the cradle fitted with new threads without any delay”. So saying the Lord disappeared. The Zamindar immediately woke up and recollected the dream. He thought that something was wrong with the cradle. Next morning he went to the temple and examined the cradle and took the pujari to task for his failure to report the bad condition of the cradle in time. He got the cradle immediately repaired.

          Such instances abound in almost all the famous temples. The devout believe in them, while others dismiss them as incredible and fantastic. Lord Sai, in his own way, has established the veracity of such a phenomenon as detailed below.

          Sri Dilip Kumarji Roy is an ardent devotee of Mahayogi Aurobindo. He established an Ashram at Poona and has been carrying on his spiritual activities there. A few years ago, an acquaintance of his presented an idol of Sai Baba to him. Dilip Kumarji placed it among several other other idols in the compound of the Ashram exposed to heat and cold. That night Baba appeared to him in a dream and said,” I am shivering of cold. Please take me in and provide a comfortable and snug corner in the Ashram”. Immediately Sri Dilip Kumarji woke up and took the idol of Sai Baba into the Ashram and placed it in a comfortable place. He realized the glory of Sainath and undertook to construct a mandir for the idol. In  a few months he got a small mandir constructed and consecrated it  at Poona. This incident took place some fifty years after the Mahasamadhi of Sai Baba.

             Myriads are the Lilas(sports or miracles) of Sainath during the time he was in flesh and blood. Such miracles continue to happen even after his Mahasamadhi and will continue for ever. They are intended to protect his devotees from dangers and calamities, to infuse faith in them, to illustrate the veracity of spiritual doctrine and spiritual phenomenon etc , and thus enlighten his devotees and lead them on the SUBRA MARGA. Such powers of SaiNath are as natural as the rays to the Sun. They are inseparable from Sai as rays from the Sun. Just as the rays of the sun nourish and sustain and give the creatures a new life, the powers of Lord Sai are a source of spiritual vigour and strength and have sustaining and enervating influence to the devotees. Sai radiates his influence over his devotees and makes them whole and perfect.

             In the three incidents narrated above, it is the same spiritual phenomenon and the same divine spirit that is revealed.

            Upasani Maharaj, the sage of Sakori, in his Sai Mahima Stotra, has stated that Sai is “Ramamevaavateeranam”!.Lord Rama that has descended. Again he adds, “Sai roopa dhana Raghavottamam” it is Lord Rama that has descended in the form of Sai. Sai did confirm faith in the devotees towards the God or chosen Deities they worshipped by manifesting himself as Lord Rama or Krishna or Ganesh or Mahalakshmi or Datta or Vittal or Jesus etc.

            It is our good, nay, unique fortune that we have become children of such a Lord as Sai, due to Rinanubandha or prenatalities. Let us deserve to receive his grace in abundance by having Nistha and Saburi, that is ,faith and courageous patience, the two spiritual coins that Sai demands of us.

    P.V.Satyanarayan Sastry,B.A.

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