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  • The Geeta is a scripture of man, bringing to him guidance in living a dynamic life of clean activities, fearless of his environ¬ments and circumstances Arjuna represents man, confused and worse confounded by the tumultous challenges and grinning cir¬cumstances crowding all around him. The Hindu answer is not to run away from the problems but to take up a stand on firm grounds and act ^intelligently with faith -in oneself, faith >in the world and hope for the final success and victory of man, over the onslaughts of cruel nature within and without him.

    History records many periodic waves of ' world-convulsion when the good and the wicked forces seem to get fully organised to face each other. At such moments in the final clash the good alone   has    won - - - never    the   wicked   (satyameva  jayate   na anritam).
    In the Mahabharata story, such a crises is symbolically re¬presented, when the Pandavas are made to face the organised might of the unspiritual materialistic forces - - - the Kauravas. Geeta is addressed to Arjuna, the commander of the forces of the Good. The final advice is "rise - - - O.! Bharata" (uttishta bhaarata).

    At all such moments of world revolutions the truly dynamic seekers of self-evolution should not run into caves, but must stand their ground and act rightly; that is important - - - act rightly. What are then the duties of a good man in such a tra¬gic predicament ? The Lord vividly explains, (IV-41) "When action is renounced by Yoga, and doubts are cut asunder by knowledge, O. Dhananjaya. then actions do not bind him who is thus poised in the Self."

    When selfish actions stinking with sensual desires are renoun¬ced in Karma Yoga - - - in the sublime Yagna-spirit - - - (yagasa-mnyastakarmaanam) all such disturbing Vasanas get eliminated.
    We do not merely remove negative Vasanas but by study and reflections, we positively gain in our inner understanding; in the light of which our intellectual doubts are cleared (jnaanasamsay).

    Carefully please note that we have so far accomplished the removal of all negative Vasanas, and refilled the bosom with positive knowledge, that has lifted up all our doubts. When thus the mind is rendered steady for contemplation, by the elimination of the Vasanas. and is given a clear and vivid understanding of the Supreme Self, it automatically turns away from the world of distractions to perceive clearly the Unitary Substratum Divine. He becomes "poised in the Self (aatmavantam.)

    To such a person who has thus evolved into the higher State of Consciousness, the world and activities in it cannot create any new shackles of   Vasanas to fetter him   any   more  (na karmaani nibadhnanti).    In Short, allow our hands and legs    to act in this world in the service of mankind, without our  minds leaving ever the Vision of  the   Higher - - - the   Awareness    of  the Supreme. Just as a musician is   ever aware of   the   background base-sound (sruti} while he sings; just as a mother is ever in attention to her child in the cradle, even though she is   engaged   in   her   domestic activities - - - so too a   man   can   stay in Yoga   within, and yet act    brilliantly   -outside.     By   so  acting   no  fresh Vasanas   are produced to fetter man's inner personality.

    This greater vision is clouded by our ego-centric preoccupa¬tions. The ego-sense arises in us out of our "non-apprehensions" of the true Self. This non-apprehension creates misapprehensions of the ego and its passions. The ignorance of the real, gives us the delusions of the unreal.

    For example let us say that in the dim light   of   a   star-lit night, on a deserted road, you see a 9-ft    tall ghost with outstretched bony arms.    You see fire shooting out of its   sunken   eyes, blood flowing from its skull-mouth.    Many horrid details you see, and   in the despair of fear you hurl your walking-stick at it. cling-clang-clung : a metallic sound : the ghost vision disappears _ _ _ in its place now is the innocent street lamp with a fused-bulb. The "non-apprehension" of the post gave you "mis-appre¬hensions" of the detailed picture of the ghost. On discovering the real post, the unreal delusion of the ghost disappears. Similarly, when the real Self is realised, the delusory ego and its endless undivine vulgarities end. Thus, the Lord concludes this chapter saying : (IV-42) "Therefore Cutting down with the sword of knowledge, the doubt regarding the Self, born out of ignorance - - - residing in your heart, take refuge in Yoga. Arise O Bharata "

    The doubts regarding the   nature   and   existence of  the Se can be ended only by the immediate   and direct experience of  I This doubt makes us live entrenched in   our ego - - -   and this due to our non-apprehension   of  the Self.      "Therefore, with the sword of   direct experience cut down   this doubt,  that has arise from our spiritual ignorance" ( tasmaadajnaanasambhutam hritsthan jnaanaasinaatmanah chitwaa enam samsayam. )

    With the awareness of the Presence Divine, dedicate all activities to Him and without ego and its passionate desires act i the Yagna-spirit .... This is Karma Yoga "take refuge in Yog (yogam aatishta.)
    By thus acting, our consciousness expands, our awareness becomes more and more intense, and thus "Arise from your moody confusions and lack of Self—confidence, to live and act as a Go< upon the earth ~ - - O'! Bharata (uttishta bhaarata). Ever unconducive environments can be rendered a blessing if only w are ready to face our life-problems with a true heart of faith and spirit of dedication. If this Yoga-attitude is maintained ever action in this world will release us from our existing psychological encumbrances, and we shall discover ourselves growing into unexpected dimensions both in our capacities and in our capabilities.    It is the ego and its   endless   desire-prompting   that chains us to be the suffering pygmies that we are at this moment.

    Man is supreme. The world is his field of play. World problems cannot defeat a man truly intelligent and well-disciplined in himself. Our youth must realise this and start living the life of preparedness to strive diligently and accomplish great and useful achievements for the generations to come. Actions which have not the spirit of service about them, the Seva-Bhava, - - - if the Yagna spirit is not in the community - - - then all activities, however noble-looking they may be, can in the end bring about only sorrows and calamities.

    Thus through action with the right mental attitude Awake - - - "arise O' Bharata" (uttishta Bhaarata). This is the tireless call of the Geeta - - - not only to the Pandava Prince of the Mahabharata, but to man at all times, in all climes, belonging to all races, religions and cultures.

    The term Bharata denotes Arjuna, the descendent of the ancient King Bharat. Our country is called Bharat not merely because of this ancient King. The Rishis chose this name for its very word meaning. "Bha" in Sanskrit stands for Light, illumina¬tion, resplendence. Hence Bhaaskar --- sun; Prabhaa - - - light; Prabhaatam --- dawn; Bhaanu --- sun, etc. "Rathah" means "one who revels in" Thus Bhaa + Ratah means "One who revels in the Light of Wisdom". This country stands for a life of dyna¬mic activity in the clear light of true wisdom. Spiritual India, Bharat, has no boundaries - - - She sways her divine sceptor all over the world. Whenever there be one who lives courageously in the Light of Wisdom, stretching himself to reach the Supreme, he is a Bharateeya, a true Indian. Are you a true Bharateeya ? Have you the courage to live your convictions ? Do you live a life of no compromises'? Are you straight-forward, honest, and heroic enough to reject corrupt and immoral ways ? Are you constant¬ly and silently fighting down your lower urges and vulaar pas¬sions ? Do you consider the the destiny of your nation and its people more sacred than your own personal safety   and   security ? Then you are a Bharateeya.    ARE you ?  ............ Awake

    "Arise O' Bharata.'    (uttishta Bhaarata).
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