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Post by: JR on March 06, 2007, 01:47:03 AM
In a conference of owls—nocturnal birds of prey—a decision was taken that the Sun that shines in the sky has no existence. Several owls came forward in favour of this decision and claim¬ed that the decision seems to be taken after thorough thinking. Moreover they supported the decision by producing the evidence in this context. Hitherto none of them had ever witnessed the Sun or sunlight. As per their knowledge everywhere there was utter darkness for all the time and for ail the hours of the day.
Does it mean that the Sun has lost its existence? No. It is still shining in the sky giving us light and removing the darkness.

If you have not seen the air it does not mean that it has no existence. The Sun exists but it is beyond the knowledge of those poor souls-the owls.

The same position stands before us several times when we are encircled by persons who have no faith in god.

They claim that as they have not seen the God Sai, therefore HIS existence cannot be accepted. Their condition is also pitiable like those ignorant owls.

Remember God Sai does exist—not merely in Shirdi—but everywhere and in any part of the world. Even today. He is watching our each and every activity.

Dr.  Anil Jaiswal, M. B. B. S.
Chitar-Oal.   Nagpur-2