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   Almost 70% of the body is water. Varun Mudra keeps the water balance in the body.
   Formation: Join the tip of the small finger with the tip of the thumb.
   Effects: This mudra affects the water metabolism; it helps to rehydrate cells,tissues,muscles,skin,joints,cartilege etc The element water is associated with taste. This Mudra is useful in overcoming disorders like loss of taste sense and dryness of mouth.
   Benefits: Can be used to overcome following disorders:
    Dryness of the eyes, dryness of the digestive tract; dry cough, dryness of the skin leading to crakes,dry eczema,psoriasis,degeneration of joint cartilege; Osteo arthritis; Anaemia and cramps; deficiency of harmones; scanty urination, loss of taste tongue disorders; burns, pimples, itching and all skin diseases. This mudra helps in removing dryness from the body and adds tenderness, glow and beauty to the skin; it is beneficial in removing impurities present in the blood; this mudra preserves youthfulness; Unconsciousness due to sunstroke, accidents or overcrowdedness can be cured by rubbing the tips of the thumb and the tip of the little finger.

                  Surya means - the Sun. Surya Mudra generates heat in the body like Sun. This Mudra decreases Prithvi element and increases Agni element.
                 Formation;  The tip of the ring finger is to be placed at the base of the thumb and thumb is to be placed gently on the back of the ring finger.
              Effect: The element Agni is associated with body temperature and metabolism. Practice of Soorya Mudra helps to maintain the body temperature and keeps the metabolism going.
          The element Agni is also associated with vision. Hence, this mudra strenghens eyes and improves vision.
          Surya mudra can treat following disorders: Abnormally low body temperature; introlerance to cold,shivering, under activity of the thyroid gland causing slow metabolism' obesity, progressive weight gain, loss of appetite,indigestion and constipation, absence of sweating, cold problems like cough, tuberculosis, sinusitis, pleuristy and asthma, high cholestrol in the blood, cataract.
          This Mudra can be combined with Linga Mudra for better results(5 minutes each, one after the other).

      This mudra increases bodily heat as it reinforces the fire element.
      Formation: Linga mudra is formed by inter locking the palm but keeping the left thumb erect pointing upwards. This mudra can be done by reversing the hand too.
      Effect: The fire in the thumb is activated and is able to increase uninhibited.
      Benefits:  Hypothermia - Shivering and chills due to cold weather can be controlled; ailments caused by over production of mucus such as wet cough,colds,sinusitis etc., can be cured; Asthma,bronchitis,T.B. Pleurisy are cured; Discomfort experienced in air-conditioned room is relieved by this mudra; Increase digestive powers and also melts excess fat in the body. Give better resiults when performed together with Soorya Mudra- both 15 minutes eacg. one after the other.; difficulty in breathing can be relieved by this mudra; congested nose can be relieved by this mudra immediately and one can get good sleep; regulates the flow of the menstrual cycle. give better results when performed with Surya mudra - both 15 minutes each, one after the other. When navel centre is shifted from its original place, comes back to is place by this mudra.
   Special note"  This mudra increases heat in the body so this mudra is to be performed only for 15 minutes or less. Since this mudra generates heat, one must consume a lot of liquids like water, fruit juices,milk,buttermilk, etc.
    Any one suffering from acidity, fever, and stomach ulcers should not perform this mudra.
    This mudra is to be performed only till the problem persists and then it should be discontinued.

         In Sanskrit Shankha means Conch.
         This mudra resembles the shape of a Conch and hence is called the Shankha Mudra.
          In ancient times it was believed that blowing the Conch could send sound waves far and wide, thereby removing ill effects of the bad elements.
          This mudra is used during worship while chanting hymns and mantras.
          Formation: Place the thumb of the left hand at the base of the right thumb. This is the point of Thyroid gland in the palm. Fold the fingers of the right hand covering the left thumb, Join the index finger of the left hand with the thumb tip of the right hand. The other three fingers of the left hand are to be placed on the back of the right palm
         This mudra can be performed with reversing the hands too.
         Effect: Thus mudra puts pressure on the point of thyroid gland, thus making it active to remove illnesses related to thyroid gland; this mudra purifies 72,000 nerves connected to the navel centre, thereby rejuvenating the whole body; this mudra makes the voice melodious and clean. Removes strain in the voice. Therefore, singers, teachers, doctors, lawyers and leaders must perform this mudra every day for 10 minutes; this mudra relieves allergies, caused by dust and smoke, so throat becomes clean; also relieves from skin rashes; tonsillitis and other throat  infections are cured; relieves feverish feeling in the body; relieves burning sensation in the body or body parts; any trouble of stammering, stuttering in speech can be rectified by this mudra; after a paralytic attack, this mudra helps in dealing with speech problems and speech becomes clear; helps in increasing height of childre.

              Space within the body is a part of outer space. A person becomes very broad minded when it is balanced.
              Formation; Formed by joining together the tips of the thumb and the middle finger.
              Effect: This is a detoxifying Mudra that helps in increasing the space within the body and helps elimination of metabolic waste. Negative emotions like anger, fear and sorrow are replaced by positive emotions:
              Benefits:  helps to detoxify the body by the elimination of metabolic wastes through exhaled air,sweat,urine stools; helps to overcome feeling of fullness, heaviness in the body; helps to overcome discomfort caused by over eating;helps to relieve congestion and pain in the head due to migraine or sinusitis, ears due to infection, chest congestion, infection,asthma,etc; relieves  pain in angina pectoris, regularises heart beats and high blood pressure. Practise this mudra daily for 50 minutes. This mudra aids in meditation. It helps purity emotions and thoughts. Vibrations can be felt on the top of the head at Sahasra Chakra and one gets divine power with an incrwase in intution and alertness. this mudra is beneficial for any  bone related diseases, as the calcium content within the body increases. this mudra removes tooth problems and makes the teeth strong. locked jaws caused due to yawning can be cured with the flip of middle and thumb fingers. That is why, traditionally, during yawning fingers are flipped. If the rosary beads are placed on the middle finger and rotated with the help of the thumb, mind enjoys prosperity, power and material happiness. Heart gets strong; this mudra is more beneficial at dawn; Akash mudra is an excellent mudra which stimulates noble thoughts and helps the practitioner to take rapid strides along the path to liberation from worldly desires.


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