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CHAPTER 44 - Nandi Brahmin relieved of Leprosy : He became a Poet
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  • OM SAI RAM !!!

    Chapter - 44
    Nandi Brahmin relieved of Leprosy : He became a Poet.

    Nandi was a Brahmin suffering from Leprosy. He worshippedd Tuljapur Bhavani
    for 3 years. He observed fast. He stayed near Bhuvaneshwari at Bhilavadi
    for 7 months and worshipped the deity devotedly. He was told in a dream
     to go to Shri Guru at Gangapur and that he would then be relieved of the

    Nandi said, 'You are Goddess yourself, how do you ask me to go to a human being.
    I shall be here, nomatter if I have to lose my life.'

    The pujari also had similar dream. He and some others told Nandi, 'Do not trouble
    the Goddess hereafter and if you do not ming, we shall not allow you enter
    this mandir.'

    Being helpless he came to Gangapur and went to the Math and bowed to
    Shri Guru. Shri Guru asked him 'Leaving the Goddess, why did you come to a
     human being? When you doubt, how can you be relieved of the disease?'

    Realising that Shri Guru knew what was in his mind, he said, 'I am a dullard.
    Kindly forgive me. I have come for your shelter. Kindly protect me. I am ver much
    harrassed due to this disease. My wife also left me and went to her parents.
    Chandla Devi has sent me to you. Kindly do not drive me away.'

    Shri Guru asked Somnath to take Nandi to the Sangam and said, "Let him bathe
    at the Shatkul and have rounds of the Ashwattha. Give him new clothes, throwing
    away his old ones and then bring him here for meals."

    As advised by Shri Guru, Somnath took DNandi to the Sangam for bath. After bath
    his body became free from lerosy. After taking rounds of the Ashwattha, Somnath
    brought him back to the Math. Nandi bowed to Shri Guru and began to pray Him.

    Shri Guru asked him, 'See if all your body has been free from the disease. He looked
    to his body and found that some patches had remained on his thigh. Being afraid
    he asked 'After having your blessings why these patches should be here?'

    Shri Guru said, 'You came with a suspicion that what a man could do and so a little
    disease is there. You should stay here praying God, the little disease that is there
    will also be wiped off soon.'

    Nandi said, 'I am illiterate. How can I compose poems of praise?'

    Shri Guru asked him to draw out his tongue. When he did so, Shri Guru put little
    bhasma on the tip of his tongue.

    Instantly he became wise. He bowed to Shri Guru and began to compose poems
     in praise of Shri Guru. The summary of those poems is as follows :-

    'I was sinking in the wordly ocean, being deluded by the affection for my family
    members. I was roaming through different species as swedaj, Andaj, Udbhija and
    Jaraj i.e. animal life. Human life is the best of all. I had no knowledge in the
    Shudra birth. The birth of a Brahmin is the best amongst the human beings.
    But if a Brahmin is also a dullard, how can he have knowledge of Shri Guru?

    The blood of the mother and the seman of the father unite and a fetus comes to
    existence as a bubble. After 15 days it becomes liquid. Within a month a small solid
    fetus is formed. I the second month the head and the limbs take shape. When the
    five great elements i.e. the earth, the water, the luster, the wind and thesky unite,
    the should enters the fetus. In the fifth month the skin and the hair are formed.
    In the sixth month the fetus starts respiration. In the seventh month, the ear,
    the tongue, the brain and the marrow become solid. In this way I was growing in
    the mother's uterus. The mother would eat hot, salt, sour, pungent and acidic articles,
    due to which I was greatly troubled.

    I then took birth. My span of life was fixed. Half of the time i.e. the nights were spent
    in sleep in vain. The remaining half is divided in the three stages, childhood, youth
    and old age. In the childhood, I had to suffer much. I wept due to pain in the stomach,
    but myu mother thought that I was hungry and took me to her breast. And when
    I was hungry, she thought I was ailing and gave me bitter medicines. At times due to
    scorpion bite, in the cradle I would cry. She would then sing lulabied and move the
    cradly to and frow and tried to lure me to sleep or she would think that I am affected
    by some spirit and so the trie Mantra - Tantra and tied a black string on my wrist.
    My mother would take pungent and sour articles and I had to suffer from
    diarrhoea, cough etc.

    In the youth, I was influenced by passion. I disregarded the parents and the guru
    and always thought about the female-sex. Due to vanity, I dispised sadhus, saints
    and old persons. How could have I adored Shri Guru dring this perios?

    In the old age I was affected by cough, gases and other troubles. My hair became white
    while taking care of my family and children. I lost my teeth, I could not hear well and
    see properly. even in this state I did not serve Shri Guru. You are the protector and
    liberator of the universe. Please liberate me.'

    Illiterate Nandi composed such poems. All wondered to see his feat Nandi further said,
    'Vedas say that the feet of Shri Guru are holy there is no other way than the feet of
    Shri Guru, to be free from the worldly sea. By the favour of Shri Guru, all my sins are
    wiped off. Shri Guru Narsimha Saraswati is like Kamdhenu. So people should adore
    him and get liberated.

    Nandi was later called 'Kavishwar' due to his poetry. The patches of leprosy on his
    thigh also disappeared in course of time. Nandi greatly rejoiced at the cure.
    He began to serve Shri Guru with more devotion.

    !! दिगंबरा दिगंबरा श्रीपाद वल्लभ दिगंबरा !!
    !! हे दत्त योगेश्वर वासुदेव श्रीपाद श्रीवल्लभ नारसिंह !!
    !! श्रीपाद श्रीवल्लभ नरहरी दत्तात्रेया दिगंबरा  !!

    !! Digambara Digambara Sripaada Vallabh Digambara !!
    !! He Datta Yogeshwar Vasudev Sripaad Vallabh Naarsinh !!
    !! Sripaad Sri Vallabh Narhari Dattatreya Digambara !!


    JAI SAI RAM !!!

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    Chapter - 45 - Poet Narhari Becomes a Disciple of Shri Guru.
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  • OM SAI RAM !!!

    Chapter - 45
    Poet Narhari Becomes a Disciple of Shri Guru.

    Once some disciples took Shri Guru to their town Hipperge.
    This is a holy place of Kalleshwar. A Brahmin Narhari lived there.
    He was a great devotee of God Kalleshwar. He daily composed
    five new stanzas in praise of Kalleshwar and worshiped him

    People told him the greatness of Shri Guru and requested him to
    compose poems in his praise. But Narhari said, 'I have sold my
    tongue to Kalleshwar and I shall not compose poems in praise of a
    human being'. As usual he went to the temple to worship Kalleshwar.
    While workshipping, he had a nap and he got asleep. He saw a dream
    that Shri Guru was sitting on the Shiva Linga and that he was worshiping
     Shri Guru. Later the Linga disappeared and Shri Guru only was seen.
    Shri Guru smiled and asked him 'You do not believe in a human being
    and then why are you worshiping me?'.

    Narhari awoke and wondered about the dream. He repented for
    underestimating Shri Guru Narasimha Saraswati, who was all incarnation
    of Shri Shiva.

    Immediately he went to see Shri Guru, bowed to him and said,
    'Kindly forgive me. Without knowing your greatness I underestimated you,
    but now I know that you are Kalleshwar himself. When Kamdhenu is at home,
    why should one be anxious? Kindly let me have your blessings. I wish to serve
    you hereafter.' Saying this he began to praise Him.

    Shri Guru was pleased. He gave clothes to Narhari and accepted him as his
    disciple. Shri Guru said to him, 'Kalleshwar is great. You continue to worship
    him. Narhari said, 'When you yourself are KAlleshwar, why should I worship
    other Kalleshwar? I shall not go away leaving thy feet now.' In this way,
    Narhari poet also became a great devotee of Shri Guru.

    !! दिगंबरा दिगंबरा श्रीपाद वल्लभ दिगंबरा !!
    !! हे दत्त योगेश्वर वासुदेव श्रीपाद श्रीवल्लभ नारसिंह !!
    !! श्रीपाद श्रीवल्लभ नरहरी दत्तात्रेया दिगंबरा  !!

    !! Digambara Digambara Sripaada Vallabh Digambara !!
    !! He Datta Yogeshwar Vasudev Sripaad Vallabh Naarsinh !!
    !! Sripaad Sri Vallabh Narhari Dattatreya Digambara !!


    JAI SAI RAM !!!

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    Chapter 46 - Shri Guru Visits Eight Places at One Time.
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  • OM SAI RAM !!!

    Chapter - 46
    Poet Narhari Becomes a Disciple of Shri Guru

    At the time of Diwali festival, seven devotees of Shri Guru came to
    Ganagapur Math and requested Shri Guru to come to their places for Diwali.
    As Shri Guru loved them all alike, it was a problem before him as to whose
    invitation should be accepted Shri Guru said to them, 'You are all from different
    places. How can I come to your homes at the same time. You decide among
    yourselves as to where I should go first and where I should go later.'

    Each devotee wished that Shri Guru should come to him first. So they could not
     decide and began to quarrel, Shri Guru called the devotees one by one and told
    each of them 'I shall come only to one house. So don't argue unnecessarily.'

    Then the devotees said, 'Oh Guru, do not make any distinction between the rich
    and the poor. Please treat us equally. If you neglect us we shall end our lives,
    we serve you and we do whatever you say."' With these words they all prostrated
    themselves before him humbly.

    Thereupon Sri Guru said, 'All right, I shall visit you all. Rest assured about that.'
    One of the disciples asked him, 'How can we be sure that you will visit the homes
    of all of us?

    Then Sri Guru called each of them separately and said, 'I will come to your house,
    but do not tell others."

    All the seven devotees thereafter went back to their respective places, pleased.

    When the devotees of Ganagapur knew this, they requested Shri Guru, 'You should not
    go out of Ganagapur for Diwali.' Shri Guru promised them also that he would be there,
    and that they need not worry.

    In the morning of Narak Chaturdashi day, Shri Guru took eight forms and went to
    7 places of 7 devotees and also stayed at Ganagapur Math. He accepted Puja in
    all the places.

    Later the devotees gathered at Ganagapur for Deeparadhan on the Kartik pournima.
    Each one told that Shri Guru had been to him in Diwali and showed the cloth presented
    to him by Shri Guru. The people of Ganagapur said, 'Shri Guru was here in the Math
    during Diwali.' But on seeing the articles presented by Shri Guru all realized that
    Shri Guru had taken 8 forms in Diwali and they all were amazed. The conviction that
    Shri Guru is the incarnation of Trimurties became more firm and they adored him with
    greater devotion. He who worships Sri Guru will have all is desires fulfilled. All try to
    experience the value of Guru Bhakti, but fools cannot appreciate Amrit. Only Jnanis
    and devotees can relish the Amrit of Guru Nama.

    The Vedas and Shastras proclaim that he who looks down upon Guru as an ordinary
    human being will be born an animal. Sri Guru Charitra is equal to Veda-Shasta.
    Only Guru can liberate one from the throes of Samskara.

    Those who go to Ganagapur and serve Guru with devotion will surely get all their
    desires fulfilled. So listen, all of you, purify your mind and visit Ganagapur.

    !! दिगंबरा दिगंबरा श्रीपाद वल्लभ दिगंबरा !!
    !! हे दत्त योगेश्वर वासुदेव श्रीपाद श्रीवल्लभ नारसिंह !!
    !! श्रीपाद श्रीवल्लभ नरहरी दत्तात्रेया दिगंबरा  !!

    !! Digambara Digambara Sripaada Vallabh Digambara !!
    !! He Datta Yogeshwar Vasudev Sripaad Vallabh Naarsinh !!
    !! Sripaad Sri Vallabh Narhari Dattatreya Digambara !!


    JAI SAI RAM !!!

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    Chapter 47 A - Parbati had Bumper Crops even in Scarcity.
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  • OM SAI RAM !!!

    Chapter - 47 A
    Parbati had Bumper Crops even in Scarcity.

    There lived pious farmer, named Parbati, in Ganagapur.
    He used to bow to Shri Guru when he went to Sangam in the morning
    an again at midday when Shri Guru returned. His field was on the way
    to the Sangam. Once Shri Guru asked him, "Why do you take this
    trouble daily? What is your desire?"

    Parbati said, "I wish that my field yields a good crop".

    Shri Guru, "what have you sown?"

    Parbati said that jawar was sown in his field. He further added,
    "It is due to your favor that this year the corp is good. I wish that
    you should kindly come to my field and have a look at the crop by
    your sight which showers nectar.'

    Shri Guru went to the field, looked at the crop and said, 'If you have
     faith in me, do as I bid you.'

    Parbati said, 'I shall obey you from the bottom of my heart'.

    Shri Guru - 'Till I return at midday, cut off this crop'. Saying so,
     Shri Guru went to the Sangam.

    Parbati approached the Revenue Officer and asked him to permit him
     to reap the crop on the rent as per the previous year.

    The Officer said, `This year the crop is good, hence the old rent
    will not suffice'.

    Parbati said, `I shall pay double the rent. So please give me permission'.
    The Officer agreed and granted the permission.

    Parbati took some men with him, went to the field and reaped the crop.
    His wife and children tried to prohibit him; but he did not listen to them.
    The wife complained to the Officer, `The crop is good this year; but before
    the harvest, my husband is reaping the field on the advice of a Sanyasi and
    is depriving us of food. Kindly prohibit him to cut the crop'.

    The Officer sent his men to ask Parbati why he was reaping the field before
    the harvest. Parbati said, `If the Officer has doubt of getting the rent;
    I shall pay the corn from reserve and keep my cattle at his door'.

    Parbati reaped all the crop. Seeing that Shri Guru was returning from the Sangam,
    he bowed to Him and reported that he had cut the crop as instructed.

    Shri Guru `You have reaped in vain!'

    Parbati `I have read the crop as advised by you. I have full faith in you.'

    Shri Guru `You will have the fruit of your devotion, the wife and children of
    Parbati said that they have lost their food. Parbati consoled them by saving,
    `Shri Guru is Shri Shiva incarnate. With his blessing,We shall have no loss.
    He told us to do this due to some unforeseen reason.'

    In about a week, there was a severe code and all the crops in the country
    were lost. Then on Mul Nakshatra, there was heavy rain, which was also
    harmful to the crops; but Parbati's field yielded hundred times more crop of
    good quality. All wondered to see this.

    The wife and children of Parbati also rejoiced. They begged apology of Parbati
    and repented for underestimating Shri Guru. The mention of all the above facts
    is made here in order to show the affinity of Shri Sai Baba to Shri Vithal of
    Pandharpur. One Sai Mandir at Phanaswadi, in the Girgaum area of the Bombay city,
    was formerly a temple of Vithal and it was known as "Shri Premal Vithal Mandir".
     In this temple the idols of Vithal and Rakhumai were installed by Shri Gajanan
    Vinayak Pradhan, as the temple itself was constructed my him as his own private
    property. However, Shri Vasant Shastri alias Aba Panshikar completely changed the
    Mandir and gave it the present form. One Shri Prabhakar Panshikar, is a famous
    actor on the Marathi stage and Shri Aba Panshikar is his brother. Shri Aba Panshikar
    was performing Keertans in the Vithal Mandir regularly. Shri Bhole Guruji, who is a
    Sai devotee, used to attend Shri Panshikar's keertans as he was staying very near
    the above Mandir, in the Mugbhat area Girgaum. Shri Bhole Guruji requested
    Shri Panshikar to start praying to Shri Sai Baba. Shri Panshikar was not aware
    of greatness of the saint of Shirdi up to that time and on being initiated by
    Shri Bhole Guruji, he gladly became a devotee of Shri Sai Baba. He very soon
    became a staunch and sincere devotee of Sri Baba and very soon thought of
    changing the Vithal Mandir into a Sai temple. It is because of the zeal and efforts
    of Shri Aba Panshikar that the Premal Vithal Mandir is now converted into a
    Sai Mandir and is now known by that name.

    In this temple, we see the idol of Shri Sai Baba in plaster, which is about four
    and a half feet high. This idol is seated on an altar. It will be seen from the
    photograph of the temple published along with this article that the original idols
    of Shri Vithal and Rakhumai installed in the temple have still be retained in the
     temple as Shri Sai Baba had reverence for that god as stated at the beginning
    of this article. The beautiful idol of Shri Sai Baba in plaster was made by one
    sculptor Shri G.V. Patkar. Though the temple was originally constructed as a
    private temple, still it was later on thrown open to everyone for worship and at
    present anybody can go and offer flowers or garlands to Shri Sai Baba or
    Shri Vithal - Rakhumai.

    In the rear side of this temple, there is a banyan tree about hundred years old.
    Around this tree we can also find the idols of Shri Datta, Hanuman and Pindi
    of Shri Shankar. In addition to that, there are the Padukas of Shri Sai Baba in
    silver in this area. These Padukas were installed at the October 1952.

    The practice of getting prepared the silver Padukas of Shri Sai Baba and give them
    to different people or institutions dedicated to Sai worship, was started by this temple.
    So far, the Sai Padukas got prepared by this Mandir have been installed at five
    different places. It may be noted here that the Padukas installed at the Sai temple
    of Smt. Ajibai Wanarse at London, were got prepared by this Mandir.

    "Service to humanity and Service to the dump mutes is the service to God"
    this was the motto of Shri Sai Baba and the management of this temple has
    borne in mind this fact. They have therefore coupled a social duty with this religious
    institution. On the first floor of this temple, arrangements have been made for the
    free accommodation of poor and deserving students, Who have no arrangements
    to stay in Bombay. A great number of students have taken advantage of this facility
    and because of the religious atmosphere of the temple; these students are grooved
    in Sai devotion from the young age of their life.

    Aarti, worship etc. are carried out at this temple every day as per those
    performed at Shirdi. Ramnavami, Gurupournima and Vijayadashami are the
    great festivals observed at this temple on the same lines as is done at Shirdi.
    This temple has started one more practice. On every Shivaratri day, the offering
    of fruits is made to Shri Baba and they are later on distributed to the devotees
    by way of prasad. Shri Pandurang Mahadev Warang is a staunch Sai devotee,
    who manages the daily affairs of the temple with great care. He is only thirty-one
    years of age at present, but for the last twenty-two years he is staying in the temple
    premises and is attending to the work of this temple. The management wants to expand
    the activities of the temple and arrange some further programs on a large scale;
    but due tot shortage of space they feel sorry that it is not possible for them. Shri Warang
    always says that all his difficulties are readily solved by Shri Sai Baba. This shows his great
    faith in Shri Sai Baba and his devotion to Him.

    Girgaum is a very crowded locality of Bombay city. They area round about Lalbaug
    and Parel which is known as the "Mill area" is perhaps another equally crowded area
    in Bombay. The people in the "Mill area" are so very busy in their struggle for existence
     that they have hardly any time to think about god or existence. The people in the
    Girgaum area are mostly white-collar people. They have regular hours of their office
    work. Similarly religious practices are imbibed in them from their childhood. Hence they
    find the need of a place for worship where they can get mental peace. The people
    who were formerly they devotees of Vithal have started visiting this temple for the
    worship of that god; but after seeing the idol of Shri Sai Baba in the temple and
    having come to know. His greatness, they automatically become His devotees.
    Thus this temple has a good place of worship for the devotees staying in Girgaum
    area of the Bombay city and is therefore frequented by a number of devotees
    every day.

    Namdharak bowed to Shri Siddhamuni with folded hands and said,
    "gurudeo, you have narrated to me the life of Shri Guru and have given me the real
    gnyan(knowledge) which has wiped off my karma and by your blessing, I have known
    the essence of religion. Devotion to Shri Guru is like the Kalpataru and Rishis like
    Vashishta and Shuka also follow this path. Now kindly tell me the path of Sadguru."
    Being pleased with the question, Shri Siddha said, "Namdharak, you are very fortunate
    as you as you have asked question regarding the eternal principles, knowing with
    illusion and ignorance are wiped off and the mind becomes becomes as clear
    as the light of the sun.

    !! दिगंबरा दिगंबरा श्रीपाद वल्लभ दिगंबरा !!
    !! हे दत्त योगेश्वर वासुदेव श्रीपाद श्रीवल्लभ नारसिंह !!
    !! श्रीपाद श्रीवल्लभ नरहरी दत्तात्रेया दिगंबरा  !!

    !! Digambara Digambara Sripaada Vallabh Digambara !!
    !! He Datta Yogeshwar Vasudev Sripaad Vallabh Naarsinh !!
    !! Sripaad Sri Vallabh Narhari Dattatreya Digambara !!


    JAI SAI RAM !!!

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    Chapter 47 B - Parbati had Bumper Crops even in Scarcity.
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  • OM SAI RAM !!!

    Chapter - 47 B
    Parbati had Bumper Crops even in Scarcity.

    Once when Shri Shankar was sitting on a beautiful point of Kailas, Devi Parvati
    with folded hands said to him with devotion, "Great God of Gods, Guru of the universe,
    give me Gurumantra and kindly tell me the means by which one's soul becomes
    united with Brahma".

    Shri Shankar said, "Dear Devi, this is a question which has never been asked to me
    so far by anybody. You are my second form. So I shall tell you this gist and this
    will benefit all the people also".

    Veda, Shastra, Purana, Ithihas, Mantra-tantravidya, Smriti-jaran-maran(using the
    power of doing miracles by the devotees of Shiva and Shakti) and other various
    sciences put one in illusion. Without knowing the gist of devotion to Guru, people
    perform sacrifices, observe penance, vrat, charity, recitation and go to the holy places
    but only after the rise of the light of Shri Guru, difficult vidya, worldly illusion and
    ignorance are all wiped off. By serving Shri Guru, all sins perish and the soul becomes
    pure and united with Brahma.

    Taking the holy water, touched by the lotus like feet of Shri Guru, is like a bath
    at a holy place. This Tirth is as holy as Kashi or Prayag.

    Always remember Shri Guru. Recite Shri Guru's name all the time. Obey his orders,
    serve and worship Shri Guru with devotion. Doing this, one can even attain
    my position.
    The alphabet 'Gu' means darkness and 'Ru' means light. Guru means the knowledge
    of the light of Brahma, that destroys darkness of ignorance. 'Gu1 is the first alphabet
    to create illusion and other attributes. 'Ru' is the second alphabet of Brahma
    which destroys illusion and vain appearance. This power of Guru is supreme and is
    difficult even for the Gods to obtain.

    A Sadhak (disciple) should offer to Shri Guru good seat, bed, clothes, ornaments,
    conveyances etc. He should serve him with devotion for getting one's position,
    ashram, caste and pray him with body, senses, money, son, wife, etc. clearly
    and should not be ashamed to lay prostrate before him.

    Men go to hell by living in family life as one's body is full of worms, night-soil,
    urine, phelgm, slood, flesh and bad odor. Bow lo Shri Guru, who liberates a person
    from the worldly miseries.

    Shri Guru is Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha and Para-Brahma. He is the cause of the
    creation of Universe, liberator of persons from this worldly sea and giver of the
    knowledge of all the vidyas.

    By applying the ointment of Shri Guru's knowledge to one's eyes, closed eyes are
    opened, parents, brothers, and good men who give real knowledge of worldly life,
    are all Gurus. Though there is diversity in the universe, yet there is oneness.
    Shri Guru protects one from all difficulties, showing the cause and effect.

    If Shri Shankar or Shri Vishnu are enraged, Shri Guru protects the devotees,
    but when Shri Guru himself is enraged, even Shri Shankar or Shri Vishnu cannot
    protect them.

    Just as the blind man cannot see the light of the Sun, so the dull persons do not
    see the nectar-like appearance of Shri Guru, which is visible only to the eyes of the
    thoughtful. Shri Guru is like a monarch, who is witnessing the drama of creation
    and destruction of the universe.

    Three Nath, Ganesh, 3 Bhairava Peethas, Siddha, 3 Batus, 2 Pad, 3 Dooties,
    Shri Shankar, 4, 6, 8, 9 Veeresh, 5 Veeravalies are all associated with the best
    'Shri Malini' mantra. Bow to this Shri Guru mandal.

    To think about Shri Guru's body is like thinking about everlasting Shri Shiva and to
    recite Shri Guru’s name to praise to eternal Shiva's qualities.

    Shri Guru is birthless, devoid of oldage and has no begining.   He is self created,
    devoid of change, full of bright bliss, minutest of the minute, greatest of the great and
    eternal. He is self shining, spotless, sky pervading, everlasting and has no decrease.
    Vedas and Manu describe Shri Guru's penance in this way. Therefore always
    remember Shri Guru.

    By the knowledge of self, which is pervading all the universe, moveable and
    immovoable, sins of several births are atoned. There are no greater principle than the
     knowledge of self. There is no greater penance than the service of Shri Guru and
    there is no deeper knowledge than the advice of Shri Guru.

    Shri Guru is Jagannath (lord of the universe) and the Guru of the 3 Lokas. Shri Guru
    is the universe and our soul is the soul of all the creation. Bow lo Shri Guru,
    who gives this knowledge.

    The persons, who are proud of penance and knowledge and who are engrossed
    in the worldly affairs, are like the pots moving on the wheel of a pot-maker. Gods,
    Gandharvas, fore fathers, yaksh, kinnar, rishi, siddha, who do not serve
    Shri Guru do not get salvation.

    Bow to Shri Guru, who is supreme joy and who gives the best pleasure.
     He is shrine of knowledge, above division, sky pervading, knower of Tattwam Asi'
    (that thou art) principle, only one, External, pure, immoveable, who witnesses
    everything and who is devoid of existence and three qualities(Satwa Raj and Tam).

    To know one's self is the supreme knowledge and the utmost goal of life.
    This is attained only by the favour of Shri Guru.

    Remember Shri Guru till death. Even if he is fickle minded, do not forget or forsake him.
    The wise should not speak about Shri Guru with disrespect. Do not tell a
    lie before him.

    Those who despise Shri Guru go to hell. Those who discuss vainly with Shri Guru
    become Brahma Rakshas and have to live in barren and waterless places.

    Oh Parvati, Shri Guru protects his disciples, even if god, muni or pannag curses.
    Gods and munies are weak before Shri Guru, whose curses can destroy them in no time.

    O Devi, according to Smrities and Vedas, Shri Guru is Parabrahma. Guru is a mantra
    of two syllables.

    Bow to Shri Guru, who is pervading all the universe from Brahma to grass,
    who is eternal, whole, formless, devoid of qualities, engrossed in self-knowledge,
    above divisions and full of real bright-joy (sat-chit-anand rup).

    Brahma is eternal like fragrance in camphor and flowers and like the coolness and
    warmth in an object. This knowledge can be got only through Shri Guru. So worship
    and serve him with pure and dear heart and singular devotion. One, who is united
    with Brahma in meditation, realises Kundalini, Brahma Randhra and formlessness
    and gels salvation without doubt.

    The ignorant wins over the worldly sea and the wise besides gets knowledge of
    actions and no-actions by following the path of Shri Guru.

    Those, who read, hear or write Shri Guru Geeta and give it in charity with money,
    all their desires are fullfilled. Always read Sri Guru-Geeta to get rid of the miseries
    of the wordly life.

    Each and every syllable of Guru-Geeta enables to win death, remove all difficulties
    and fear of yaksha, Rakshas, ghosts, thieves, tigers and diseases. It gives the power
    of using Bhasma, mesmerism and hypnotism.

    O Devi, read Shri Guru-Geeta, sitting on a site of kush grass (dharbhasan) or
    white blanket with attentive mind. Use a white seat for peace, red for mesmerising,
    black for punishing the evildoers and yellow for getting wealth. For peace, sit facing
    the north, for mesmerising facing the east, for punishing the evildoers facing the
    south and for wealth facing the west.

    Recitation of Guru-Geeta, gives one incentive power, develops one's qualities,
    destroys evil acts, makes good acts successful, removes fear of Gra has (planets),
    destroys evil dreams, gives issues even to sterile women, gives goodluck to the
     married women (keep their husbands alive all their lives) and gives peace of mind.

    If a widow reads Shri Guru-Geeta without object, she gets salvation. If she reads
    with desire, she will get a good husband in the next birth and all her miseries,
    difficulties and curses will perish.

    Shri Guru-Geeta is like a Kamadhenu to those who read it with some expectation.
    It is like a kalpataru to those, who read with desires. It is like a chintamani to the
    thinkers of everything good. If you read it for salvation you get salvation, if you read it
    for worldly pleasures, you will get them.

    One can read Shri Guru-Geeta with some object, sitting on a bank of a river or the
    sea shore, in the mandir of Vishnu, Shiva, Devi or other God, math, cowshed,
    under vat, awala, mango tree or near a plant of Tulsi or dhotra or in the cremation
    ground at an lonely but clean and neat place.

    Even though a devotee of Shri Guru may be a fool, still he is great, all his good acts,
    penance, vral, diksha become successful. They are never futile.

    As Shri Guru knows Brahma, he is always pure and whereever he goes, there is the
    presence of od, Tirth and Peeth. One who reads Guru-Geeta sitting or lying on a bed,
    standing, walking, speaking, riding on a horse or an elephant, is pure. He has no rebirth.

    A soul is one with God, just as the water in the sea, the milk in the milk pot,
    the ghee in the ghee-pot and the sky in the broken pot aro one with them, similarly the
     Dnyani (learned), is united with  God and lies lost in himself day and night.

    O Parvati, when one is blessed by Shri Guru, all his doubts vanish, goddess Saraswati
    resides on his tongue and he gets both the pleasures and salvation by the favour of
    Shri Guru. One's recitation, vrat and penance of several births bear fruit.

    O Waranane (having good face), I told you, this principle of Sankhya sastra One God,
    one religion, one devotion, one penance are nothing else but Shri Guru himself.
    There is no higher principle .ban that of Shri Guru.

    The home, where is devotion of Shri Guru, parents, family and race, is fortunate.
    Those, who do not adore Shri Guru due to Vanity of knowledge and penance, are

    Even to Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Gods, Rishi, Forefathers, kinnar, siddha, charan,
     yaksh, munies, the favour of Shri Guru, is like the great holy Tirth. Shri Guru's
    Tirth is the root of all the Tirths.

    If one reads Shri Guru-Geeta in travel, or during war, at the time of the attack
    of an enemy, he gets victory in life and salvation at death.

    If Shri Guru-Geeta is read with evil acts, at evil places and with fickle mind,
    it gives evil effects.

    As you are dear to me, I have told this gist to you. Keep it with yourself. Tell this to one,
    who is not engrossed in wordly pleasures and has devotion; but do not tell it to him,
    who is not devoted, who is a deceit, cunning, atheist and who discusses vainly.

    Here ends the gist of Shri Guru-Geeta in the form of a dialogue between
    Ishwar and Parvati, included in the Uttarkhand of Skand Purana.

    !! दिगंबरा दिगंबरा श्रीपाद वल्लभ दिगंबरा !!
    !! हे दत्त योगेश्वर वासुदेव श्रीपाद श्रीवल्लभ नारसिंह !!
    !! श्रीपाद श्रीवल्लभ नरहरी दत्तात्रेया दिगंबरा  !!

    !! Digambara Digambara Sripaada Vallabh Digambara !!
    !! He Datta Yogeshwar Vasudev Sripaad Vallabh Naarsinh !!
    !! Sripaad Sri Vallabh Narhari Dattatreya Digambara !!


    JAI SAI RAM !!!

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    Chapter 48 - Amarja Sangam and the Greatness of Ganagapur
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  • OM SAI RAM !!!

    Chapter - 48
    Amarja Sangam and the Greatness of Ganagapur

    On the parva day of Ashvin Vad 14, Shri Guru said to the disciple,
    'We shall have bath at trishali (3 Holy places i. e. Prayag, Kashi and Gaya)
    with family and children.

    The disciple said, 'For such a long journey, we require some time
    for preparations'.

    Shri Guru, 'These holy places are near about. So there is no need
    for special preparation.'

    Saying this he went with them all to the sangamam. All took bath there.
    Shri Guru said, 'The Sangam is like Prayag. Bhima flows there northwards.
    This Amarja Sangam is as holy as the Ganga-Yamuna Sangam of Prayag.
    There are other eight holy places (Tirthas) near about.'

    The disciples, -'Why this river is called Amarja?'

    Shri Guru, -'Jallundhar Rakshasas were on War. Indra went to Shri Shankar
    and said, 'We kill Rakshas but from each drop of their blood, new Rakshasas
    are born and they have spread in Three Lokas. They have killed many Gods.'

    Hearing this, Shri Shankar was enraged and started to kill the Rakshas in the
    form of Rudra. Indra said, 'You will kill the Rakshas: but kindly suggest any
     device to make the gods alive.'

    Shri Shankar recited Amrit mantra and gave a jar filled with nectar. Indra
    sprinkled the nectar on the Gods and made them alive. While Indra was going
    with the jar of the remaining nectar some drops fell on the earth and a river
    was created called 'Amarja'. Bath in this river prevents diseases and untimely
    death. This river meets Bhima and this Sangam is great like Triveni Sangam
    of Prayag. Bath in this Kartik and Magha months, on Somwati, Sankratini grahan
    (eclipse) Parva at this Sangam is very virtuous.

    Before this Sangam is the Ashwattha, bath near which fulfills all the desires.
    I also live here. After worshipping this Ashwattha, worship the 'Sangameshwar'
    with devotion. This is like Mallikarjuna of Shri Shailya. Bow to Nandi and Chandi,
    have three rounds and see Shiva Shankar.

    There is the 'Varanasi' Tirth i. e. Kashi one mile ahead. One Brahmin of
    Bharadwaj Gotra was a great devotee of Shri Shiva. He roamed everywhere without
    clothes, people called him 'mad'. He had two brothers Ishwar and Pandurang.
    They were thinking of going to Kashi. At this time one devotee of Shri Shiva came
    there and said to his brothers, ' Why do you go to Kashi? Here is Kashi Vishweshwar.'
    The brothers said, 'Where is it? Show us'.

    The devotee took a bath and sat in meditation. Shri Shankar appeared before him.
    The devotee requested him to create an idol of Kashi Vishweshwar there for daily
    worship and Darshan. Shri Shankar conceded and Manikarnika Kund was created
    first and the shrine of Kashi Vishweshwar came out of it. A river flowing northward
     like Bhagirathi also came into existence. All the principal places of Kashi were
    thus created here. Both the brothers then worshipped Kashi Vishweshwar.
    These brothers lived at Pandharpur and were known as 'Aradhye'.

    Hearing this from Shri Guru, all took bath there and worshipped Shri Vishweshwar
    with devotion and observed other rites.

    Shri Guru -'Here is ' Papavinashi Tirth' bath in which destroys all sins.' Shri Guru
    called his sister Ratnai here and said, 'You had killed a cat with a stick and therefore
    you are having leprosy. You bathe in this Tirth daily and your disease will disappear.'
     As advised, she bathed here for three days and her disease was wiped off.

    A little further is 'Koti Tirth'. One should bathe here on Sankranthi, Grahan,
    Poornima and Amavasya and give a cow with a calf in charity. Further to this is
    'Rudra Tirth'. It is as holy as Gaya. Observe Shraddha here.

    Further is 'Chakra Tirth' like Dwarka. Beyond is 'Manmath Tirth'. To the east of it,
    is 'Kalleshwar' like Gokarna Mahabaleshwar. By doing this, eight glories are obtained.'

    Shri Guru thus narrated the greatness of the eight holy places and all were pleased.
     They bathed and observed other rites and returned to Gangapur with Shri Guru.
    A grand samardhana was arranged jointly.

    !! दिगंबरा दिगंबरा श्रीपाद वल्लभ दिगंबरा !!
    !! हे दत्त योगेश्वर वासुदेव श्रीपाद श्रीवल्लभ नारसिंह !!
    !! श्रीपाद श्रीवल्लभ नरहरी दत्तात्रेया दिगंबरा  !!

    !! Digambara Digambara Sripaada Vallabh Digambara !!
    !! He Datta Yogeshwar Vasudev Sripaad Vallabh Naarsinh !!
    !! Sripaad Sri Vallabh Narhari Dattatreya Digambara !!


    JAI SAI RAM !!!

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    • बाबा मुझे अपने ह्र्दय से लगा लो, अपने पास बुला लो।

    OM SAI RAM !!!

    Guru Sri Dattatreya Teachings – The twenty four Gurus of Dattatreya

    When Guru Dattatreya was a child, a king visited the ashram.
    Because his parents were away, Dattatreya greeted the king and
    the king saw an inner joy radiating from the boy.
    The king immediately realized that the boy was gifted with
    great wisdom and started talking to him.

    (Source: Book - The Himalayan Masters:
    A Living Tradition by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD)

    King: You have been studying with your parents?

    Dattatreya: There is much to learn from everyone and everything,
    not only from my parents.

    King: Then you have a teacher? Who is it?

    Dattatreya: I have 24 gurus.

    King: Twenty-four gurus at such a tender age? Who are they?

    Dattatreya: Mother Earth is my first guru. She taught me to hold those
    who trample me, scratch me, and hurt me lovingly in my heart, just
    as she does. She taught me to give them my best, remembering that
    their acts are normal and natural from their standpoint.

    King: Who is your second guru?

    Dattatreya: Water it is a force that contains life and purity. It cleanses
    whatever it touches and provides life to whoever drinks it. Water flows
    unceasingly. If it stops, it becomes stagnant. Keep moving is the lesson
    I learned from water.

    King: Your third guru?

    Dattatreya: Fire. It burns everything, transforming it into flame. By consuming
    dead logs, it produces warmth and light. Thus, I learnt how to absorb everything
    that life brings and how to turn it into flame. This flame enlightens my life and
    in that light, others can walk safely.

    King: Who is your fourth guru, sir?

    Dattatreya: Wind is my fourth guru. The wind moves unceasingly, touching
    flowers and thorns alike, but never attaches itself to the objects it touches.
    Like the wind, I learned not to prefer flowers over thorns or friends over foes.
    Like the wind, my goal is to provide freshness to all without becoming attached.

    King: The fifth guru, sir?

    Dattatreya: This all-pervading and all-embracing space is my fifth guru.
    Space has room for the sun, moon, and stars and yet, it remains untouched
    and unconfined. I, too, must have room for all the diversities, and still remain
    unaffected by what I contain. All visible and invisible objects may have their
    rightful place within me, but they have no power to confine my consciousness.

    King: Who is your sixth guru, sir?

    Dattatreya: The moon. The moon waxes and wanes and yet never loses
    its essence, totality, or shape. From watching the moon, I learned that waxing
    and waning-rising and falling, pleasure and pain, loss and gain-are simply phases
    of life. While passing through these phases, I never lose awareness of
    my true Self.

    King: Who is your seventh guru?

    Dattatreya: The sun is my seventh guru. With its bright rays, the sun draws
    water from everything, transforms it into clouds, and then distributes it as rain
    without favor. Rain falls on forests, mountains, valleys, deserts, oceans, and cities.
    Like the sun, I learned how to gather knowledge from all sources, transform that
    knowledge into practical wisdom, and share it with all without preferring some
    recipients and excluding others.

    King: And your eighth guru?

    Dattatreya: My eighth guru is a flock of pigeons. One pigeon fell into a hunter's
    net and cried in despair. Other pigeons tried to rescue it and got caught, too.
    From these pigeons, I learned that even a positive reaction, if it springs from
    attachment and emotion, can entangle and ensure.

    King: Your ninth guru, sir?

    Dattatreya: My ninth guru is the python who catches and eats its prey, and
    then doesn't hunt again for a long time. It taught me that once my need
    has been met, I must be satisfied and not make myself miserable running
    after the objects of my desire.

    King: Who is your tenth guru?

    Dattatreya: The ocean, which is the abode of the waters. It receives and
    assimilates water from all the rivers in the world and never overflows its boundaries.
    It taught me that no matter what experiences I go through in life, no matter
    how many kicks and blows I receive, I must maintain my discipline.

    King: Who is your eleventh guru, oh wise one?

    Dattatreya: The moth is my eleventh guru. Drawn by light, it flies from its dwelling
    to sacrifice itself in the flame. It taught me that once I see the dawn, I must overcome
    my fear, soar at full speed, and plunge into the flame of knowledge to be
    consumed and transformed.

    King: The twelfth?

    Dattatreya: My twelfth guru is a bumblebee who takes only the tiniest drops
    of nectar from the flowers. Before accepting even that much, it hums and hovers
    and dances, creating an atmosphere of joy around the flower. It not only sings
    the song of cheerfulness; it also gives more to the flowers than it takes. It pollinates
    the plants and helps them prosper by flying from one flower to another. I learned
    from the bumblebee that I should take only a little from nature and that I should
    do so cheerfully, enriching the source from which I receive sustenance.

    King: Your thirteenth guru?

    Dattatreya: My thirteenth guru is the honeybee who collects more nectar than
    it needs. It gathers nectar from different sources, swallows it, transforms it into
    honey, and brings it to the hive. It consumes only a bit of what it gathers, sharing
    the rest with others. Thus I should gather wisdom from the teachers of all disciplines
    and process the knowledge that I gain. I must apply the knowledge that is conducive
    to my growth, but I must be ready to share everything I know with others.

    King: The fourteenth guru, oh wise seeker?

    Dattatreya: Once I saw a wild elephant being trapped. A tame female elephant in
    season was the bait. Sensing her presence, the wild male emerged from its domain
    and fell into a pit that had been cleverly concealed with branches and heaps of leaves.
    Once caught, the wild elephant was tamed to be used by others. This elephant is
    my fourteenth guru because he taught me to be careful with my passions and desires.
    Worldly charms arouse our sensory impulses and, while chasing after the sense
    cravings, the mind gets trapped and enslaved, even thought it is powerful.

    King: Who is your fifteenth guru, sir?

    Dattatreya: The deer, with its keen sense of hearing. It listens intently and is wary
    of all noises, but is lured to its doom by the melody of the deer hunter's flute.
    Like the deer, we keep our ears alert for every bit of news, rumor, and gossip,
    and are skeptical about much that we hear. But we become spellbound by certain
    words, which, due to our desires, attachments, cravings, and vasanas (subtle
    impressions from the past), we delight to hear. This tendency creates misery
    for others and ourselves.

    King: And who is your sixteenth guru?

    Dattatreya: The fish who swallows a baited hook and is caught by the fisherman.
    This world is like bait. As long as I remember the episode of the fish, I remain free
    of the hook.

    King: Who is your seventeenth guru?

    Dattatreya: A prostitute who knows that she doesn't love her customers, nor do
    they love her. Yet she waits for them and, when they come, enacts the drama of love.
    She isn't satisfied with the artificial love she gives and receives, nor with the payment
    she is given. I realized that all humans are like prostitutes and the world, like the
    customers, is enjoying us. The payment is always inadequate and we feel dissatisfied.
    Thus, I became determined not to live like a prostitute. Instead, I will live with dignity
    and self-respect, not expecting this world to give me either material or internal
    satisfaction, but to find it myself by going within.

    King: Who is your eighteenth guru?

    Dattatreya: My eighteenth guru is a little bird who was flying with a worm in its beak.
    Larger birds flew after him and began pecking him. They stopped only when the little
    bird dropped the worm. Thus, I learned that the secret of survival lies in renunciation,
    not in possession.

    King: Who is your nineteenth guru, sir?

    Dattatreya: My nineteenth guru is the baby that cries when it is hungry and stops
    when it suckles at its mother's breast. When the baby is full, it stops feeding and
    nothing its mother does can induce it to take more milk. I learned from this baby to
    demand only when I really need. When it's provided, I must take only what I require
    and then turn my face away.

    King: And your twentieth guru?

    Dattatreya: A young woman whom I met when I was begging for alms. She told me
    to wait while she prepared a meal. Her bracelets jangled as she cooked, so she removed
    one. But the noise continued, so she took off all her bracelets, one by one, until only
    one remained. Then there was silence. Thus, I learned that wherever there is a crowed,
    there is noise, disagreement, and dissension. Peace can be expected only in solitude.

    King: And your twenty-first guru?

    Dattatreya: A snake that makes no hole for itself, but who rests in holes other creatures
    have abandoned, or curls up in the hollow of a tree for a while, and then moves on.
    From this snake, I learned to adjust myself to my environment and enjoy the resources
    of nature without encumbering myself with a permanent home. Creatures in nature
    move constantly, continually abandoning their previous dwellings. Therefore, while
    floating along the current of nature, I find plenty of places to rest. Once I am rested,
    I move on.

    King: And your twenty-second guru?

    Dattatreya: My twenty-second guru is an arrow maker who was so absorbed in shaping
    his arrowheads that the king and his entire army passed without attracting his attention.
    Thus I learned from the arrow makes to be absorbed in the task at hand, no matter
    how big or small. The more one-pointed my focus, the greater my absorption, and the
    greater my absorption, the more subtle my awareness. The goal is subtle, and can
    only be grasped by subtle awareness.

    King: Your twenty-third guru?

    Dattatreya: My twenty-third guru is a little spider who built itself a nice cozy web.
    When a larger spider chased it, it rushed to take refuge in its web. But it ran so fast
    that it got entangled and was swallowed by the bigger spider. Thus, I learned that
    we create webs for ourselves by trying to build a safe haven, and as we race along
    the threads of these webs, we become entangled and are consumed. There is no safety
    to be found in the complicated webs of our actions.

    King: And who is your twenty-fourth guru?

    Dattatreya: My twenty-fourth guru is a worm who was caught by a songbird and
    placed in its nest. As the bird began singing, the worm became so absorbed in the
    song that it lost all awareness of its peril. Watching this little creature become absorbed
    in a song in the face of death reminded me that I, too, must develop the art of listening
    so that I my become absorbed in the eternal sound, nada, that is always within me.

    Listening to Dattatreya, the king realized that the wisdom of this sage flowed from
    his determination to keep the goal of life firmly fixed in his awareness and from
    his ability to find the teachings everywhere he turned.

    This particular conversation is found Srimad Bhagavad Purana and
    is part of the conversation between Lord Krishna and Uddhava.
    This dialogue is also part of various Puranas and other holy scriptures in Hinduism.

    !! दिगंबरा दिगंबरा श्रीपाद वल्लभ दिगंबरा !!
    !! हे दत्त योगेश्वर वासुदेव श्रीपाद श्रीवल्लभ नारसिंह !!
    !! श्रीपाद श्रीवल्लभ नरहरी दत्तात्रेया दिगंबरा  !!

    !! Digambara Digambara Sripaada Vallabh Digambara !!
    !! He Datta Yogeshwar Vasudev Sripaad Vallabh Naarsinh !!
    !! Sripaad Sri Vallabh Narhari Dattatreya Digambara !!


    JAI SAI RAM !!!

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    Chapter - 49 - The Muslim King Comes to See Shri Guru
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  • OM SAI RAM !!!

    Chapter - 49
    The Muslim King Comes to See Shri Guru

    We have seen a reference of a Rajak in the 9th chapter. By the blessing of
    Shripad Shri Vallabha, he was born in a Muslim Royal family and he became
    king of Bidar. Due to devotion of previous birth he was kind and pious.
    He treated all religions and sects equally. There were several temples for which
    he had due sympathy. He also had respect for Brahmins. Muslim priests despised
    Brahmins and Vedic religion. But king said to them, "God is one. Only the names
    are different. All are created from 5 great elements (Pancha --- Mahabhoot).
    The earth is the mother of all. Cows are different colors, but their milk is white.
    Ornaments may be many, but the gold is the same. Similarly Paramatma (God)
    is everywhere. So make no difference between the religions and castes."

    Thus the king was ruling impartially. Once he had a tumor on his thigh, Vaidyas
    and Hakims treated him but to no effect. The king had great pain due to it. He called
    some Brahmins and requested them to suggest a remedy.

    The Brahmins said, "Sins of the previous birth harass one in the form of some disease.
    For this, visit holy places and give something in charity. Live in the company of saints.
    You go to the Papavinashi Tirth and bathe there. The tumor will subside."

    The king went to the Papavinashi Tirth. He met a Sanyasi there. He bowed to him and
    showed him his tumor The Sanyasi said, - "When you see a saint, you will be relieved
    of the disease. I shall tell you a tale in this connection."

    "A Brahmin lived in Awanti i.e., Ujjain. He gave up bath and the Brahmin's rites i.e.,
    Sandhya, Puja etc. and lived with a prostitute named Pingla. Once Rishabha Muni came
    to them. They treated him well. They worshiped him and took the Tirth of his feet.
    When the Muni was asleep, both served him keeping awake the whole night. Next morning
    the Muni went away. Later on in their old age, both the Brahmin and Pingla died.

    The Brahmin became the son of king Vajrabahu in the next birth. When he was in Sumati's
    (eldest) womb, the younger queen became jealous and she gave poison to the eldest
    queen, who got eruptions all over the body. She delivered a male child, who was also
    affected by eruptions all over the body. The king got them treated by physicians but
    they could be cured. The king suspected that the infection would spread in the whole family
    and he therefore asked a fisherman to take the queen and her son to the forest and leave
    them there. People were sorry to know about this evil act of the king. Sumathi was roaming
    in the forest with her son in despair. Due to exertion, she was thirsty and was searching
    for water. She came to a Mandir and met some females, who told her, "Padmakar is the
    king of this country. He is kind and pious. He will protect you." In the mean time some
    maidservants of the king came there. Sumathi narrated to them her sad account. They took
    Sumathi to the palace and reported to the king about her. The king was very kind and
    he arranged for her stay.

    Here too the eruptions on the body of the mother and son harassed them. One day due
    to unbearable pain, the child expired. Sumathi began to weep bitterly. The ladies of the
    neighborhood tried to console her, but she continued mourning.

    In the meanwhile Rishabha Muni came there. King Padmakar received him warmly. As he
    heard a mourning sound he inquired. Padmakar narrated to him the sad account of Sumathi.
    Rishabha Muni came to her and began to console her, saying, "It is futile to mourn for the
    bygone. All lives are like bubbles in water, this body is made of five elements and when
    these elements separate, nothing remains behind. So do not mourn for the perishable body.
    One has to suffer as per one's previous actions. For self-emancipation adore Shri Shankar".

    Sumathi said, "I had to come here leaving the kingdom and here too I met this fate. Now
    I do not wish to live any longer." Saying so she fell on the feet of the Muni.

    The Muni was moved to see her state. He remembered the service that her son had given
    him in his last birth. He applied a little Bhasma to his forehead and put a little in his mouth.
    Suddenly the child got life and began to move. The eruptions on his body and on his mother's
    body also vanished by the powerful sight of the Muni. Both looked as bright as gold. Sumathi
    and the child bowed to the Muni devotedly. The Muni blessed them and went away. The greatness
    of the blessing of a saint is like this. "If you serve a saint you will be relieved from the tumor."

    The Muslim king asked with folded hands, "Kindly tell me where there is a saint, I shall go there".
    The Sanyasi said "Shri Guru lives at Ganagapur on the bank of Bhima. You go to him."

    The king immediately went to Ganagapur and inquired about Shri Guru. The people were afraid
    when the saw that the Muslim king had come to Ganagapur. They did not speak due to fear.
    When the king asked again he was told that Shri Guru had gone to the Sangam and he would
    return soon. Hearing this, the Muslim king started to go to the Sangam. On the way he saw
    Shri Guru coming. He came down Palanquin and bowed to Shri Guru respectively.

    Shri Guru said, " O, Rajak, where have you been so far? I am seeing you after a long period".

    Hearing this, the Muslim king recollected his life of last birth. He lay prostrate before Shri Guru
    and began to shed tears of love and joy. With choked voice he asked "Gurudev, why did
    you keep me away so long? Being entangled in the royal pleasures, I forgot you. Now I have
    come to your shelter. Liberate me. I am much harassed due to this tumor on my thigh."

    Shri Guru smiled and said, "Show me, where is the tumor?". The king began to look his thigh.
    But no! The tumor had vanished! He said, "By your blessings, I could enjoy the royal pleasures
    and glory. All my desires are fulfilled. I now wish that your holy self should come to my palace
    and bless my family members."

    Shri Guru said, "We are Sanyasis. We should not live in cities. You being Muslim, cows are
    slaughtered daily in your city. This is a great sin. Prohibit killing of cows in your kingdom."

    The King said, "I am not a king now. I am your devotee, a Rajak. Give me a place at your feet."

    Shri Guru began thinking. Now in this Kaliyug, cruelty will be increasing. It would be better if
    I disappear from here. He therefore thought of going to Gouthami (Godavari). While returning
    to the math, the king seated Shri Guru in his palkhi and he took his Padukas (sandals) in his
    hands and walked on foot behind the palkhi.

    Shri Guru said, "You should ride on a horse as you are a king. Your persons will blame you for
    serving a Brahmin and a Sanyasi."

    The king said, "I may be a king for the people, but for you I am your devotee, a Rajak. My body
    of iron is transformed into gold by your sight. All my desires are now fulfilled".

    By this time all the elephants, horses and soldiers of the King had reached the place. Shri Guru said,
    "Listen to me, ride a horse ".

    The King first seated all the disciples of Shri Guru on the horses and then he rode a horse and
    the procession started ceremoniously.

    Shri Guru then said to the king, "If we come with you, we cannot observe our rituals punctually.
    Therefore I will go ahead. You come to Papavinashi to see me".

    Saying this, Shri Guru disappeared instantly with all his disciples and reached Bidar. Nagnath
    the son of Sayamdev met Shri Guru there. He worshiped Shri Guru and did a samaradhana.
    Then Shri Guru went to the Papavinashi Tirth.

    The Muslim king was very sorry to see the disappearance of Shri Guru from the procession
    suddenly. But he remembered that he was asked by Shri Guru to see him at Papavinashi.
    He rode a swift horse and started for Papavinashi. He covered the distance of 88 miles
    in a day. He saw Shri Guru and again requested him to grace his city by holy presence.

    The kind decorated his city with flags, buntings and arches. He seated Shri Guru in a
    Palkhi. Nine kinds of gems were waved on him. The citizens waved Aarti at various places.
    The Muslims censured the king for serving for the Brahmins; but the Hindu citizens and
    Brahmins praised him for liberal, learned and pious.

    The procession was going with musical instruments. Coins and clothes were being distributed
    to the poor. When the procession reached the main gate of palace, Shri Guru walked on the
    costly carpet spread on the path. Shri Guru was seated on the decorated throne and all the
    queens and children of the king bowed to Him respectfully. Shri Guru blessed the king and
    his family members and asked, "Are all your desires fulfilled by now?"

    The king said, "I have fully enjoyed the royal glory I now wish to serve at your feet".

    Shri Guru asked him to come to Shri Shailya and went to Gouthami at Nasik. He bathed there
    and returned to Ganagapur. All the citizens were pleased to see that Shri Guru had come
    back safe.

    Shri Guru called all the disciples and said; "Now I wish live secretly. Therefore I intend to go to
    Shri Shailya. Still I shall be staying at Ganagapur. If I live fear openly, the Muslims will come
    here daily and trouble me for fulfillment of their desires as the King himself had been here."

    !! दिगंबरा दिगंबरा श्रीपाद वल्लभ दिगंबरा !!
    !! हे दत्त योगेश्वर वासुदेव श्रीपाद श्रीवल्लभ नारसिंह !!
    !! श्रीपाद श्रीवल्लभ नरहरी दत्तात्रेया दिगंबरा  !!

    !! Digambara Digambara Sripaada Vallabh Digambara !!
    !! He Datta Yogeshwar Vasudev Sripaad Vallabh Naarsinh !!
    !! Sripaad Sri Vallabh Narhari Dattatreya Digambara !!


    JAI SAI RAM !!!

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    • बाबा मुझे अपने ह्र्दय से लगा लो, अपने पास बुला लो।

    OM SAI RAM !!!

    Chapter - 50
    Shri Guru's Journey unto Bliss: Disciples Get Flower-Gift

    Knowing that Shri Guru has decided to go to Shri Shailya, all the disciples and
    citizens felt very happy. They said, "You are our treasure. Why do you go
    leaving us?"

    Shri Guru smiled and said, "You need not worry. I shall stay here secretly.
    I shall have bath at the Amarja Sangam in the morning. In the midday I shall come
    to Gangapur math and accept Nirgun Puja and give Darshan to the devotees. From
    the viewpoint of the public, I am going to Shri Shailya Yatra. Have no doubt. I shall
    always stay at Gangapur. The Ashwattha here are like Kalpataru."

    Saying this Shri Guru started for Shri Shailya. People accompanied him for some
    distance and when they returned to the math they saw Shri Guru there. After some
    time he disappeared. All wondered at this miracle.

    Shri Guru went to Patal Ganga, flowing at the base of Shri Shailya, He asked his disciples
    to prepare a flower-seat and said, "I have to go to Mallikarjuna on Shri Shailya on the
    other side of the river." The disciples prepared a nice seat of flowers of Shevanti, lotus,
    malati, kanher etc. on the leaf of kardali and placed it on the riverside.

    Shri Guru said, "Now you should return to your respective places". All were greatly
    aggrieved. Shri Guru sat on the flower seat on Magh Vad 1st, on Friday when Guru
    (Jupiter) was in Kanya (vergs) Rasa at evening time and before going away said,
    " I am going to the place of self-bliss. I shall send flowers as gift, which you should
    distribute amongst yourselves and worship them, daily. I like singing. I shall be near
    those, who sing prayers. They will get all the pleasures".

    Saying this Shri Guru disappeared in the river. After some time some boatmen came
    from the other side of the river. They told, "We saw Shri Guru on the other side.
    He was looking like a sanyasi and was holding a dand (stick) in his hand. He had
    golden sandals. He told his name as 'Narasimha Saraswati. He has given a message
    for you, 'I am going to the Kardali-Van. Still I shall be at Gangapur. Do not worry.
    I am sending flowers as gift, which may be distributed amongst yourselves."

    All were waiting for the flowers. After a little time, four flowers came flowing. They were
    taken one each by Sayamdev, Nandi, Narahari and myself. Here is the flower given to me.
    Saying this, Shri Siddha showed the flower to Namdharak.

    Such is the greatness of Shri Guru. I have narrated only a part of Shri Guru's life, which is
    very exhaustive. Those who read, hear and write this life will attain all the pleasures.
    These nectar-like tales will give four Purusharthas and also Paramartha."

    !! दिगंबरा दिगंबरा श्रीपाद वल्लभ दिगंबरा !!
    !! हे दत्त योगेश्वर वासुदेव श्रीपाद श्रीवल्लभ नारसिंह !!
    !! श्रीपाद श्रीवल्लभ नरहरी दत्तात्रेया दिगंबरा  !!

    !! Digambara Digambara Sripaada Vallabh Digambara !!
    !! He Datta Yogeshwar Vasudev Sripaad Vallabh Naarsinh !!
    !! Sripaad Sri Vallabh Narhari Dattatreya Digambara !!


    JAI SAI RAM !!!

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    Chapter - 51 - Conclusion: Week-Reading Awatarnika (Contents)
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  • OM SAI RAM !!!

    Chapter - 51
    Conclusion: Week-Reading Awatarnika (Contents)

    After hearing the 50 Chapters of Shri Guru-Charitra, Namdharak lost senses
    and got Samadhi. His body perspired, his throat got choked and tears flowed
    from his eyes. He could not speak out a word. Shri Siddha Muni was pleased to
    see this state of Namdharak. Though the disciple got Samadhi, he should be
    awakened for the benefit of the people. Thinking thus he moved his hand over
    his face and body with affection and called him and said, "Dear boy, come on senses.
    You have got 'dnyan' and you will get salvation. But if you remain in meditation,
    how will the people be benefited and enlightened? You asked me and I narrated to
    you these nectar-like tales of Shri Guru's life. You also heard them conscientiously.
    You should therefore elaborate them and propagate amongst the people."

    Namdharak opened his eyes and placed his head on the feet of Shri Siddha and said,
    "You are Shri Guru yourself. Shri Guru's life, that you have narrated, is even more
    sweeter than the nectar. I am not contended yet. Please tell me the whole life again
    in short".

    Hearing this just as a physician prepares the Sanjeevini pills mixing many medicines
    and keeps the pills with him, similarly I am telling you the summary of this life of
    Shri Guru.

    Further Shri Siddha said, "Though Shri Guru has disappeared still he gives Darshan
    to his sincere devotees as before".

    Namdharak- "Kindly tell me the procedure of week-reading and other rules to be
    followed during the week".

    Shri Siddha-"Shri Guru-Charitra can be read any time with pure mind. The credit of
    reading it in a week is still great. For this, one place and seat should be selected. Keep
    control on the senses during the week. Before starting the reading bow to God, Brahmin
    and elders. Worship the volume of "Shri Guru-Charitra". One should complete 7 chapters
    on the first day, read upto 18th chapter on the second day, upto 28th on the third day,
    upto 34th on the fourth day, upto 37th on the fifth day, upto 43rd on the sixth day and
    upto 52nd chapters on the seventh day. After reading, worship the volume and take
    light dinner. Some observe fast for the week; but if this is not possible have food of only
    one type of corn. On the eighth day, for completion of the week reading, take meals with
    a Brahmin couple and offer money as Dakshina. If the reading is done with devotion and
    pure heart, Shri Guru gives Darshan in dream and fulfills one's desires. The trouble of spirits
    and ghosts vanishes and one gets peace of mind.

    Namdharak again expressed to Shri Siddha Muni his gratitude for narrating the life of
    Shri Guru, which has made his life fortunate and enabled him to attain the bliss.

    Dedicated to Shri Dattatreya.


    !! दिगंबरा दिगंबरा श्रीपाद वल्लभ दिगंबरा !!
    !! हे दत्त योगेश्वर वासुदेव श्रीपाद श्रीवल्लभ नारसिंह !!
    !! श्रीपाद श्रीवल्लभ नरहरी दत्तात्रेया दिगंबरा  !!

    !! Digambara Digambara Sripaada Vallabh Digambara !!
    !! He Datta Yogeshwar Vasudev Sripaad Vallabh Naarsinh !!
    !! Sripaad Sri Vallabh Narhari Dattatreya Digambara !!


    JAI SAI RAM !!!


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