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Author Topic: SRI RAMA VIJAYAM  (Read 50585 times)

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  • Sri Vakratunda Mahakaya Suryakoti Samaprabha
    Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva Sarva-Kaaryeshu Sarvada॥

    Om Sri Ram, Jay Sri Ram, Jay Jay Sri Ram ॥
    Om Sri Hanumate Namah॥

    OM SAI RAM ॥

    OM SAI RAM !!!


    This news having been communicated to Rama, the latter mounted his
    chariot and personally came to the field of the war with the army of the
    monkeys. The monkeys threw at the boys mountains, rocks and trees
    which they broke with their weapons and killed many monkey-warriors,
    and some monkeys fled for fear of life.

    At this time Maruti jumped into the air to lift up the boys with his tail
    but Kusha, perceiving his intention, let off a power ful arrow at him,
    which struck the monkey and brought him down. Kusha loudly said "
    Oh ! ugly monkey. You destroyed the Asoka forest but here you cannot
    do any thing. The throwing of stones and mountains at demons was not
    a war. There is no Dronagiri here. You jumped over the sea and burnt
    Lanka. There is nothing like that here."

    In the meantime, Sugriva threw trees at the boys but Laliu cut them off,
    and made Sngriva, Nila,- Jambuyant,- Angad and Maruti and other
    monkeys insensible.

    Looking at this defeat Rama let off arows at the two boys which the latter
    cut off and let off innumerable arrows, which scattered throughout the
    sky without hurting Rama. Looking at the bravery of the boys Rama asked,
    "Children of the Rishis, listen to me, I shall give you what you want. I shall
    give you a cow, which will give you milk. I am pleased with you and will
    give you whatever you want."

    " We want nothing from you," replied the boys, " but on the contrary we
    will give you whatever you want. You can enjoy your own wealth. We have
    heard enough of you. You are such a heartless and cruel man that no one
    like you can be found on this earth. Sita, an innocent woman of virtue,
    you left alone in the forest. This is most wicked on yonr part "

    Listening to what they had said, Rama was moved with affection for them
    and thought of stroking their heads with tenderness. But the boys told him
    to continue fighting with them. " Just tell me," said Rama, " Who you are,
    who your parents are, which guru gave, you education, who taught you
    dhanur-vidya, science, arts and mantras?"

    The boys heartily laughed and said, " This man does not feel for his brothers.
    He wants us to tell him stories. Sir, first fight with us and then ask us stories.
     You have killed Havana and done many brave acts. Now let us see a little
    of it. We shall never allow you to depart from this place without fighting
    with us. If you cannot fight with us, return home quietly or be a sanyasi
    [Ascetic], because you have neither wife, nor children."

    Rama asked, " Tell me who you are, and then 1 shall fight with you.
    In the meantime, a voice in the sky said, " Rama, do not fight. The boys
    are your sons." As soon as Rama heard what the voice had said,
    he fell down insensible. Kusha came up to him and, taking off his mugut,
    put it on his own head. Lahu stripped Lakshuman of his ornaments and
    wore them himself. Having done this, they mounted the chariot of Rama
    and tying up Maruti, Sugriva, Angad, Jambuvant and other monkeys to
    the chariot for the amusement of their mother, drove to their abode.

    They told Sita that they had made Rama and his brothers insensible in the
    field of war and killed all their warriors. " Here are the monkeys," said they,
    " we have brought for your amusement." Sita knew them and did not come
    out, because they might feel ashamed of their state. She said to her sons,
     " Let the monkeys go away. We shall never keep them here." The boys then
    went arid untied them. The monkeys came and informed Rama of what
    they had seen.

    In the meantime, Valmika returned from Patal ; and, having been informed
    of what had happened, he went and brought all the warriors to life by sprinkling
    water over them from his Kamandalu [The water pot used by an ascetic and
    religious student]. The Rishi then gave the two boys and Sita in charge of Rama,
    who heartily embraced them. Shortly after, Rama took leave of Valmika and r
    eturned to Ayodya with his sons and completed the ashwamedha.

    THE END.


    JAI SAI RAM !!!


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