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  • बाबा मुझे अपने ह्र्दय से लगा लो, अपने पास बुला लो।

With the blessings of OUR BELOVED BABA,
completed parayan of assigned Chapters 5, 8, 12, 22 & 23
with special prayers at BABA's Mandir for the following:

-      Prayers for the welfare of India, our MAATRUBHUMI!

-      True purpose of knowledge is to enlighten the soul.
        BABA, please BLESS all the children in the world. BABA, BLESS all your
        children to understand what  they are reading and learning and derive
        life lessons from them. Always be with them and BLESS them with your
        LOVE and BLESSINGS and guide them on the right path. Let them feel
        confident about what they know and let each of them also know that
        they are unique, blessed with various abilities and they will do well in their
        subjects of interest.

-       Prayers for Hale & hearty life for VM Krishnan friend's Sister C.Lakshmi
         Saranya aged 18 years having SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus)

-       Prayers for hale & hearty life of Sanjay Nair's father Mr M K Nair and
         mother in law Mrs Shyamala Nayar, who is suffering from cancer

-       Prayers for speedy recovery of Shilpa Raju who is suffering
         from cancer & breathing problem
and for startar ji's son’s hale and hearty life.

-       Prayers for speedy recovery and hale & hearty life
         of mysur ji's friend, who got into accident and in coma,
         her sister's friend who is suffering from cancer AND 
         Shawn's family and cousin's family to overcome from various problems
         and to get peace & solace in their life

-       Prayers for speedy recovery and healthy long life of
         two year old Arnav who is
suffering from aplastic anemia
         ( in this decease body unable to make blood platelets  and white blood cells)

-       Prayers for nitin_super ji,Tanya ji, tejaswi.reddy5, sai ashish ji,
         jaya visu and her brother ,  shrutisai ji,   nvijaya ji, Sneha ji , Pranjal ji,
         Avm171’s son  V.Suhanesh SaiShriRam, Shalabji’  relative Sameer ,
         Sandhya, Pramod Rao, Purvi,  Bhoomika's husband, Vamsi Krishna, galla,
         anjub's husband, Ramyaarjun's husband, madhusaranya, NeelDilan,
         mysur, das_aaruni, Udhay's brother and Krish_58
to get a suitable job soon,
         and to overcome from various problems and to get peace & solace in their life.

-       Prayers to BABA to bless with Motherhood for Swasti Singh Ghai,
         Sherya Ji, Satyasaikrupa ji, Shruti ji, vijimoorthy ,  K. Sunitha, Madhavi,
         Pracheta, Gayathri, kiran, Ashini, Jayashree and nisharjun

-       Prayers for the blessings of BABA for successful
         completion of “Shiridi sai baba” temple
at Kondangi, Thiruporur district

-        Prayers for Shanit & her brother Nikhi & Sanjiv's family
         to overcome from various problems and to get peace & solace in their life.

-        Prayer for speedy recovery and  hale and hearty life of Mr Sunil Sharma who is
         going through various health issues from past 5months. 

-        Prayers for SAI's divine intervention to eradicate the worst Ebola virus
         outbreak in history
. ... and prayers for those afflicted & for those
         mourning the loss of loved ones

-        Prayers for Navin Patel, aged 40, a down to earth person
         has been diagnosed cancer, for speedy recovery and  hale and hearty life.

-        Prayers for Kranti, age 7, who is suffering from Lymphoma (Cancer)
         for his complete cure & speedy recovery without radiation and for healthy long life.

-       Prayers for CHINU, daughter of Sunita for her speedy recovery to lead
        healthy long life as a normal child.
and prayers for Sunita ji  to
        overcome from various problems and to get peace & solace in her life

-        Prayers for Neha Chugh and Bhuvana S J to overcome from various problems
         and to get peace & solace in their life.

-        Prayers for Tesas Prasad, for hale and hearty life & speedy recovery from
         his frequent illness.

-        Prayers for Spiritual India's mother, who is afflicted with breast cancer
         for her speedy recovery and  hale and hearty life.

-       Prayers to Bless the entire DWARKAMAI FAMILY WITH HEALTH,

May SAI be with us always & bless love, luck, health, wealth & happiness abundantly!



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Om Sai Ram

Guruve Saranam. Sai graced our Parayan today. Vasumathy, kalyani, karthikeyan and me have completed.

Sai Saranam

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om sai ram

By grace of shree sai deva completed parayan C46.

om sai ram

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  • जय जय रघुवीर समर्थ
    • Sai Baba Site
Red Chapter 15 by baba's grace.

Om Sai Ram

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Om Sai Ram,

    I have completed chapter number 34.

      Om Sai Ram.

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  • Anant koti bhramand nayak rajdhiraj yogiraj parbhrma satguru shri sainath maharaj ki jai
jai sai ram
by the grace of baba ji completed ch 10&21
thank u & love u baba ji
baba bless us all
:-) :-)

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Om shri sai nathay namah

by baba grace my husband my alloted ch

om shri sai nathay namah
Om shri sai nathay namah

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completed chapter 11 by the grace of Baba

Om shri satchitananda satgurum sainath maharaj ki jai.

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Om Sri jai sai ram

Wid sri sainath's blessings completed dis week parayana chap 43 and 44. Oh merciful Lord sai am coming to shirdi, on all f us behalf , to take ur Darsan,plsss bless us all and our family n frnz. Let me take ur darsan and mahaganapathi and Sani's darsan wid ur aid.i seek ur help vry much Sri Sai.plssss..
Help us to help the needy. And thanku so much Sri Sai for giving rain at the most needed time. U r always at our side n guidin n testin n helpin us overcome all calamities in every step. Pls b ever merciful like dis forever. Bless our parayana group and  every soul in need. Vry pray to u frm the bottom of our heart.bless us. Thanku

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Chapter 29 finished.

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Chapter 36 reading successfully completed by Baba's grace and blessings. Baba bless us all. Om Sai Ram. :)
Baba bless us all,
Om sai ram :)

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  • Shradha. Sabhuri.
completed the allotted 2nd chapter.

Om Sai Ram.

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  • Shirdi Sai Baba
with the grace of Sai I have completed chapter 13.
om sai ram.

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Om sairam
I have completed reading the allotted chapter.
Sai saranam

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sai sai saibalaji


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