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Author Topic: GURU GOBIND SINGH  (Read 3597 times)

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« on: September 20, 2007, 11:10:25 AM »
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  • Guru Gobind Singh

    My hand shudders to spill
    As I hold my blessed pen to flow
    Like a stream of ecstasy on this blank paper
    About a great personality that I know.

    What poem can be written?
    What better words to voice,
    To describe the beauty of this person
    From whose very lips words rejoice?

    From his royal turban sprouts a plume -
    To crown his capturing grace;
    He's a masterpiece from Nature's womb,
    With soft natural beard on his face.

    Which virtue to begin of him?
    From where can this humble scribe start?
    How to describe Heaven with earthly words
    About the Beloved Romanticizer of my heart,

    Whose love is even beyond
    The limitless confines of the Universe:
    Sprouting from the Bosom of God,
    Of depths unimaginable by mothers?

    Maybe I was blessed to have glimpsed him,
    In some lifetime long ago;
    Even if, by God's Grace, as his slain enemy,
    It would be a Liberation to even know.

    Dear God, I beg Thee,
    Permit me to venerate Your Son,
    Who calls himself Your Slave
    An' would condemn me if his own worship was done.

    I'm an admirer of his form,
    Whose beauty penetrates my eyes;
    His presence of unspeakable love
    Is even lovelier than Paradise.

    Through the magnificence of his existence,
    I'm overwhelmed by Your Presence, Lord;
    And as I remain in this state of bliss,
    My soul's pierced by his Double-edged Sword:

    The gift of which has intoxicated me
    With his divine presence in my being;
    Uplifting me to unimaginable heights,
    Into the essence of Gobind Singh.

    Every hair on my body acknowledges this,
    Every breath of my life, too;
    The exhilerating Excellences of Providence
    Made manifest by the Grace of the Guru.

    ..तन है तेरा मन है तेरा प्राण हैं तेरे जीवन तेरा,सब हैं तेरे सब है तेरा मैं हूं तेरा तू है मेरा..

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    « Reply #1 on: March 01, 2011, 05:11:22 PM »
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  • My husband comes from a Sikh family who in the name of faith are in a cult that does magic to attain desires and people go to their sangat to get things done from them.. This sangat has nothing to do with Sikhi.. My husband loves and has so much faith in Guru Gobind Singh Ji and only chooses to follow him, which is the right path. Not the path that his parents are following, which is evil by following some man who claims to be God.. It is a shame that so many people are fakes these days.. At the end of the day his mother did black magic on all her sons, and now me also. She destroyed our marriage.. I want to beg Guru Gobing Singh Ji to protect my husband because he truly is a devotee of him.. Please save him and please protect him Baba Ji.. I know Guru Gobing Singh Ji will save and protect my husband before they destroy his life further.. Satnam
    'I will be with you, whenever and wherever you think of Me.'

    Our Shirdi Sai Baba


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