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The Prayer~~~
« on: February 24, 2008, 11:20:19 PM »
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  • Om Sai Ram~~~

    The Prayer~~~

    Ode to the daily by the Tenth King :

    Having first remembered God the Almighty, think of Guru Nanak.

    Then of Angad Guru and Amar Das, and Ram Das, may help us.

    Remember Guru Arjan, Guru Har Gobind and the holy Guru Har Rai.

    Let us think of holy Har Krishan whose sight dispels all sorrows.

    Let us remember Tegh Bahadur and the nine treasures shall come hastening to our homes.

    May they all assist us everywhere.

    May the tenth King holy Guru Gobind Singh the lord of hosts and protector of the faith assist us everywhere:

    Turn your thoughts. O, Khalsa to the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib and call on God. (Wonderful Lord !)

    The five Beloved Ones and Master's four sons, the forty Saved Ones and other righteous steadfast and longsuffering souls : think of their deeds and call on God. (Wonderful Lord !)

    Those men and women who keeping the name in their hearts shared their earnings with others; who piled the sword and practiced charity; who saw other's faults; but overlooked them : think of their deeds and call on God. (Wonderful Lord !)

    Those who for their religion allowed themselves to be cut up limb by limb had, their scalps scraped off, were broken on the wheel, were sawn of flayed alive : think of their sweet resignation are call on God. (Wonderful Lord !)

    Those who to purge the Gurdwaras of longstanding evils, suffered themselves to be ruthlessly beaten or to imprisoned to be shot, cut up or burnt alive with kerosene oil, but did not make any resistance or utter even a sigh or complaint : think of their patient faith and call on God. (Wonderful Lord !)

    Think of all the different Gurdwaras, thrones of religious authority and other places hallowed by the touch of the Guru's feet and call on God. (Wonderful Lord !)

    Now the whole Khalsa offers his prayer.

    Let the whole Khalsa bring to his mind the Name of the Wonderful Lord.

    And as he thinks of Him, may be feel completely blessed.

    May God's protection and grace extend to all the bodies of the Khalsa wherever they are.

    May the Lord's glory be fulfilled and His dispensation prevail.

    May victory attend our charity and our Arms.

    May God's sword help us.

    May the Khalsa always triumph.

    May the Sikh choirs, banners, mansions abide for ever and ever.

    The Kingdom of justice come.

    May the Sikhs be united in love.

    May the hearts of the Sikhs be humble, but their wisdom exalted - their wisdom in the keeping of the Lord O Khalsa. Say the Lord is wonderful. (Wonderful Lord !)

    O true King ! O loved Father ! In these ambrosial hours of the morn we have sung. Thy sweet hymns heard They life giving Word and have discoursed on They manifold blessings May these things find a loving place in our hearts and serve to draw our souls towards Thee.

    Save us, O Father, from lust, wrath greed, undue attachment and pride : and keeping us always attached to Thy feet.

    Grant to they Sikhs the gift of Sikhism. The gift of They name, the gift of faith, the gift of confidence in Thee, and the gift of reading and understanding They Holy Word.

    O kind Father, loving Father through. The mercy we have spent the night in peace and happiness : May Thy grace extend to our labors of the day, too, so that we may according to Thy will, do what is right.

    Give us light, give us understanding, so that we may know what pleaseth Thee.

    We offer this prayer in presence, O wonderful Lord.

    Forgive up our sins. Help us keeping ourselves pure.

    Bring us into the fellowship of only those men of love. In whose company, we may remember they name.

    Through Nanak may Thy name for ever be on the increase.

    And may all men prosper by the grace.

    Jai Sai Ram~~~
    "लोका समस्ता सुखिनो भवन्तुः
    ॐ शन्तिः शन्तिः शन्तिः"

    " Loka Samasta Sukino Bhavantu
    Aum ShantiH ShantiH ShantiH"~~~

    May all the worlds be happy. May all the beings be happy.
    May none suffer from grief or sorrow. May peace be to all~~~


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