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Please anybody out there can tell me how to parayan of sait charitra?
How many chapters to be read in single sitting?
what if you get any problem and for some reason you cant read on one particular is it OK?
is it have to be continous one week to finished?

Please help me!!

OMSAIRAM Manuswini ji,Shri sai satcharitra parayan is started on Thursday and finished by wednesday.It is a continous reading of 7 days.There are 51 chapters .The reading is done in 7 days.U can read 7 chapters daily.It is advisable to read more chapters in the starting so as to finish it in 7 days.
If u get some problem and for some reason can't read few chapters ,then read one page.Reading should not be stopped even for 1 day.All the best for ur reading.

When you are reading the Satcharitra you feel the presence of Sri Sainath. There is no difference between Sai who lived in Shirdi and Sai Satcharitra, which is read today with devotion, dedication, reverence and perseverance. This book can be considered the divine manifestation of the almighty Lord Sai in the fashion of letters and lines. script and scriptures. In chapter three of this holy book, the author has compared the Satcharitra to a lighthouse in the ocean of worldly existence. It guides us smoothly across the worldly path overcoming the various obstacles along the way. This book is like a deep bottomless sea in which one can dive repeatedly and each time come up with innumerable treasures. What happens when we read this holy book? On the screen of our consciousness, the divine image of Sai Baba acts and plays, so that the mind's eye can visualize the living presence of Baba himself within oneself. It will remove our attachment to worldly objects and ultimately lead us to self-realization. This is the highest benefit for which we read Sai Satcharitra. This reading is called 'Parayan', a Sanskrit word which means reading and being involved. The unaccountable value of reading this book is established beyond doubt by the innumerable experiences of devotees. Baba's life shows us the true and great path. His teachings are as interesting and instructive as the Vedic lore and if listened to and meditated upon the devotees would get what they longed for. The stories and leelas of Baba are sweeter than nectar. Hearing them helps egoism and pride to be replaced by wisdom. Reading this holy book is our direct involvement in the shubh Marg (clean path) preached and paved by our beloved Sai. Sri Sai Baba says that his path is path of cleanliness. Sai Nath always gives 'udi' for the material and spiritual well being if his devotees. Baba used to say, " hearing or reading my stories and teachings would create faith in devotees' hearts and they will easily get self-realization and bliss."According to the last chapter of the SatCharitra, reading this book regularly with devotion and faith will ward off calamities and your sins will be destroyed. You will get a reward according to your faith and devotion. Continued reading and sharing of Baba's stories will give us an ever-new flavor of them and save us from future miseries. If you read this book respectfully, Sai will give you knowledge, wealth and prosperity and hence unbounded happiness. The diseased and sick will get health, and the mind will get rid of all ideas and become steady. The parayan can be performed as a saptah parayan. This means we start the book on a Thursday and finish on the next Wednesday. This is supposed to be the most powerful wish fulfilling method. Another way is to read one chapter a day. Try to begin on a Thursday. At least try to read this book on few special occasions, Guru-poornima, Ram-navmi, Mahasamadhi day and Gokul ashtami. If one cannot follow any of these routines even reading one paragraph a day is better than not reading at all. What is more important is to read with devotion and faith. Another point that should be stressed is that it is a pure mind and not a pure body that is essential to conduct a parayana. The essence of Baba's teachings is the freedom to take his name in any state or manner. The important thing is to remember him. Each devotee has the freedom, according to his/her devotion and convenience, to follow whatever ritual he/she believes is important towards achieving Baba's love and grace. There should be no hard and fast rules. Om Jai Sai

electronic version of Shri Sai Satcharitra by Shri NVGunaji
which was adapted from the Original Marathi Book by Shri Hemadpant is on this site.
www.saibaba.org/saisatc.html - 12k

Sai baba let your holy lotus feet be our sole refuge.OMSAIRAM

dipika duggal


Sairam Manuswini ji,

I have  One English translation  of the  Original Satcharithra in Marathi which describes The method of doing parayan

Am reprodcuing it here for your benefit

181 . Now i shall describe the method of doing parayan  and an easy way of doing  a saptah ( reading the book in seven days ) as  described in gurucharithra and  Satcharithra are as follows:

182 . Making your heart  pure , start the parayan  with faith and devotion ,  completing the  reading  in one , two or three days which will please Sai - Narayan.

183. Or start a   "saptah"  and you  will acquire the wealth of accumulated  merit; Sai will fulfill your  hearts's fond desire  and the fear of wordly life will ve destroyed

184. Begin reading on a Thursday . After taking a bath at dawn , sit on your seat  after  quickly  finishing your daily rituals ( like Sandhya etc)

185. Have a large , beautiful  'mandap ' covered with banana leaves, cloth etc to decorate it

186.Place a  stool in it  and draw around  it a colourful  variety of designs , with coloured  powders ( rangoli)  that will please the eyes

187. On the stool carefully  place an idol or a photograph of Sai Sadguru , bowing to him in a loveing obeisance

188. Wrapping the  book in a silk cloth  and placing it  front of the
Sadguru offer pooja to both using the  five pooja articles and then begin  reading the book.

189. For the next 8 days  strictly observe  the prescribed rules of conduct , taking only milk  or fruit or roasted  grain or eating nothing during the day except once  , either at night or sometime during the day

190 . Facing the east and  remembering the Sadguru 's form in the mind, continue reading the  book  happily and with a peaceful mind

191. Eight , Eight , and seven , eight , six, eight and seven  with such  a division of chapters in that order read for seven days  leaving the epitome for the eighth day
192. On the eight day after completeing the  vow, offer naivedya to Sai - Narayan and then serve a meal to the Brahmins , relatives and friends  giving appropriate dakshina  to the Brahmins

193. In the end  making obeisance at the Sadguru's feet  the guru should  be given proper dakshina , which should be sent to the  treasurer of Shirdi Sansthan to add to the collection of the Sansthan

194. By doing so Sai bhagawan  will be pleased and will  give
'pasayadaan' to the devotees , destroy the snake of  te fear of worldly  life and reveal  te secret of treasure of  Miksha

I do the parayan this way ..

What is most required is faith , love and devotion for the reading of the  book and towards BABA

I start on  a thursday and  each day i read the chapters  prescribed for the day

While i do poojas and arathis daily at home and do abhishek for baba
and decorate with flowers

On thurday i do the usual things what i do and when i decide to start the parayan , i first pray to baba and say grace me and complete me to finish reading this  book in 7 days and help me do a parayan
I keep a 1:25 paise  or what comes to my mind initially as dakshina
do a pooja to the satcharithra and  baba  wave agarbathis and dhoop sticks and start reading the book

When am done with that  days reading i offer  the arathi again and  milk and  some fruits  to baba first and then we  share it all at home

usually i finish the reading at home .. if in case i cant finish the complete 8 chapters at a stretch as i need to go to office also i come in the evening and complete them  or finish reading it in the nearby Sai mandir which i daily visit

I  feed to the poor or  disabled with whatever i can during those days

I then complete the saptah like this and then send some dakshina by Money order to Shirdi Santhan saying this a dakshina to baba

Thats the way i do

Bow to Sri Sai - Raksha Karo Deva !!!


Sairam manuswini ji

Dipika ji has also replied you  

As she rightly said ..
Each devotee has the freedom, according to his/her devotion and convenience, to follow whatever ritual he/she believes is important towards achieving Baba's love and grace.

Its how you look at baba and  the most important thing is  devotion and  faith '

And this is like Yatha Shakti and Yatha Jnanena
Meaning - As per your shakti .. convenience and as per your knowledge and your beliefs

Baba himself has not fasted .. and as per his teaching he has  not allowed his children to fast

What baba says is that god can be attained on an empty stomach so you need to appease the soul first else we will be hankering on hunger and not remember god

So have something in moderation - not too much

You can start the parayan today .. there is nothing like reading the satcharithra

You will  feel baba s presence with the book and baba will definitely help you

Bow to Sri Sai - Raksha Karo Deva !!!

Do the parayan with wholehearted faith and devotion. Do not think of the consequences..and no not let ur faith in HIM flicker even for a fraction of a second. Have utmost faith. As i read somewhere once.. undettered FAITH can force the lord manifest himself !

"I am Ever living to help and guide all, who come to me, who surrender to me and who seek refuge in me.- Baba"



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