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Author Topic: A muslim devotee’s question about Human Incarnation  (Read 1155 times)

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A muslim devotee’s question about Human Incarnation
« on: November 23, 2010, 11:40:31 PM »
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  • A muslim devotee’s question about Human Incarnation

    A devotee said “People have developed surprising logic to support human incarnation! People say that God enters the humanity in the form of a human being to know the problems of human beings. The omniscient God can know the problems of humanity even without such entry”.


    I wondered at this statement. Who are the people, who developed such surprising logic? Nobody said like that. You yourself developed this laughable logic and you yourself condemn it! If you want to beat some body, call him as dog and then beat him since he is dog according to you! The devotees wanted to see, touch, talk and live with God. All these desires are secondary only and are accomplished while serving the primary purpose, which is to come in human form to preach and clarify the correct spiritual knowledge directly. While serving the primary purpose, the secondary works, which are the above desires of devotees, are also fulfilled.

       The unimaginable God is invisible to even your imagination and therefore can never become visible to your eyes. He is always unimaginable since He has no spatial dimensions. Such state of God maintains the greatest and highest status. Since, such God is never modified to become any imaginable item of creation, His highest dignity was always maintained. The human incarnation does not mean the modification of God into human being. The human being is only an extra medium or house for God to stay to accomplish the divine primary purpose of preaching the true spiritual knowledge.

    The human incarnation does not mean also God staying in human body(only human body without a soul). It is only a visit of king to the hut, while the owner of hut (the soul=Son of God) also exists along with the king (God)  to serve him and get his grace. Veda says that two birds live on a tree and one bird is shining without eating while the other bird is eating the fruits (Dvaasuparnaa……). This means that God has nothing to do with the fruits of the deeds of the human being while He stays in that human body.

    The insult of Parashurama ( a previous human incarnation in which God was present) was the fruit of his own ego and God in him has nothing to do with it. Therefore, God is neither transformed in to human being nor even entangled with the fruits of the human being, even though He stays along with the human being in His human body. The king has nothing to do with the crimes of the owner of hut, since the king stayed in it for some time. In fact, the king himself is going to punish the owner of hut for his crimes. God staying in the body of Parashurama only punished Parashurama for his ego. Therefore, the God is not polluted in any way by becoming the human incarnation. God remains impartial to every human being and will not spare even the human being associated with Him in the human incarnation.

    Of course, the human being in the human incarnation will be separately rewarded for his service to God. A student will be given gold medal for his excellent performance in the examination but will not spared from the disciplinary action for his wrong behavior. The human being in the human incarnation is as good as any other human being in the world either in the case of reward for his service or in the case of punishment for his sin. The sin will never be excused by the prayers or good deeds, which will have separate rewards. Ravana was rewarded with miraculous powers for his worship and penance. But, he was punished by God for his sin towards Sita separately.
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