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Author Topic: One Becomes God by Will of God Only  (Read 4384 times)

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One Becomes God by Will of God Only
« on: December 09, 2013, 12:27:41 AM »
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     One Becomes God by Will of God Only

    O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

     There is a famous song ‘Khelati Brahmande Yo Ramah Sa eva Khelati Pindande’. This means that the same Rama, who is playing in this world, is also playing in this human body. The Advaita Philosophers immediately jump often to interpret this to conclude that the same Lord entertained by this world is present in the human body of everybody as soul. This is wrong interpretation based on the ambition to become God without any effort. The only effort they like is to know that they are God since they are already God. They like that they have already won the jackpot lottery and the amount is already transferred to their bank account and the only effort is to know all this information. First of all, they should know that they cannot become God by any effort because one becomes God by the will of God only. By the effort, you can make yourself eligible to become God by falling in the looks of God. Whenever there is necessity to do something on the earth, God prefers an eligible devotee as His medium to incarnate on the earth instead of creating a fresh human form. The effort will certainly bring eligibility in you, but, there is no guarantee of your selection. If you do not wish to become God, you will have the possibility of selection.

    In the above song, the word Rama is used instead of ‘Deva’, which means the Lord in general sense. If the word Deva is used, there is a chance for Advaita Philosophers. Then, the meaning of the song will be that the Lord entertained by this entire world is also present in the human body.

    [Question: The word Rama also means the Lord in general sense only because Rama means He, Who is entertaining.]
    The word Rama belongs to the type Yogarudha, which means that the word should be taken as per its meaning (Yoga) and also should be taken as the person in whom it is fixed (Rudha). The reason is the person fixed is also the person entertained by this world. We should not take only the Yoga since there is powerful possibility of Rudha. If the word Deva is used, the possibility of Yoga only can be maintained without confusion.

    This song means that the same Lord entertained by the world is present in the human body of Rama, a specific Human being called as Human incarnation. Hence, this song cannot be extended to every human being. You should not say that Advaita Philosophy preached by Shankara is waste, since it is not useful in your case. The Advaita Philosophy is useful to you in the sense that you should recognize the human incarnation in your generation and serve Him to get His grace. By His grace, you can become the human incarnation.

    Thus, Advaita Philosophy shows the way to become Human incarnation and it should not be taken as information of your already existing state. Such ambition without effort results in unimaginable quantity of ego. By this, you feel that you have reached the sky. You should be brought down to the earth and this was done by the second Preacher Ramanuja. Actually, your place of the present status is in the lowest layer of the earth (Patala). The third Preacher, Madhva brings you down from the upper layer of the earth to the lowest layer. Suppression of ‘Bali’ from surface of the earth to Patala indicates this. The various layers of earth indicate the various levels of the human souls. This means that you are not only lower to God, but also lower to several human souls. You are thinking that you are already Lord Narasimha, who saved Prahlada, a devoted soul. You are neither Narasimha nor even Prahlada.


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