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Title: Interesting correlation between God and light in major world religions...
Post by: Ajay0 on March 03, 2019, 11:00:38 AM
Hello all,  :)

I have come across some observations which depict an interesting correlation between God and light....

In Hinduism, the Vedas and Hindu scriptures considers the Shivalinga as representing a cosmic pillar of light. The Dharmic monotheistic sect the Prajapita Brahmakumaris (https://www.brahmakumaris.com/) consider God to be a point of light. (http://www.bkdrluhar.com/00-Graphics/07-Shiva/Shiva-01.jpg)

In Islam, Allah has 100 name's, and one of them is Alnoor ( the Light).

“God is light,” says 1 John 1:5, in the Bible in Christianity.

In Judaism, Psalm 76:4 says of God, “You are radiant with light.”

So this correlation between God and light, is a common denominator in these four major world religions.

Imo, the fire worship in Zoroastrianism may be illustrating this correlation between God (Ahura Mazda ) and light as well, light being emitted by the fire.

If you find any further proofs or evidences in this regard, please do share it here.

Thanking in advance. :)