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Author Topic: Miracles should not be the identity mark  (Read 1526 times)

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Miracles should not be the identity mark
« on: January 21, 2011, 11:38:00 PM »
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  • Miracles should not be the identity mark

    Another important aspect that you have to learn from Hanuman is that you should not feel yourself God by achieving some miraculous powers. Hanuman has all the miraculous powers by jumping the ocean, by bringing the huge hill by hand, etc. Rama behaved as a helpless human being and crossed the sea by a constructed bridge only. Hanuman did not mistake Rama as a human being. Therefore, miracles should not be the identity mark for recognizing God in human form. Even demons perform miracles. Therefore, you should behave like Rama in your family life and you should behave like Hanuman in your spiritual life. Both are perfect examples simultaneously in the dual roles of Rama and Hanuman.

    Krishna performed several miracles but every miracle was for a serious need only. Demons perform miracles for exhibition of ego. Arjuna could not recognize Krishna as God even though He witnessed the miracles of Krishna. Arjuna recognized Krishna as God only after hearing ‘Gita’, the special knowledge. Arjuna knows even some miracles and also witnessed several demons performing miracles. Miracles are only for beginners in the spiritual line to show the existence of un-imaginable God through un-imaginable acts called as miracles.
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