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Author Topic: Mohammad temporarily removed the concept of Human incarnation  (Read 1153 times)

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Mohammad temporarily removed the concept of Human incarnation
When the human incarnation(God in Human form who comes to this world for preaching; is a combination of a human being and God) says that he is God, it means that God in human incarnation is stating that and it is not the statement of the human being present in the human incarnation.

 People mistake this statement as the word of human being since God is invisible. Every statement of the human incarnation is attributed by normal public to the visible human being and not to the invisible God. Therefore, people should recognize God in the human being in the case of human incarnation before understanding its statements. Otherwise, the statements of human incarnation lead to confusion and misunderstanding, which may sometimes result in insult (Avajanantimaam—Gita) or even torture and killing as in the case of Jesus. In order to avoid this confusion in the case of normal human beings, Mohammad denied the very concept of human incarnation.

Just after Jesus, the 41st prophet, Mohammad, the 42nd prophet, appeared and the subject of misunderstanding the statements of human incarnation was the burning topic.

The God component in the human incarnation, Jesus, stated that He is the truth and light. This statement clearly says that He is the absolute God and such statement is straightly from the God-component only. Since people could not recognize the existence of God in a human being due to the absence of knowledge of the concept of human incarnation, people misunderstood this as the statement coming from an egoistic human being and therefore insulted and finally crucified Jesus. Since the concept of human incarnation could not enter the brains of people, all this calamity happened. People could have excused Jesus, if He declared Himself as a prophet or messenger at least. When the concept does not enter the brains of the people in spite of hectic effort of Jesus, Mohammad thought that it is better to remove the concept temporarily and be in line of the public.
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