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Author Topic: No body can oppose the concept of Human incarnation  (Read 1128 times)

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No body can oppose the concept of Human incarnation
« on: November 23, 2010, 11:41:57 PM »
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  • No body can oppose the concept of Human incarnation
       God is omnipotent and can enter the human form and no body can object His omnipotence. Therefore, you cannot oppose the concept of human incarnation based on the inability of God. When it is possible for God, why should you object it? You may say that the greatest God should not be insulted by degrading Himself in becoming an ordinary human being. Your objection may be sustained if there is real transformation of God in to human being. Here the concept is that God is situated in the human being for some time for a special purpose. If the king entered a hut and stays in it for some time for some specific purpose, the king is not degraded. The king did not become the poor man, who is the owner of hut. The king entered the hut and the owner of the hut is serving him as a slave.

    Similarly, when God enters the human being, the soul becomes His slave and serves God. The main specific purpose is to clarify the doubts of devotees directly. The prophet or messenger brings the message of God and delivers it to the people without any change in it. Such messenger is the best. Some messengers change the message as per their liking. Therefore, the best is that God delivers the message directly to the people through the mouth of human incarnation.
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