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Author Topic: High and Low Levels Exist Among Souls Also  (Read 4641 times)

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High and Low Levels Exist Among Souls Also
« on: December 09, 2013, 12:26:50 AM »
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  • High and Low Levels Exist Among Souls Also

    Madhva preached that the soul is different from God and also there is difference between the souls. The concept of high and low levels exists not only between God and soul but also among the souls. This is established by the analysis of the meaning of the word Purushottama. Purushottama is the word based on superlative degree meaning that the Lord in human form is highest among all the human beings. If all the human beings are one and the same, there should be two categories only i.e., 1) the Lord and 2) the human being in general. In such case, the Lord should be said as higher than the general human being. Then, the comparative degree should be used and the Lord should be said as Purushottara. Since the human beings are different from each other, the possibility of superlative degree arises and the word Purushottama becomes valid. Thus, the word Purushottama supports the final Philosophy of Madhva, which states that all the souls are lower to God and the souls are also different from each other in the levels. Ramanuja is an intermediate state between Shankara and Madhva to bring you down from the sky to the lowest layer of the earth.

    Otherwise, such steep fall may discourage you. Ramanuja consoled that the soul is a part of God like a spark of the fire (Shesha Sheshi Sambandha). Actually, the soul is a part of imaginable creation and God is unimaginable. Hence, this relationship is not basically true, but created for consolation. Madhva stated that the imaginable soul is totally different from unimaginable God and the relationship of soul to God is employee-employer relationship (Sevyasevaka Sambandha). Therefore, you should first serve the devotees higher than you and by their grace; you can reach the level of Prahlada, the top most layer of the earth. If you think that you are already Prahlada, it is madness. If you think that you are already the Lord Narasimha, it is the climax of madness! When God wanted to take Human incarnation on this earth to propagate this final fact of spiritual knowledge, He has chosen the soul of Prahlada as a medium and was born as Swami Raghavendra, a human incarnation.


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