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Author Topic: Richness of Swami  (Read 1268 times)

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Richness of Swami
« on: July 21, 2010, 09:04:16 PM »
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  • Richness of Swami
    I passed through a severe phase of poverty in My life. There were days when I just had a handful rice only once a day. But I am telling you without any trace of hypocrisy that I was fully contented with whatever I had. I allowed all the family members to eat the food first and whatever little was left over was taken by Me with full pleasure and satisfaction. I was with full health and I was not having any trace of illness in those days. I was very active both physically and mentally. My concentration on God was at its climax in those days. I always praised the Lord with full bliss and never asked the Lord for a single paisa. I always thanked the Lord for that handful of rice given to Me because I compared Myself with several beggars and pitiable animals like street dogs, which were not blessed even with that amount of food.

    My position in the list of all the living beings was very high. I never thought that My position was low. For that high position I always thanked the Lord. It was the best time for Me to test the faith, loyalty and sincerity of My wife towards Me. I searched for any trace of dissatisfaction or displeasure in her mind towards Me. But, I am proud to announce the truth that I could not find any such trace in her mind. She would always console Me and preach philosophy to Me whenever I acted in grief. Whenever I remember those days, I feel that those days were the most sacred days in My life. In those days I rose to the highest spiritual level and was completely absorbed in God. Thus, poverty in the materialistic line was the richest time for Me in the spiritual line. Wealth and happiness bring egoism and inertness to the brain. Poverty and misery destroys the egoism and will make you think of God at all times. Therefore, if you really analyse, poverty is wealth and wealth is poverty.
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