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Author Topic: seeking 4 a daring person 2 answer dis................  (Read 5894 times)

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om sia ram 2 all.............

y god has gifted a wonderful sense of thinking in just humans?????? how v r utilizing it?????? whose mind was dat at first who said "love animals".......... and whose mind was dat who considered hunting animals is an interesting hobby?????? they were our ancestors........ par ye jo unki soch aj b hum chala rhe hain uske liy kaun responsible hai..  pls answer who says non vegetarian is a beter option as compared 2 vegetarian.. i ned 2 talk 2 al dose who says so..... i never got any answer from any non vegetarian who can satisfactorily ans me dat............ waitin 4 d ans.........
god bles u al ( vegetarians.. )................

jai sai ram..............

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Re: seeking 4 a daring person 2 answer dis................
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2014, 12:51:54 AM »
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  • Baba never forced a vegetarian devotee to consume non vegetarian food. He himself had non-vegetarian food sometimes. For Him all the physical creation living or non-living is made up of five elements. The body is made up of elements and the soul is non-consumable and cannot be destroyed. He is Non-doer and non-attached to it.

    It's a personal wish of a person to be a veggie or a non-veggie. Whatever we eat, we should first offer it to Baba. This will make us think whether the food we are eating is good or not.

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    Re: seeking 4 a daring person 2 answer dis................
    « Reply #2 on: January 10, 2014, 01:20:09 AM »
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  • The ideal human being is the one who eats pure Veg food.
    But people's food habits are decided by the Guna in which they are.
    There are 3 Gunas/Modes - Satva, Raja, Tama.
    1. If you are in Satva, you will like Veg food & hate non-veg food
    2. If you are in Raja, you will like a mix of both
    3. If you are in Tama, you will love non-veg & dislike veg.

    Hence Sai baba never forced any food habits on anyone. It takes plenty of time for a person to bring about a change in his Guna/mode. Until then it is not good to force on anyone.

    But the logical sequence of progress is as follows
    Tama -> Raja -> Satva -> Beyond this three

    Om Sai Ram


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