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Author Topic: Swamiji's Suggestions To Solve Telangana Issue in Andhra Pradesh  (Read 4660 times)

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Swamiji's Suggestions To Solve Telangana Issue in Andhra Pradesh

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,
[10-08-2013: This is a letter by Prof. Datta Swamiji to Smt. Sonia Gandhiji, UPA chairperson, giving Suggestions to solve Telangana issue in Andhra Pradesh, India:]
Smt. Sonia Gandhiji,
Please consider the following suggestions regarding the issue of Andhra Pradesh.
1. The peace of a state or nation or world is very important subject, which is concerned to God. We must rise to the level of Divinity in which we should fear about the basic injustice and basic sin for which we shall be personally punished by God. This level is most important than the levels of political angle of a party and even the angle of nationality. Certainly, the angle of nationality is higher than the angle of political advantage of a party. But, the level of Divinity is higher than these two levels because the punishment for sin given by God will be serious and always personal. Jesus, the human incarnation of God, was always in this level of Divinity trying to solve the restless political situation that arose between Jews and Romans while dictating the Bible, the spiritual scripture. Similarly, Krishna, the human incarnation of God tried to bring a peaceful compromise between Pandavas and Kauravas for the sake of peace of this world. Shri Krishna was as serious in the efforts put in this issue as He was in dictating the Gita, the spiritual scripture.
2. People are blaming unnecessarily the Congress party and Central Government for not giving the solution in this issue and nobody is giving a correct solution in this issue. Nobody can give a solution to this issue when both sides are equally opposite. In such impossible situation, nobody can give a compromising solution, but, everybody criticizes the Congress party and Central Government for not giving the solution! The best suggestion in this situation is to call the main leaders of all the parties from both regions and ask them to have a long debate and to arrive at a final compromise, which shall be implemented by the Central Government. You have to give more time for such a debate so that the leaders will get vexed with the long time of the debate and shall certainly come to a compromising solution by themselves.
3. When a compromise is to be brought between two opposing sides, you have to follow the middle golden path of Aristotle. If you agree to the main demand of one side, you must solve the objections raised from the other side. This will be somewhat real justice or the middle path. But, if you address not only the main demand of one side but also address the objections raised from the same side, it will be total injustice. This means that you are not addressing the main demand and also the objections of the other side. This brings a terrible chaos from the other side.
4. If you agree to the main demand of separation of Telangana-side, you must solve the objection about the Capital of the Seemandhra-side. Suppose, you propose to give some lakhs of crores to construct a new capital for Seemandhra-side, you are spending lot of money unnecessarily for constructing duplicate assembly, quarters, buildings of high court etc. This is sheer wastage of money especially in the view of very bad economic condition of the nation. Instead, Hyderabad can be made as common capital for both the states, which involves only just sharing of the same buildings by both the Governments in different sessions. All the money meant for the new capital can be shared by both the Governments for developing backward areas or for constructing new projects to help the irrigation and electricity. This will bring the utility of money in a proper way if both the regions can rise above the foolish emotions of mutual enmity.
5.You may say that the private industries in Hyderabad can open the job opportunities to all the candidates based on merit. This is alright as far as the employment is concerned. But, the revenue paid by these private industries to Hyderabad goes only to Telangana. All these industries were established by the common tax and efforts of both the regions. This is not justice. Moreover, all the rich people have already established the industries in Hyderabad and they cannot establish industries further in Seemandhra-side. The reason is that already the saturation for the input and output of the industry is reached. For example, take the field of IT industries. The IT industries are already saturated with the quantity of incoming projects and sometimes due to the fall of the input, the recession is experienced. Therefore, the possibility of establishing fresh industries in Seemandhra-region is almost ruled out even in the long span of time in future.

I request you to go through My sincere suggestions given by God in My consciousness and I feel that I have done My duty by following the order of God.

Thanking you,

Datta Swami

His Holiness Shri Dattaswami (Visit:


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