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Author Topic: Unity in all the religions of world for peace  (Read 1281 times)

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Unity in all the religions of world for peace
« on: December 07, 2010, 01:09:23 AM »
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  • Unity in all the religions of world for peace
    God is unimaginable and - cannot be served directly.
    There is no other way than – to serve mediated God.
    Buddha is also misunderstood – as an atheist by followers.
    Buddha kept silent about God, – silence means unimaginable.
    Silence does not mean that – God is non-existent, Veda says
    That words cannot touch God, – only silence indicates God.
    Shankara says that God is best – explained through silence.
    All religions can be correlated, – since there is one God only.

    The concept of one God – should be proved first of all.
    Then only correlation of – the scriptures of all religions.
    Without the basic establishment – of the point of one God,
    If you correlate scriptures, – correlation may be coincidence, since
    Some times unity may exist – in speeches of different speakers.
    This will not bring unity in – all the religions of world for peace.

    If one God is proved first, - all religions must be united subsequently.
    Shankara united sub-religions – in Hinduism and brought peace.
    Hinduism in those days was – like the present fighting religions.
    Shiva, Vishnu, Ganapati, Shakti – Skanda and Surya were Gods.
    Their followers were fighting – like the present religious followers.
    Yesterday-Hinduism represents – today-Universal Religions.
    Today-Hinduism represents – tomorrow-united religions.
    Shankara brought unity in Hinduism – similarly Datta will bring
    Unity of Universal Religions – through analytical arguments.

    God stressed certain aspects – especially in various religions.
    Pickup those central diamonds – and prepare a garland with them.
    That will be our Universal Spirituality – for the peace of world.
    Hinduism is famous for unity – in diversity of various aspects.
    Christianity is famous for kindness – even for sinners to uplift.
    Islam stands for sincerity and – strict discipline towards God.
    Buddhism is for controlling desire – in the service to society.
    Jainism is for kindness to – all living beings in this world.
    Similarly you can pick up – gems from various other religions.
    Science is also a religion – to analyze non-God items of world.
    Shankara united various – branches of single religion, Hinduism.
    Then India stood as spiritual guide – for all Indians themselves.
    Today all religions of world exist – in India, Datta unites them.
    Now let India stand as spiritual guide – for all religions in world
    To unite all citizens of the world – to achieve world peace.


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