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Author Topic: Illusion of family relations  (Read 1261 times)

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Illusion of family relations
« on: July 19, 2010, 09:10:05 PM »
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  • Illusion of family relations

    All the fights between the human beings in the name of family-outsider, caste, sex, nationality, religion, language etc., are only due to the illusion of Maya that is prevailing over the soul.  Arjuna killed several kings in the battles previously when his brother performed Rajasuya sacrifice.  But in the karukshetra war, Arjuna could not kill the opponents since they were his relatives.  You are taking bribe from an outsider for the sake of over enjoyment of your family and you are going to hell for that.  Your sin is not shared by your family members who enjoyed the extra wealth.  On this point Valmaki, robber was transformed in to sage.

    Boys are dejected and some times commit suicide since the unreal love and the unreal beauty of a girl is not attained.  This is the climax of the illusion (Maya)! With reference to Maha Maya, this Maya (beauty and love) are unreal. 

    If you cannot come out of the illusion in the lowest level, how can you cross the other levels of illusion like Maha Maya and Mula Maya to attain God?  Arjuna was also overcome by this basic illusion and treated the unreal relatives as the real kith and kin.  He was unable to identify the Lord acting as his driver as his real kith and kin.  He was worried about the incidental death of those unreal kit and kin.  Therefore, the Lord laughed at the very outset (Prahasanniva‚Ķ.Gita) because even the lowest Maya was not conquered by him.  With the help of analysis of Maya, all the devotees in this universe should be united as one family irrespective of religion, caste etc.   


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