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Author Topic: Why no present human incarnation coming in western religions  (Read 1994 times)

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Why no present human incarnation coming in western religions

Mr Anil Antony asked that Swami came as Human Incarnation in Hinduism. Why not similarly the Human incarnation appear in other western religions also?
The answer for this question is very crucial and has to be digested by different people in different angles. First of all whether I am the Human Incarnation or not? I cannot say because I should not say it. Whether I am Human Incarnation or not, let us assume that I am a human incarnation from the angle of My sincere devotee. Whether My sincere devotee is right or wrong cannot be decided by any other person who is also a human being like My devotee. I cannot be a standard to My devotee, which others cannot accept. Therefore My answer to this question is completely limited to My sincere devotee only, because others cannot accept Me as the human incarnation. Therefore My answer given to My sincere devotee only shall be the following:

The fundamental point in your question is that Bhuddism is silent about God Himself and so the topic of human incarnation cannot arise. The Islam, also does not believe in the Human Incarnation and treats even Mohammad as a messenger of God only. Since Islam says that He is the last messenger there is no place for another messenger. Holy Christianity accepts the concept of Human Incarnation as God in flesh. But it limits only to Jesus and there is no place for second human incarnation. Of course they accept the second coming of Jesus. But they say that the second coming is only in the stage of final destruction of world only. Since now the world exists and is not facing the final destruction I cannot fit My self in the place of second Jesus. But in Hinduism Gita says “Yada Yada Hi” which means that God will come in Human Form whenever it is necessary. Therefore I can have place only in Hinduism. Of course, such provision in Hinduism can be exploited by human beings who are not the real incarnations. But, for the fear of exploitation the entire system cannot be rejected. For the fear of copying the system of examinations cannot be abolished. For the fear of accident the train journey cannot be avoided. Therefore every system contains the possibility of both genuine and fraud cases. We have to carefully analyse and eliminate the fraud cases. Because of the fear of the rats the house cannot be burnt.

Even if I want to come in other religions their doors are closed. Therefore the only possibility is to come in Hinduism and establish the Universality of God. When the Universality of God in all the human incarnations of all religions is established, then it means that I have come in Human form in all the religions simultaneously. Except this one way there is no other way. I have no objection, to come in Human form in other religions also separately, provided you get the doors of the other religions opened for My entry.

Mr Anil Antony told that this question and the answer are the cream of light of the day. Every body in the satsang including Mr Antony told that ‘No one other than the Lord can answer this question in such wonderful way! Mr Antony told that his trip to meet Swami has become very fruitful. Swami told that even a trip to Kashmir cannot give such eternal bliss.

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Re: Why no present human incarnation coming in western religions
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  • Dear Sir,

    This is a very interesting and insightful set of points as to why an incarnation can only come in Hinduism.

    I have a different perception, and that is, that all religions have their origin in God, and so the road is not closed off to a God-Incarnation in any religion. What matters is not the religion itself, but the level of spiritual development of the individual persons. The God-Incarnation can only take place amongst a people where the inner spiritual development is highest. Outwardly they may follow any other religion, but inwardly, they may already be mature from previous lives.

    Many people see India as a spiritually advanced society. But when we look at India today, we hardly find spiritual advancement. Can an Avatar come amongst a people where there is so much corruption, not just at the level of the political leadership, but at pretty much every level of society? Also, in a people where there is either on the one hand mass superstition or on the other a complete intellectual attitude which only focuses on studying well and succeeding materially? The level of maturity of the people is also therefore important.

    In the course of my spiritual search, I have come to see that there is no one single race or religion today that is spiritually mature for an Incarnation to take place. But I am sure at one time earlier, there was a people that was mature enough for this Incarnation. Whoever they were, it is naturally not possible to provide "scientific proof".

    I am perhaps not explaining this correctly. I know a book entitled "From India to the Truth", which is available on the website, and that goes into greater details on subjects like these. It is worth obtaining and delving into.

    Thank you again for your insightful comment, sir.


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