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Author Topic: The devotion to God should be based on absence of aspiration for any fruit in re  (Read 2279 times)

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The devotion to God should be based on absence of aspiration for any fruit in return

The devotion to God should be based on absence of aspiration for any fruit in return. This point is the life of the entire devotion. In all most all the cases the devotion is based on the need for God’s help in the materialistic life or in getting protection from the hell after death. Such need based devotion will lead to atheism one day or other because atleast after sometime, God will keep silent towards such need based devotion. When God becomes silent and the need for God disappears, the devotion also vanishes like the useless tail in the case of human being in the process of evolution. The tail is well developed in the case of animals because it is needed to throw away the flies. But when the animal started walking on two legs and the two hands are well developed to throw away the flies, the tail slowly disappeared due to the absence of its use.

 A monkey walks on four legs and therefore the tail exists with full vigor to throw away the flies. When the same monkey became the human being in the process of evolution, the hands were well developed and hence the tail disappeared. If you see the physical form of Hanuman, it is fully human form with well-developed hands. The mouth of Hanuman can be seen even in certain human beings and therefore, it cannot prove that Hanuman is a monkey. His mouth was as good as the mouth of a handsome human being and it is deformed when He swallowed the Sun due to burning. In His case, the tail should disappear since it has no use. But in His case, the tail is very long and very strong even though its need disappeared. The tail represents the devotion without need or aspiration of fruit. The long tail represents the continuous devotion without any break even in the absence of need. The strong tail denotes the intensive devotion even in the absence of need. Thus, the very physical form of Hanuman represents His path of devotion, which is very strong and continuous even in the absence of any need. Even though there was no aspiration of any fruit, God gave Him the highest fruit by which He became God Himself.

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Dear Sir,

Once again a wonderfully insightful piece of writing from your side.

I completely agree that devotion to our God should be selfless, without expectation of anything in return. We must embody worship and devotion in thought, word and deed, every minute of our lives 24x7.

You have hit the nail right on the head in saying that if all we do is pray to God for material blessings one day He will turn away from us. You know, I see a correlation between what you have said and what the Abrahamic religions also say about the "day of judgment". Everyone is busy only seeking material things, even the prayerful ones only seek material things that one day God abandons everyone to their material ideas. Today we can see this sorry state of affairs, don't you think? Today, everything is only about materialistic lifestyle, most amount of $$$, cars, houses etc. It is truly sad.

In the book "from India to the truth" (from, we read:

"Every blink of the eye, every breath [man] takes, every word he utters can intimately express his profound loyalty to God and love for his Master. His entire being will then vibrate in this conscious recognition of having found his Maker and the Knowledge of God's Eternal Laws. Nothing else fills him with greater joy, for he knows how he should stand in Creation. He is then the complete human being that he should be! This must be the goal of our existence on Earth."

Thank you sir. Appreciate your thoughtful insights.


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