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Author Topic: A DEVOTEE'S EXPERIENCE  (Read 3042 times)

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« on: February 15, 2007, 08:44:51 AM »
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  • By Saisudha
    Sai Baba of Shirdi is not merely a Sadguru but verily Sri Rama. He has not only been guiding me in both official and domestic work but has saved my life on two occasions.

    It was in 1954, when I was in my early twenties. 1 was under­taking a trip to Tirupati from Madras by the morning passenger train. My uncle, then Post Master General of Madras Presidency, asked one of his clerks to book my ticket and see that I boarded the train. It was a Saturday, and though I did not wish to start from home at Rahu Kal—it was about 9'30 A. M. I had no other choice. When I arrived at the station with Mr. Nair, the clerk, the train was almost about to leave. Somehow he managed to push my big box in the nearest third class carriage and waved good, bye and left. The guard had blown the whistle. When I was about to settle my things, I was horrified at the sight of four gamb­lers sitting in the compartment which was otherwise empty. They were busy playing cards and obviously did not notice my presence. Young as I was, with no other lady passenger in the train, I was at my wits end. I came and stood at the doorstep praying itently to Shri Ram. I could not get down from the train, nor could I stay within for fear of the gamblers. God verily sends help to those in distress.

    The train had just started moving when a young couple was rushing towards me to board the train. I helped them with their - luggage. After a few minutes by which time I had gathered a little courage I surveyed the compartment again, for the fear had not totally left me. Lo ! Baba's miracle, the suspicious elements had already disappeared. I then relaxed after sending heartfelt thanks to Baba for thus protecting my life from the goondas.

    The second incident took place in June 1971.   I was making an air dash from Delhi to Bhopal to meet my husband, who was about to leave for Hyderabad. I had despatched a telegram 24 hours in advance informing of my arrival by the Fokker Friend— ship. The plane, already delayed by three hours, took off at about. 1 '30 p. m. I was just trying to relax with Sai Charita in my hands, for it was my wont to read one chapter daily from the book. As I had not done it earlier, I wished to complete my reading in the plane itself. Hardly twenty minutes had passed since the flight started, I could feel the air getting hotter under my feet. The two air hostesses rushed to the cock-pit. Seeing them emotionally dis­turbed, I started feeling nervous. My heart began to beat faster when the air hostesses rolled the carpet covering the passage and the co-passengers were busy preparing themselves for any emergency. I was the only lady passenger and I started chanting Sai Ram loudly ! I moved to a front seat, for the tension within me was increasing. After about ten minutes of hard work when the co-pilot, steward and air hostesses rectified the defect, which they alone knew, I could see the crew heaving a big sigh of relief. To relieve the passengers' anxiety soft drinks were supplied to us. It was smooth going afterwards. The plane touched Gwalior and finally Bhopal. With fond hopes of meeting my husband, I emerged from the plane. Imagine my confusion when I saw no signs of my husband. The Indian Airlines Office staff was kind enough to contact my husband. When he received the telephone call, he rushed to the air-port. He was worried that something had gone amiss, for he felt I could not have otherwise undertaken such a sudden trip. Obviously my telegram did not reach him. It reached after my arrival, i. e. after 30 hours !

    I once again thanked my beloved Sai Baba for not only saving my life but the lives of all the passengers. But for this divine help, there could have been a major air-disaster.

    Mrs Sita Shri

    New Delhi-55.
    सबका मालिक एक - Sabka Malik Ek

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