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Author Topic: A PERPLEXING PROBLEM' - Some responses from Readers  (Read 2386 times)

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A PERPLEXING PROBLEM' - Some responses from Readers
« on: February 15, 2007, 08:46:37 AM »
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  • Law of nature requires two sides, two opposites in every thing. There are negative and positive, as we always see in Negative & Positive wires of electricity and poles of a magnet. Cohesion of matter is also on the same basis. But for infusion of negatives & positives matter will diffuse. Man's intelligence, known as science, separated these bindings and created Atom, devastating power of which we all very well know. As God created demons, He also created gods. He created good as well as the evil. So is the case with Maya and Man. The latter is well equipped to fight Maya, if he really wants to. For that reason Maya is also made very strong. If man fails to use his intelligence and knowledge, the result can be like explosion of Atom. Man knows that fire burns, why should he put his hand into it ? A snake is passing by, why should man stand in its way and get bitten ? A pit is dug (with or without mounds of mud lying around it), why should man walk with closed eyes and fall into it ? There is big red board saying " High Voltage—Danger ", why should man touch it ? Well, if he does, he has to suffer. Man is riding in a chariot with wild horses. He should have control of these horses—creation of Maya. If he does not, he meets his doom instead of reaching his destination.

    The God created Maya to test man. Man is Atman, a part of Paramatman. Man's goal is to reach Paramatman. It cannot be made easier. Actually it is easy if man uses the power bestowed upon him by God. Imagine how hard a student has to work even to pass school test. Man has to raise himself to conquer Maya and then reach his goal like a drop of water which reaches back to the ocean after a long and difficult ordeal. Maya's hold is momentary when man's intelligence is weak. In such a moment what to say killing someone else, he even kills himself. Once that moment of heat passes, he realises his mistake. Thus man is more powerful than Maya, if he keeps his intelligence intact and uses it.

    The whole universe in founded on the primary polarity princi­ple of positive and negative forces. Only the ultimate reality, the Absolute, or Brahman or God or whatever we may term it, has no polarity, no pairs of opposites. All principles are harmonised in it.

    From the one Brahman emerges Shiv-Shakti, the father and mother (opposits) of all that is ! Shiva is the Twin God-head— the destruction and generation aspects (Opposites). In fact, the concept of opposites is basic to our very thinking. We cannot talk of " Adwaita " without " Dwaita. " We cannot know light without darkness.

    —Shri. V. B. Nandwani


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