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Editorial: BE NEUTRAL
« on: February 15, 2007, 08:48:41 AM »
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  • In our daily life we have to face a number of problems. Have we ever given a thought to the reasons that have given rise to all these problems ? If we try to go at the root of all these problems, woes and worries, we will come to know that the causes of all these worries are our prejudices, If we further try to analyse the reasons for forming these prejudices, we will find that they are formed because of religion, race, cast, creed, etc. We are often looking at a person with suspision simply because he belongs to some other religion, some other caste, some other country or some other state; but if we try to think coolly about the whole affair we soon realize that our prejudices were illfounded and baseless. A person is never bad simply because he does not belong to your own caste, creed, country, etc. On the other hand after careful restrospection we will find that the cast, the creed, the religion to which we belong and hence about which we are proud, has also as many bad people as any other cast, creed or religion.

    Hence it is necessary to be above all these prejudices. In the Bhagawatgita, Lord Krishna has emphasised this point of being neutral in several ways and at several places. In the following verse he has expressed the maximum degree of neutrality that a person with stable intellect can achieve :

    While explaining the behaviour of a person with neutral intellect, Lord Krishna has pinned down his viewpoint on certain odd elements that a person is likely to come across. He says that a learned person will look with a neutral eye on a Brahmin, who is endowed with learning and humbleness, a cow, an elephant, a dog and also a Chandala,

    In the days of Mahabharata, a Brahmin, a cow, an elephant, a dog and a Chandala were never placed on a common footing. The Brahmin was in those days the preceptor of all and was hence revered most. A cow was also thought to be holy but the elephant, dog and the Chandala had no honour in anybody's mind.

    The dog and the Chandala on the other hand were hated by every­body. Hence, unless a man's intellect had assumed perfect neutra­lity, he will in no way be ready to look upon all these beings with a perfectly neutral eye and when he does this he will be above all prejudices, and will not be overjoyed by the presence of a Brah­min or bored by that of a Chandala.

    The teachings and the behaviour of all saints are akin to the above maxim of the Bhagawatgita. Special attention can be drawn towards the teachings and the behaviour of Shri Sai Baba. He was as happy in the Dwarkamai as he was in the temple. He was looking upon the Muslims and the Hindus with the same benevolence. To him the young and old, were alike. He never distinguished between a man and a woman or between a Brahmin and a Chandala, while bestowing his blessings, like the Sun who shines equally bright all over the world.

    All Sai devotees should, therefore, try to master this neutral attitude of Shri .Sai Baba towards all our fellow beings. Even mastering it for oneself only is not enough. They must try to preach it to others. Enlighten others by the example of Shri Sai Baba. If that is done we will be able to shake off all our prejudices. This will result in giving equal treatment to all. This attitude will reduce our likes and dislikes about the persons around us and the mutual friendship amongst our countryman will take a deep root.

    It will thus be seen that this neutral eye will reduce the tension on all our fronts. Even in the political field if the politicians are able to cultivate this sort of neutral attitude towards all, the poli­tical upheavals in all the countries will die out like the fire on dry rock.

    Let us therefore start looking upon all living beings with a neutral eye. Let us not have prejudices of any sort and, following this simple principle, let us put an end to most of our woes, feuds, and worries. This will end not only all our family worries, quarrels and disputes but most of our political feuds also will come to aw end. This simple teaching should be borne in mind and practiced by one and all.
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