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Author Topic: SCHOOL - An Instrument of Universal Peace  (Read 2415 times)

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SCHOOL - An Instrument of Universal Peace
« on: February 15, 2007, 08:45:58 AM »
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  • At a time like the present, when we are smarting under the clutches of hatred & hallucination, selfishness and self-centeredness, controls & black-marketing, hoarding and stock-swallowing, party politics and favouritism, nearness and nepotism the cry that is wrung from the hearts of all suffering and ailing innocent souls, is for eternal & universal peace and bare necessities of life which are now being snatched away from them by the hoarders and the power mongers. When the big and powerful nations of the world are dreaming of the third world war and are eagerly await­ing for a match to strike a cold war, emitting gases of enmity and jealousy and ever growing instinct of expansion of land, we feel that the humanity cannot stand and survive another world war. Hence the common feeling is that it should be made safe for peaceful life or if it cannot be guaranted or managed to effect, in one way or the other, the permanent freedom from war, the dooms day is not far off.

    Universal peace is a must and a necessity, it is desirable and desired too, but how will it be realised and established in our midst, is still a big interrogation before every thinking mind. Compromises and treaties, pacts and promises, have been proced useless, arbitration agreements, and bargains have been torn to pieces every time as so many worthless scraps of paper. The League of Nations itself failed to ensure the universal peace. It now remains, to be seen that the U. N. O. which has seen the light of the day through the womb of Second World War with the object of establishing and maintaining Universal peace throughout, till the Sun in shining, the moon is peeping and the stars are twinkling in the azure sky, will remain true to its objects. Then we are to suppose that the universal peace is only a myth and a fiction and will elude our grasp for ever ? Is it that we are fated and decreed to indulge in orgies of bloodshed and embrace death with intermittent intervals of destraction and dis-satisfactions, thereby maiming and crippling youth and destroying and nullifying the very foundations of culture and civilizations ?

    Perhaps these wars are the results of men thinking in water­tight compartments, thinking in the narrow furrows of unreasoned prejudice, enviousness and blood-thirsty insanes. All sane and right-thin king souls under heaven think that all the sons of the same father—god and all are the members of one and the same family. The late Mr. Windell Wilkie after circumnavigating the globe discovered that the world is one and indivisible whole. The modern invensions have reduced the distance and have brought all the souls nearer. It is only when we put the racial, the reli­gious, the provincial, the linguistic, the border line disputes or the national considerations, before the considerations of humanity, that we sow the seeds of division and pave the way for murderous and treacherous war.

    It would seem, therefore, that in the school—" the temple of education " where the little innocent minds are taught the lessons of co-operation and co-ordination, oneness and unity, truth and non-violence, selflessness and sacrifice, one for all and all for one, we have really efficacious and effective instrument of Universal peace. So, one is inclined to think that this is not enough if some international personalities such as Woodrow Wilson or H. G. Wells or Mahatmaji or Nehruji think in terms of a world community and a family or universal brotherhood. But today due to the conquest of air and atmosphere which has abolished the frontiers, many intellectuals and right-thinking men have realised that all should struggle to work out and to bring about (1) A Central Control of the communication through-out the globe. (2) A common federal protection of everyone in the world from private, sectarian or national violence (3) A world system of currency cash and credit. The masses to-day are not in the know of the things which concern them all and they do not know which is good and useful for them. They fall an easy prey to unscrupulous and self centered political figures who figure in their constituency before their so called rulers-the voters-only a few days earlier to the election. Therefore, it is a firm & sincere opinion of all the selfless souls of the world like Mahatmaji that it can never be realised so long as the people of the whole world are not properly and adequately informed of the things that concern them all, that are of them, for them, about them and around them.

    It is only through the temple of learning, that good and useful knowledge is imparted fairly in an unbiased unprejudiced pure and healthy atmosphere. This temple of learning is such a unique place wherein the free and fresh air of non-violence prevails and peaceful atmosphere pervades. Such healthy and sound atmosphere helps to inclucate good habits and to develop in young and innocent minds, the urge to establish sound principles towards the achievement of universal peace. Only here the people can be told what is truely in their interests.

    Knowledge is one and indivisible. There cannot be a Maha-rashtrian physiology as distinct from Karnataki physiology, nor can physics mean one thing to a student of Calcutta University and another to a student of Shivaji University. What we need urgently is a world brain, a world encyclopedia. When the world is wisely and judiciously scientifically and conscientiously educated, cul­ture and civilizations ma> be able to take deep roots on the soil to outlaw hatred and hallucination, selfishness and self-centered-ness, to sink differences and disparity, to ban war once for all and to put a full stop to cold war thereby, and flourish without hind­rance. Then and then only this will pave the way for Tennyson's dream of " the Parliament of man and Federation of the World."

    The temple of learning and confluence of impartial and sound learning, culture and civilization only will help the humanity to establish the long felt desire and cherished object of universal peace-Religion of Humanity and secularism.

    —By Shri M. M. Amingad

    Gulunche, Purandar, Poona.

    Are you an angel,

    Sweet and gentle,

    Come with a divine mission

    To stop our fear and frustration,

    And lead us to the Abode of Almighty,

    Where it is all peace and ecstasy ! !

    Lo !    You 're full of love and sympathy

    For the whole humanity

    As you're the chosen son of Almighty

    To serve His creation with joy and glee,

    Unmindful of the pain and agony

    Or the death on gallows, behold and see !

    God has given you Shakti

    To cure the leprosy

    Or command the Sea

    To stop its fury,

    Or perform any miracle

    By your sweet will !

    You taught us the lesson of ahimsa

    And gave us a golden Mantra

    Of love and humility

    To conquer the enemy;

    Said you, ' if one slaps you on a cheek

    Turn him the other cheek' ! !

    Lo !   You 're an eternal Light,

    Making our path very bright

    That we may not lose the way

    And feel gloom and dismay

    As we make a difficult journey

    To reach our Beloved, the Almighty.

    We salute you, Sweet Master,

    Full of charm and wonder !

    —Bakht N. Moolchandani

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