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Author Topic: "SAT.SANT SHRI DOLE GURUJI —By : Shri. V. S. Mahabaleshwarkar Thana.  (Read 3544 times)

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This is the age of science. Anything and everything has to move on some scientific principle or other.

A common man passes his life according to his capacity and as such he has to undergo a series of calamities. He gets obstructions, many a time in his usual course of life, because of the lack of direction. In the darkest night, even-though we are going by the way which is well known to us, we become blind and we pause or struggle to reach the place, being unable to guide our steps. This life, this Sansara becomes a dark night to the common persons like this.

Guidance of Saints

To learn the principles of marching ahead on the pathway of life, we get guidance from our parents to some extent. Teachers guide us how to read and write and the medical man advises us how to keep physically fit. But the most important factor is art of keeping peace of mind and satisfaction in spite of calamities and difficulties. Those who can lead us on this pathway in such a manner are called Sadgurus, who may be found if one takes the trouble to trace them out. Many times, such Gurus are moving with us or stay amongst us as a common person with simple living They are to be searched out and when they are found, they deserve worship, irrespective of their caste and social status and our grade and honour in the economic field. Such persons are as : —

They feel it their bounden duty on one hand, to help the needy persons to march ahead upon the routine path of life, and on the other hand, with their right perception, walk on the pathway to God by means of devotion. Their prayers are uttered with fervent devotion and they are blessed with the power of the Almighty which blessings they bestow upon all humanity.

Dole Guruji

In the year 1970, I had an opportunity to have a Darshan of Shri. Rajaram Gangadhar Dole alias Dole Guruji. He was from the saintly tradition of Shri Samarth Akkalkotkar Maharaj — Shri. Ramanand Maharaj Bidkar- Shri Vasudevanand Saraswati-Baba Maharaj Sahasrabuddhe- Shri. Dole Guruji. This is the line of spiritual succession.

Born in Medhekar family on 30th September 1907, on Monday in Poona, subsequently he was adopted in Dole family, the family of his aunt and therefore his surname changed to ' Dole ' (pronounced as ' Dolay ').

He stayed at Ambarnath in Thana District doing meditation and rendering service to mankind and his family consisting of his wife, son, who stays at Poona and two daughters who are well-placed. Hundreds of people flock together at his Ashrama for getting redress—some from sickness, some from restless life, and a few who want the guidance in meditation towards God-realization. Some come seeking confidence and faith.

Once a European Officer of the Ambernath Tools Factory where Guruji was in service, was deeply anxious as his son was sick and became worst. Specialist doctor from Bombay was called who declared that there was no hope of his survival. Some persons persuaded Shri. Dole Guruji to see the boy. Shri. Dole Guruji went to the sick boy, saw him and declared that he would be all-right the next morning.

Shri Guruji was to proceed on leave for Poona the very night- which he did. As per the words, the boy gained ground, but Shri Guruji was sick for two months thereafter.

A graduate lady from Sydney (Australia) while in India, visited Ambernath. At the time, she went to have Darshan of Shri. Dole Guruji. After performing the formalities Shri. Guruji drew a plan of her Sydney residence on a plain paper and explained to her of her home including the furniture etc. at the places. She was wonderstruck and could not imagine how he could tell these details even when he did not leave India at all.


He was always preaching :—

(1)       Do your duties honestly and with zeal because what we all do, is God's work.

(2)       Do .not get anxious for anything, but always be busy in " reciting the name ol God. "

(3)       Remember, ' Experience ' is one's Teacher, but " self-realization " is a Siddha Guru, the Perfected Teacher.

(4)       Be liberal in charity and you will get a good return.

(5)       Forget the ' I' and what remains is the ' Salvation.'

(6)       Faith is powerful and if you work with faith you are sure to get success and to overcome the difficulties.


Holy personalities leave the earth for eaternal life no sooner they find that the work undertaken by them is over.

Shri. Guruji, one day declared that he should be ready with beddings. He expressed to the people of Panvel " Now I feel everybody should start doing something by translating the thoughts in action for helping others to overcome difficulties. They may be taken as my Maxim ( Sootra). He marked in his diary against the date 21st August 1973 as " Nirvaan Day. "

On 20th August, he had a talk with Shri Annasaheb Takle and Shri. Prabhakar Nalavade but did not give any indication to them and thus arranged for his detachment from the followers.

On Monday the 21st August, 1973, in the very morning, he took milk. Dr. Jathar gave him company. Then he took bath as usual, said his prayers, and closed the door of his room. At 7.15 A. M. while doing Naam-Smaran (reciting the name of God ) " Hari Om Tat-Sat ", he went to bed and surrendered him­self peacefully to destiny and placed his life— the flower of his life-at the feet of the Almighty. He entered the pre-meditated gates of Death towards the greater life.

In the outskirts of Ambernath, in the Thana District and in many places in Maharashtra, his memories will remain fresh in the minds of his disciples and of those who had benefitted by his wise advice.

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