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Post by: JR on February 19, 2007, 09:22:01 AM
To be happy, you must (1) awake, (2) aspire  and (3) achieve.

Awake:- Happiness is not bhoga, sense-enjoyment. Who, wandering in pursuit of pleasures, was ever happy? This night-wandering, this sleep of the senses, must go. Hence the ancient teaching:- "Uttishtha! Jagrata!" "Stand up! Awake!"

Aspire:- Many are unhappy, for they have clipped their wings. Ambition, power, ease and enjoyment hold men down. Happiness is in the realm which transcends enjoyment. Aspire! And, believe me, every aspiration becomes an achievement some day.

Achieve:- Happiness is not a passive experience. And happiness is not merely a quest. Happiness is a conquest. And none may achieve it without meeting the challenge of sorrow and suffering. They discipline, they purify, they strengthen us. They teach us sympathy and love. And without love none may ke truly happy.